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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

How Does Food's Natural Color Decide Its Goodness?

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Dt. Vidhi ChawlaDietitian/Nutritionist • 15 Years Exp.PG Diploma, BSC IN LIFE SCIENCES
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Benefits of foods by colour

Did you know that foods can be divided into categories based on their colours and each category has a collective set of health benefits? this not only makes foods interesting but also helps remember which food is good for which health aspect. 

Foods are broadly divided into six categories based on their colors.

  1. White - these foods assist in immune support. Garlic, onions, white beans, potatoes, mushrooms, and cauliflower fall under this category. While garlic & onions help reduce the risk of cancer in the stomach, colon & rectum, white beans & potatoes help lower blood cholesterol levels. Mushrooms are known to provide the important nutrients and cauliflower contains antioxidants & is also beneficial for women who are pregnant.
  2. Green -these foods assist in detoxification. Peas, spinach, green beans, capsicums, kiwi, and green tea are some green foods that we can consume. They are good for your health, provide the required nutrients and also assist in detox.
  3. Yellow - these foods assist in beauty. Banana, yellow capsicum, squash, corn, and bananas are some of the yellow foods that we eat. They are full of carotenoids and bioflavonoids which all help maintain our skin, bone and teeth health.
  4. Orange - these foods assist in cancer prevention. Carrots, oranges, etc are some orange foods that we eat. They are good for the heart, protect our eyes and also boost our immune system.
  5. Red - these foods support better heart health. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Red chillies, red capsicum, cherries, and tomatoes, apples, etc are some red foods that we eat.
  6. Purple - these foods assist in longevity. A few purple foods that we eat are onions, blackberries, grapes, etc. They fight ulcer, help kill cancer, prevent urinary tract infection and are good for the heart & the liver.

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