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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Cosmetic Dermatology

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Dr. Simal SoinDermatologist • 34 Years Exp.M.Phil, Diploma in Dermatology, MBBS

Hello, I am Dr Simal Soin. I ran a clinic called Ayna. Ayna means mirror. So, everything that makes you look and feel good here at Ayna is under one roof. What we offer you is a combination of various treatments which are done through cosmetic dermatology. We basically treat acne, acne scars, freckles, rosacea, open pores and address your skin texture issues. Through various modalities like hydra facials, lasers, peels and combined medical treatments with those as well. Then we have a hair clinic where we address Hair loss concerns through P.R. P. and treatments. We have an anti-ageing clinic where we specialize in treatments for your sagging skin, for double chin, for volume loss, for lines, wrinkles and just give you a very natural, rested, fresh look done through a combination of botox, fillers, thermage.

Then another thing that we do that nobody in India does is a foot clinic. We have a foot clinic where we do various pediatric treatments to treat your corns, warts and dead skin.

So, we also have a weight management and body contouring clinic where we are able to offer you treatments through a combination of technology and lifestyle management to address your weight loss concerns, to give you weight loss and help you maintain that for a long period of time.

So, if you want to take care of your skin on a regular basis some of them must use for your skin please use sunscreen every single day. One of the commonest cause of ageing of the skin is lack of sunscreen use, sun exposure which is unprotected. So, importantly, for sunscreen in the morning, use an antioxidant to basically combat all the free radical damage that your skin goes through every day with the pollution and the environment. Use a vitamin C serum or cream on your skin every day. Use a moisturizer on your skin every night and make sure you cleanse your skin regularly with good Micellar water. So these are the very basic things that everybody must do to keep their skin looking young. Visit your dermatologist every few months to get some new updates on what latest in the world of skin care and what is the good creams you can use to keep your skin looking good.

Treat any concern you have by visiting your dermatologist. Avoid using over the counter products. Our specialty is that we have a lot of doctors and nutritionists on site and all of our treatments are not only safe but they are also very effective at the same time so there are U.S.F.D approved and we have treated patients from all over the globe and people come regularly and repeatedly to have treatment with us from India and overseas.

If you have any medical or aesthetic or cosmetic queries about anything, please visit us on lybrate so we can sort out any issues that you might be having with your skin.


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