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Homeopathic Medicine for Nasal Polyps Treatment - Safe Remedies

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Homeopathic Medicine for Nasal Polyps Treatment - Safe Remedies

A nasal polyp is a growth within the nasal cavity, which may cause problems with your health. Smaller polyps don't tend to create any problem, but larger ones can cause breathing difficulty, sneezing problems, losing the sense of smell, and a dampening of taste as well. Conventional medicine usually prescribes surgery, but homeopathy remedies has effective cures to reduce the nasal polyp and lessen the symptoms over time.

Homeopathic Medicine for Nasal Polyps 

1. Phosphorus: This homeoapthic medication is especially effective if you have nasal polyps that bleed. This is effective with people who have a tall and slender build and tend to develop a thirst for cold water as the polyp grows within them. The polyps may bleed regularly and also block the nostrils in such a way that they get a circular motion when breathing. 

2. Lemna Minor: In polyps treatment in homeopathy, this homeoapthic remedy used when there is an intense level of nasal blockage and you are experiencing anosmia or a loss of the sense of smell. These kinds of nasal polyps tend to worsen during the wet season and can even cause a thick white discharge from the nose which has a foul smell.

3. Calcarea Carbonica: This homeopathic medicine for nasal pole useful in the cases of people who are overweight, some homeopathic doctors tend to prescribe this medication in cases where a person may be quickly affected by seasonal changes, such as hot to cold or cold to hot weather. Other symptoms where this medication is applicable are:

  • Frequent sneezing
  • Profuse sweating during the night
  • Sore nose
  • Small amounts of white discharge
  • Nostrils are mostly dry

4. Conium Maculatum: This homeopathic medication is very effective if you have a dry nose, which seems to get sudden discharges irregularly. Instead of a loss of smell, you may develop a more acute sense of smell. If the patient is suffering from frequent sneezes and complains of nasal blocks in the morning, conium can be an effective homeopathic remedy

5. Sanguinaria Canadensis: This homeopathic medicine is known to be a great remedy primarily for nasal polyps, which are right-sided or occur within the right nostril of the nose. Some of the symptoms where Sanguinaria Canadensis is very effective are:

  1. Profuse amounts of nasal discharge
  2. Frequent sneezing
  3. Swollen nasal membrane
  4. Right-sided headache along with right-sided blockage of nostrils

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