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Reduced Vision: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2024

What is Reduced Vision?

Reduced vision is a term which could also be used for blurred vision or we can say it is a partial loss of the vision. Vision loss could be temporary or permanent. There are many reasons for reduced vision such as aging where one needs glasses. It could also be a sign of health issues as well. Though sudden changes to eyesight aren’t normal. In sudden vision loss cases, it's been better to consult a doctor. Otherwise, there are various factors which lead to vision loss or reduced vision are -

  1. Diabetic retinopathy - in easy words we can say it is a diabetic complication which affects eyes by damaging blood vessels of light sensitive tissue at the retina. This condition could be developed in anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. In its extreme cases, complications like vision loss, impaired color vision, blurred vision are reported.
  2. Floaters - they are spots of different shapes like strings, rings, cobwebs, threads of black or gray color. In extreme cases, it leads to a vision loss. Floaters are small flecks called collagen. They are part of back of an eye called vitreous. It could also result from eye tumors, eye injury, etc. there are some disorders related to it such as the torn retina, detached retina, inflamed vitreous.
  3. Pregnancy - it is seen in many cases, that due to pregnancy vision of mother get reduced, but after the delivery, vision gets normal.
  4. Hyphema - is a blood collection inside the space between the cornea and the iris. This blood covers all the iris and the pupil. It is seen that Hyphema blocks vision completely or partially. Its symptoms are visible blood in the front of the eye, sensitivity to light, pain, blurry, clouded vision, etc.
  5. Glaucoma - it is a condition which damages optic nerve of eyes. It is complete blindness of eyes within a few years. Glaucoma is high fluid pressure on the front of the eye. They are of two types open angle glaucoma and closed angle glaucoma.
  6. Corneal abrasion - is a most common eye injury which causes extreme eye discomfort, red eyes, and hypersensitivity towards light. It could be caused by small particles like sand, dust when you rub your eyes. Dry eyes increase the risk of this condition.
  7. Cataract - it is cloudy area forms in the lens of the eye, which interferes with the vision. Its symptoms are blurry vision, faded colors, double vision, trouble seeing at night.
  8. Amblyopia - is a condition in which eye fails to achieve normal visual acuity, known as lazy eye. It begins during infancy or early childhood. It is also called vision development disorder. It could be caused by strabismic amblyopia, refractive amblyopia and deprivation amblyopia.
  9. Retinitis pigmentosa - it is a condition which results to blindness, it is seen in most cases that Retinitis pigmentosa is inherited and rare disease. It occurs in childhood, and night vision is poor and vision field may get narrow.
  10. Uveitis - is a swelling of middle eye, which is called Uvea. it supplies blood to the retina, which is responsible to send images to the brain. Its symptoms are blurred vision, pain, severe redness, dark floating spots in vision, etc.

What causes decreased visual acuity?

In a diabetic patient, the most common causes of reduced or decreased visual acuity is retinal edema. Neovascularization of the retina could result in vitreous hemorrhage, which may lead to loss of visual acuity. Retinal edema could be treated by laser therapy.

What causes sudden blurry vision?

Blurry vision is something which makes an object appear out of focus and hazy. Its Primary could be refractive errors such as farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia and nearsightedness, which can affect one or both eyes. It could also lead to a symptom of a severe problems include neurological disorder or sight threatening eye disease.

  1. Farsightedness - it is known as hyperopia, in which you can see distant objects clearly, but it’s hard to focus on near objects.
  2. Astigmatism -it is a blurred vision from all distance, it caused by irregular shaped cornea.
  3. Presbyopia - it is a naturally age related condition, which is experienced by people above the age of 40.
  4. Nearsightedness - it is known as myopia, in this condition people see distant objects blurry.

Why is my vision blurry in the morning?

Blurry vision in the morning which gets better after few minutes happens because when we wake up, we dried out tear secretions floating on the surface of the eye. Apart from that, eye allergies and allergic conjunctivitis are another common causes for blurry vision in the morning.


What causes poor vision?

There are many reasons for a poor vision such as

  1. Cataracts - it is a condition of in which vision is cloudy. If not treated on time, it can go to the point of blindness. In such cases, cataract surgery is the best way to restore vision.
  2. Macular hole - it is a condition which probably appears after the age of 60, where holes appear at the part of the retina.
  3. Other conditions - Eye herpes, detached retina, and optic neuritis are one of those conditions.
  4. Diabetic retinopathy - diabetic patients are more experienced blurry vision due to this condition. It could also damage the retina of the eye.
  5. Glaucoma - in this condition sudden narrowing of the field of vision at the edges of field views.

How can I cure my eyesight?

There are few factors which can help people to cure there eyesight are -

  1. Follow 20-20-20 rule - people who works at computer for long stretches especially the intense one need to follow this rule. In it, you have to stop staring at your computer after 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  2. Use UAV protected glasses - in case of improving eyesight, sunglasses play an important role. It protects our eyes from damage like cataracts, macular degeneration, and pterygium.
  3. Beware of hereditary eye condition - learn from the eye health history of your family. It includes conditions such as glaucoma, retinal degeneration, optic atrophy and age related macular holes.
  4. Stay fit - patients with conditions such as diabetic retinopathy should exercise and maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Eat healthy food - intake of vitamins such as A, C, and E along with zinc, antioxidants, should eat green veggies like carrots, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, strawberries, salmon, flaxseed and omega 3 fatty acids.
  6. Quit smoking - if you are a smoker then you should stop smoking.

Is blurry vision a symptom of dehydration?

In some cases it is, dehydration results blurry vision and the best treatment for it and dry eyes is to rehydrate them by drinking lot of water. Dehydration symptoms are tired eyes, blurred vision, headache, eye strain and double vision. It also took place when the eye is not properly lubricated.

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