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How To Balance Your pH To Heal Your Body?

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Dt. Amreen Shaikh 89% (35 ratings)
P.G. Diploma In Dietitics & Nutrition, BSC - Zoology
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  12 years experience
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Hello everyone!

My name is Amreen Sheikh. I’m a clinical nutritionist practicing since 8 years in Goregaon and Andheri. I consult people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and weight gain, weight loss and many other medical conditions. Today I will be talking about a pH balance for healthy body. Now firstly we need to understand what is pH? pH is basically a power of hydrogen ions which range between 1 to 14 and if it is less than 7 it is known as acidic if more than 7 is known as alkaline or basic. Now normally a blood pH is in range of 7.3 to 7.4.and which is slightly alkaline in nature and we need to maintain it for a healthy body. Now whenever we consume food or beverages the foods get break down into nutrients and after digestion it is then absorb in the body. Now what happens, whenever after digestion and metabolism takes place the acid or toxins which is remain in the blood is known as acidic or it depends upon whatever you eat. It is alkaline or acid forming food. Now this pH balance is maintain by process of excretion via a urine, stools or perspiration. Now we need to understand why our body and how a body can become acidic. See whenever we consume more amount of sugars or carbohydrates rich food like fruit juices, beverages and cold drinks and even wheat, rice, maida products and non-veg, these are the foods which have the tendency to produce acidin our body. Whenever we consume a large quantity of this kind of foods our body tends to produce more acid which remains in the blood system and if you consume it more frequently than the extra toxic or acid which is there in the blood it goes towards fats and it deposit there. And that’s why people trying to lose weight find it difficult to lose weight after so many efforts of physical activity and dieting as well. Not only for weight gain it also effect other body system like blood circulation becomes difficult and respiration, that’s why we get patients having more prone of diseases like breathing difficulty, lungs problem and COPD and hormonal imbalance, headache and immune system like viral infections. These are all because of nowadays our body is becoming more acidic. Now how we can prevent this problem? First we need to make a target of adding more alkaline food in our diet i.e. at least 70% of our diet should consist of alkaline foods i.e. fresh fruits, fresh vegetables in the form of salads fruits, vegetable sources of protein like soya beans, sprouts, daal legumes and many other protein rich foods which is vegetable sources. And always you can keep moderation of acid consuming foods like wheat-rice and fruit juices and other carbohydrates which you can add in moderation. Always keep a target of three liters of water or more than that to detox your body which will helpful for losing weight in a faster way.

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