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Gonococcal Infection Tips

Bone And Joint Disorders And Ayurvedic Medicines With Panchakarma Therapy!

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Bone And Joint Disorders And Ayurvedic Medicines With Panchakarma Therapy!

Bone and Joint disorders and ayurvedic medicines with panchakarma therapy 

Infectious arthritis-

  • It is the infection of the joint caused by bacteria rarely by virus and fungi . 
  • Infection is reached via blood stream 
  • Dental route infection is common in this case 
  • Old people with pneumonia and sepsis may injure a wrist and bleeding into that area may result in infection. 
  • Staphylococci and gram negative bacilli are very common. 
  • Gonococcal infection is also common. 
  • A streptococcal infection is seen in children. 


  • Fever, pain, severe tenderness will be there. 

  • Young children will get hip infection. 

  • Infected joint is warm and tender. 

  • Fluid will be collected in joint (synovitis). 

  • Fever will be present 

Diagnosis :-

According Mordern medicines:- 

Hb, DC, TC, ESR, ASO titre, R.A.Factor, CRP, uric acid, urine routine and synovial fluid aspiration is needed. 

According Ayurveda:- 

  • But Ayurvedic doctors cannot do that. 

  • It is treated like Ama vata. For Ayurvedic practice, blood culture is not needed.

  • we do our own ayurvedic examination like Nadi parikshan, sandhi parikshan, prakruti parikshan etc 



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