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Kidney Disease - 8 Signs You Might Be Suffering From It!

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Kidney Disease - 8 Signs You Might Be Suffering From It!

As important as your kidneys are to your overall well-being, symptoms of their malfunction can be less noticeable. Yet, early detection is vital to prevent future complications and permanent kidney damage. Here are eight warning signs to let you know that your detoxifying organ is not working right:

  1. High Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is the most common sign of kidney disease, all patients suffering from high blood pressure should know there kidney function status. There is a high chance that they might be suffering from a kidney disease.
  2. SwellingFluid retention is a warning sign that something is up with your kidney function. One of the prime function of the kidney is to keep your body balanced and deliver nutrients through proper regulation of water. If the kidney is not working right, fluid can accumulate in your tissues and you will notice swelling in ankles, feet, face, legs or hands.
  3. Urine: Afterall, producing urine is one of the main functions of the kidney, so it makes sense to pay attention to your urinary output. If you see the following changes in your urine, then it might signal a kidney problem
    1. Difficulty in urinating
    2. Blood in your urine
    3. Less frequent urination and darker output
    4. Increased urination and light-coloured output
    5. Foamy or bubbly urine
    6. Waking up during the night with urgent need to go, at times more than once
  4. NauseaWithout a proper outlet to disperse the toxins out of your body, your system may feel the need to expel them through other forms. You may feel nauseated or even vomit due to excessive toxin build-up in your system.
  5. FatigueEveryone has a day when they feel tired, but long-term fatigue is definitely not right. Tiredness or fatigue is produced by a lack of hormone called EPO or erythropoietin that stimulates the production of red blood cells. Stressed kidneys do not produce enough erythropoietin, thereby making you feel very tired.
  6. Itchy RashesWhen the garbage piles up in the system, it can result in itchy patches in your skin. Unlike normal rashes, these are deep and topical treatment will not help that much. At times they can also manifest as small red bumps.
  7. Anaemia: If kidneys do not produce enough red blood stimulating EPO, it can lead to anemia. Anemia can make you feel dizzy or winded out.
  8. Poor Appetite and Bad Taste in Mouth: The excessive build-up of toxins can cause a metallic taste in your mouth, producing bad breath. Your sense of taste can also fall because of this, leading to dull appetite.

It is always a good idea to heed early warning signs and prevent damage. So, pay attention to these signs and keep your renal system up.

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