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Last Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Homeopathy Treatment for Infection - Effective Alternatives

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Dr. Meghna GuptaHomeopathy Doctor • 24 Years Exp.BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
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Infection is generally understood as the invasion into the body tissues by certain foreign bodies, such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses. They are transmissible diseases and can be transmitted from one person to the other via sneezing, coughing, or physical contact. They can be mild, moderate, or severe.

  1. They can be acute that is can last for a short time or chronic that lasts for a long time or a latent infection that may not cause any symptoms at first but reactivates and resurfaces over a period of time.
  2. Although each infection has its own distinct symptom, generally these symptoms include fever, swelling, redness, inflammation, burning, cough, diarrhea, fatigue, muscular pain, nausea, vomiting, rapid pulse, or rapid breathing.
  3. If the patient has a severe headache, difficulty in breathing, painful swelling, and unexplained prolonged fever or cough, he or she should immediately consult a doctor.

Conventional drugs that are given to treat infections like antibiotics, antiviral, antihistamines, and steroids have many side effects on the human body.  Whereas homeopathic treatment for infection offers no side effects.  On one hand, allopathic hampers the digestive power of the system, and on the other hand homeopathic medicines improve the immunity power of the body.

In the long run, these homeopathic medicines offer no side effects on the body. Whereas conventional drugs suppress the disease for some time, the disease tends to resurface in the future.

Homeopathy Treatment for Infection

However, Homeopathy offers treatment of Acute and Chronic infections with great success without any side effects. The best part is that there are no side effects of this homeopathy treatment and the disease is cured permanently. Homeopathy also boosts our immune system so that the body naturally develops the strength to fight against infections in the future, when foreign bodies invade. Homeopathy offers treatment for infection due to fungal, yeast, insect bite, acidity, allergies, and more Homeopathic medicines have also proved to be effective as preventive measures against infections.

Homeopathic Medicine for Infectious Disease

Some of the homeopathic medicines for the treatment of most common infections are discussed below:

  1. Throat infections: Belladonna, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Phytolacca, and Mercurius are the most common medicine in homeopathy for throat infection or swelling.
  2. Skin infection: Common homeopathy medicine for skin infection are Sulphur, Calendula, Hypericum, Silica, and Hepar sulfuris.
  3. Bladder infection:  Berberis, Chimaphila, Hydrastis, Apis, Cantharis, and Sarsaparilla are effective homeopathic medicine for bladder infection pain.
  4. Stomach infection: Arsenic album, Nux vomica, Carbo veg, Lycopodium, and Pulsatilla are commonly recommended homeopathy medicine for infection in stomach.
  5. Sinus infection: These homeopathic medicine Kali bichromicum, Pulsatilla, Mercurius, Natrum muriaticum, and Allium cepa work well in cases of sinus infections.

Note: Although, the names of the homeopathic medicines for infections have been mentioned here, still it is strongly recommended that no medicine should be consumed without consulting a homeopathic doctor. The potency and dosage of the medicine will vary from person to person and can only be decided by a trained practitioner.

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