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Candida Infections - Ways It Can Be Treated!

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MD, Ex Sr Dermatologist AIIMS New Delhi
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Candida Infections - Ways It Can Be Treated!

The term Candida refers to the most common type of infection caused by yeast in areas like the mouth, intestinal tract, vagina and the skin. This infection is not fatal if your immune system is functioning properly. However, it can spread to other parts. You will have to look for the following signs and symptoms to suspect that whether or not you are suffering from candida:

  1. Exhaustion
  2. Foul breath
  3. White coat on your tongue
  4. Hormone imbalance
  5. Pain in the Joints
  6. Low sex drive
  7. Chronic sinus and allergy issues
  8. Gas and bloating
  9. Vulnerable and weak immune system
  10. Cravings sweets
  11. Brain fog

Candida Albicans is the scientific term to refer to a virus that is capable of aiding with nutrient absorption and digestion. When there is an excessive production and generation of the fungus in the body, symptoms for Candida is noticed. It can grow out of control at a time when your body’s PH balance is disturbed.

What Causes Candida Infections?
There are multiple catalyzing factors behind the spread of candida. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and their overuse for a prolonged period to fight any bacteria-related infection
  2. Use of birth control pills coupled with consumption of high sugar diet
  3. Use of oral Corticosteroids
  4. Side-effects of Cancer Treatments
  5. Weakened Immune System

Treatment for Candida:

  1. Go for the Candida cleanse, it flushes the digestive tract. You must be on a fermented vegetable diet. Start storing a vegetable broth in a refrigerator and have it warm every few weeks to clean your system.
  2. Second, have steamed vegetables. Avoid starch, sugars, carbs and alcohol from your diet.
  3. Take care of your diet, exclude sugars, fats, carbohydrates and alcohol completely. Indulge in vegetables in a warm and steamed manner to get rid of the fungus. Add cultured dairy, preferably goat milk kefir to your diet. It is needed for healthy probiotic foods. They can effectively kill the candida in the system.
  4. Clove oil, coconut oil and vitamin C supplements work wonders to get rid of candida.
  5. Besides all these remedies, it is advisable to maintain personal hygiene to get best results.
  6. A healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise can also keep you away from all kinds of disorders, including skin infections like Candida.
  7. You must not use the garments, towels or combs of others to not be a victim of skin infections.
  8. Maintain the fluid balance in the body by drinking sufficient water in a day.

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