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Homeopathic Treatment For Hairfall or Alopecia Problem

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Homeopathic Treatment For Hairfall or Alopecia Problem

One of the biggest worries that can be caused by a seemingly harmless thing is that caused by falling of hair or hair loss as it immediately throws up a stark image of a bald pate, which no one wants to have. The very thought of hairfall tends to lower your confidence about your looks. It may even make you a target of jokes. A commonly heard joke in our part of the world is that if one is losing hair, it is an indication that he is becoming rich.

In reality, the opposite is more likely to be true. A person with falling hair ends up losing or spending a fortune trying to stop the hair from falling and preserving one’s crowning glory. Moreover, there is no dearth of enterprising people out to fleece such patients who are already hassled. Here we discuss best homeopathic medicine for hair fall control and Baldness problem.

Causes of Hairfall or Baldness

The causes of excessive hairfall can vary from person to person as there are various possible reasons for this phenomenon.

  1. Deficiency in one’s diet where one does not get adequate levels of the required minerals and vitamins can be one prominent cause. Micronutrients like Zinc, Selenium, and Iron are important for the normal growth of hair and any deficiency in these can cause hairfall.
  2. The absence of good health or the presence of some of the other illnesses can also cause the hair to fall to increase. Post Coital Tristesse
  3. In males, the most common cause is the androgenic baldness or the male pattern baldness. This variety of baldness is present only in males and tends to run in families. It occurs due to the presence of an excess of testosterone, which results in increased hair growth all over the body but the hair on the head falls out.
  4. Fungal infections of the scalp can also cause baldness in patches. Other localized infections of the scalp can also cause hair to fall.
  5. Hairfall can occur in females just after pregnancy or after delivery. This has to do with the changes in the hormones that occur during these phases.

If you are also facing one of these causes of hairfall issues then you can go for homeopathic treatment for hair loss and baldness.

Role of Homeopathy in Curing Hairfall

Homeopathy is very effective in treating hair fall or baldness or alopecia. As mentioned earlier, when we say baldness, we do not mean the male pattern baldness or the androgenic baldness. In such cases, we can only reduce hair fall.

But in other cases, the homeopathic medicines for hair fall not only treat the symptoms i.e. the hairfall but also cure the systemic problems that are the root cause of the hair fall. In case the bald spots are happening due to fungal infections, the homeopathic medicines eradicate the fungus completely and the hair grows back on their own completely naturally.

Homeopathic Medicines For Hair Fall or Baldness or Alopecia

Homeopathic medicines like Acid Flour, Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Thuja, and Silicea have been very effective in treating hair loss. It is very important to study the patient in great detail and find the exact cause of the problem and treat the root cause.

Sometimes, there may be some hidden stress in the mind of the patient which may have caused this hairfall and it also needs to be treated accordingly if we wPost Coital Tristesseant a permanent cure to the problem. Given below are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for hair fall or baldness-

  1. Acid Flour – Best homeopathic medicine for baldness in spots
  2. Thuja – Best remedy for hair fall with dandruff
  3. Lycopodium – Best medicine for hair fall after delivery
  4. Silicea – Best treatment for baldness with constipation
  5. Phosphorus- Best medicine for hair falling out in handfuls

These homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating hair fall or baldness. The only thing is that the symptoms of the patient should be matched carefully with the right homeopathic medicine. In a lot of cases, some different medicine might be required based on the symptoms of the patient.  If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a homeopathy doctor in Indore and ask a free question.

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