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Diabetes Management With The Help Of Ayurveda!

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Diabetes Management With The Help Of Ayurveda!

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is a common metabolic health disorder that inhibits the body system to make proper use of the glucose produced. This phenomenon leads to hyperglycemia or high blood sugar in the body and ultimately leads to elevated levels of glucose in the urine as well. It causes a surge in the urine output along with dehydration and polydipsia or increase in thirst. 

In Ayurveda, diabetes is referred to as “Madhumeha”. It is mainly caused by the disruption or aggravation of air or “vata”. This disease causes the utmost destruction of the tissues, and this is the primary reason why diabetes affects most of the vital organs. Another important cause of diabetes is improper digestion as it causes accumulation of specific impurities in the pancreatic cells that hamper the insulin production. 

How can diabetes be treated with Ayurveda? 
In Ayurveda, diabetes is regarded as a disease which can be dealt with by following a strict diet and physical exercises regimen and taking few essential medicines. It is considered as a major disease which can cause several complications in the body including reduced vision in the eyes, kidney failure, impotence, joint pain and even sexual problems. In stark contrast to modern medicine system, Ayurveda aims at rejuvenating the body to ensure proper utilization of insulin and preventing further complications. 

The Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes is based on bringing about a complete change in the lifestyle of the person. Besides taking the right medicines and diet, the patient is required to take a healthy lifestyle and lead an active daily routine. Changes in diet and lifestyle can rejuvenate the cells in the body and tissues. Ayurveda also pays attention to the mental aspects of the ailment and therefore, the medicines which are given ensure proper functioning of the brain. 

What is the home remedies suggested in Ayurveda for treating diabetes management
There are several home remedies available for treating diabetes. For instance, you can take mango leaves and grind it to form a powder. Mixing it with a glass of water and drinking it twice daily can ensure a fast reduction in the blood sugar levels. 

Taking two teaspoons of bitter gourd juice can help in reducing blood sugar levels. Including bitter gourd in daily meals can have a similar effect. You may mix bitter gourd juice with Indian gooseberry juice to reduce the blood sugar levels. 

What are the lifestyle and dietary changes recommended for diet and lifestyle changes? 
When you have diabetes, you should include whole grains in the diet along with fruits and vegetables. Reduce intake of carbohydrates. Staying away from processed and junk foods are important. Also, indulging in some light exercises daily can help you reduce sugar levels easily.

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