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How Homeopathy Can Help Manage PCOD?

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How Homeopathy Can Help Manage PCOD?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder affecting women. PCOS is also referred to as PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). High levels of Androgens result in ovulation disorders, leading to infertility in extreme cases. Cysts in the ovaries cause the hormonal imbalance, ovulation delay or absence, and a number of other symptoms. 
Allopathic treatment includes hormone balancing while Homeopathic treatment is safer as it targets the root cause of the problem, the cysts.

Causes of PCOD
The causes of PCOD aren’t exactly known. Hormonal imbalance and genes are main factors which cause PCOD. Smoking, unhealthy eating, and a sedentary lifestyle worsens the condition in women who already have PCOD.

Symptoms of PCOD
Apart from ovulation irregularities, PCOS causes the following symptoms:
●        Thick uterine lining leading to heavy vaginal bleeding and even uterine cancer.
●        Irregular menstruation due to irregular ovulation.
●        Rapid weight gain.
●        Acne.
●        Hypertrichosis.
●        Depression, anxiety, mood swings due to physical discomfort and hormonal imbalances.
●        Migraines.
●        Insulin resistance leading to Type 2 Diabetes.

Why opt for a Homeopathic Treatment for PCOD?
Allopathic treatment of PCOS involves fertility as well as birth control pills; both of these have severe side effects, like further weight gain and mood disorders
Homeopathy treatment, on the other hand, has no side-effects.

With Homeopathy, the symptoms can be managed and fertility too can be achieved. Homeopathy can be used to treat following conditions:

1. Attacking the Problem at the Root
Homeopathic medication is used to eliminate warts on the skin, which can help to treat PCOD. Homeopathy targets the cysts instead of the hormones. Homeopathic medicine can reduce the size of the cysts and eventually eliminate them. This treatment is the best because it attacks the problem at its root. In many cases, the cysts never recur and the condition can be considered cured for that patient.

2. Normalizing Menstrual Cycle
Most Homeopathic medicines help normalize the menstrual cycle. This involves the reduction of the size of the cysts and prevention of abnormal uterine wall thickening. Therefore, Homeopathic treatment eliminates the chances of uterine cancer due to PCOD.

Other symptoms
Homeopathic medication also helps eliminate other symptoms like hirsutism and acne.

Homeopathy Prevents PCOD Patients from the Horrors of Side Effects

  • Allopathy resorts to hormone therapy. The trial and error process leaves many patients distressed and often worsens the symptoms. The next thing the patient is suggested is surgery. That too is not a guaranteed cure. A relapse can happen anytime.
  • Homeopathy on the other hand is non-intrusive, has no side effects, and helps manage all the symptoms including mood disorders. There are no extra hormones injected into the body, there is no weight gain or nausea to suffer from, in the hope that the original symptoms will alleviate.

Results take time to show with Homeopathic treatment. Patients of PCOS must follow the prescription strictly and not self-medicate or overdose. The effects of Homeopathic treatment will appear eventually.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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