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How Diabetes Can Affects Your Eyes?

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MS - Ophthalmology, MBBS, FRCS
Ophthalmologist, Gurgaon  •  28years experience
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I am Dr Neeraj Sanduja, I am a retina specialist working at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon. And I got my home Centre Viviana and Retina centre in Gurgaon. Today I will be telling you out on a very important disease, diabetes and its effects on eyes. Diabetes can affect your eyes in 3 ways, it can affect your retina the back part of the eye or it can lead to early cataract or it can lead to glaucoma, kalamotia. Majorly I will be telling you upon how diabetes affects your eyes leading to loss of vision. Diabetes, high blood sugar level can damage our retina by making our blood vessels weak and give some blood to the retina leading to diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to vision loss in the significant proportion of patient if they don’t control their diabetes. Even if your blood pressure is high along with the high blood sugar it can affect your diabetic retinopathy in a very bad manner. Patient with diabetes may not be known whether he is having retinopathy or not. So, it is very important as soon as you have diagnosed you have diabetes you should go to a retina specialist for complete dilated fundus examination which includes retina examination and your eye protection checkup and your even vision checkup also. Retina specialist checks the retina and tells you whether your retina is affected by diabetes or not. In case you don't have any in Diabetic retinopathy, then we will call you after 1 year, in case diabetic retinopathy is there, it can be a mild type of diabetic retinopathy or it could be a severe type of diabetic retinopathy. So depending on the condition of the retina the treatment will be given as a diabetic, you may not have any symptoms initially because unless the central part of the retina maqualising valve your vision will be good or unless your blood vessels they start rupturing and bleeding inside the eye, leading to flashes and floaters inside the eye you may not know something is going wrong. So going to a regular check-up to an eye doctor is very important. Once as the retina specialist will see that diabetic retinopathy is there, we offer treatment in form of some special types of injection like anti-VEGF injection within the eye to reduce the swelling in the retina or even treatment is given in form of laser photocoagulation to stop the bleeding vessels from rupturing. Sometimes the bleeding is so extensive within the eye that, we may have to offer with track me surgery to take out the blood. First and foremost thing is that you need to control your blood sugar that is the only way you can get relief from diabetic retinopathy because if the diabetic retinopathy sets in your eyes, it's like a termite, it's like a deemak. So you have to live with that whole life and with timely treatment and prevention, you can get away from this problem.

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