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In Depth About Premature Ejaculation & Its Prevention Through Ayurveda!

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In Depth About Premature Ejaculation & Its Prevention Through Ayurveda!

Premature ejaculation is a condition that males suffer from. It basically occurs when semen springs too soon during sexual activity. There are various stages of sexual response and excitement. When the semen comes out due to orgasm in the early stage, it is usually known as premature ejaculation. There are many ways to deal with this. Ayurveda is also an efficient way for treating this ailment. These are a few tips to prevent permanent ejaculation.

  • Herbal Drink: There are many herbs that aid the treatment of various diseases and symptoms in Ayurveda. You can mix powdered asparagus with warm milk and boil it for about ten minutes. This drink can be ingested twice a day for greater efficacy. You can add soaked and peeled almonds to this concoction as well.
  • Diet: You can include ingredients like almonds, ginger, saffron and cardamom for fighting premature ejaculation. Eggs are also a good source of protein that can help in preventing this condition. Garlic and drumsticks can also be used in one's diet for this condition to abate. Fresh fruits, honey and cow's milk are some of the most important parts of a person's diet when treating premature ejaculation. Further, you must have nourishing food at least thrice a day in order to ensure that your body is getting a routine and regular supply of all the vital nutrients and vitamins that can help in maintaining balance in the body, especially as far as the various doshas as concerned.
  • Yogic Poses: There are many Yogic postures and poses that can help people suffering from this condition. The shoulder stand or the Sarvang Asana, as well as others like the Hala Asana or the Plough and the Matsya Asana or the Fish, can help in reliving the symptoms of this ailment.
  • Supplements: Ayurvedic medication like Shilajit can also be used for building immunity and tackling the problem of premature ejaculation.
  • Massages: Hot oil massages with the help of a trained hand can help in activating all those dormant areas that are not contributing to a well functioning body. This can help in treating premature ejaculation as well.

During the process and tenure of the medication and treatment, Ayurveda generally recommends that the patient should abstain from all stimulation and sexual activity so that the efficiency increases.

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