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All About Acute Vaginitis!

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Dr. Swarup Kumar Ghosh 89% (87 ratings)
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Homeopathy Doctor, Hooghly  •  42 years experience

Acute vaginitisVaginitis is an inflammation of vagina.

Causes: Imbalance of normal vagina. Any infections. Low estrogen level mostly after menopause. And some diseases of skin. Parasites. Transmission by sexual intercourse.


  • Bacterial vaginosis – due to imbalance of normal vagina.
  • Yeast infectionfungal infection mostly candida albicans.
  • Trichomoniasis – caused by parasites and transmitted by sexual intercourse.

Signs and symptoms: 

  • Vaginal itching and irritation.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and painful urination.
  • Discharge from vagina – grayish white which is foul smell discharge in bacterial vaginosis; whitish thick discharge resembles like cotton in yeast infection; greenish yellow frothy discharge in trichomoniasis vaginitis.
  • Vaginal bleeding – lightly or spotted like appearance.

Homoeopathic remedies for acute vaginitis:

  • Hydrastis:

Vaginitis is due to erosion of cervix or excoriation. Vaginal mucous membrane was sensitive and inflammed can’t bear to touch. Leucorrhoea will be acrid and corroding after menses and infection spread upwards and causes pelvic inflammatory diseases. Pain will be dragging and dull leads to stiffness around lumbar region. Pain was very severe that she cannot getup from sitting position without support of her hands. Pruritus vulva is associated with acute vaginitis. Thick and yellowish ropy secretions.

  • Modalities:


  1. Aggravation by heat in general, warmth application, heat on bed, thinking of the complaints.
  2. Amelioration by cold application.
  • Apis mellifica:

Vagina appears oedematous and puffy with vulva, labia with stinging type of pains with soreness. Sensation of tightness and bearing down pain as would menses appears. Pain worse on day time and by heat.

  • Modalities:
  1. Aggravation by hot things, touch, clothings.
  2. Amelioration by cold application, open air.
  • Cantharis:

Vaginitis due to urinary tract infection. Complaints of burning micturition. Persistent purulent discharge at times of blood stained per vagina. Pain and soreness in vulva.

  • Modalities:
  1. Aggravation by touch, while urinatin.
  2. Amelioration by rubbing the parts.


  • Senecio aureus:

Mostly indicated for acute vaginitis with burning and intense like labour pain. Vagina is dry and hot. Dragging pain and itching makes her embarrassed. Vaginitis after using intra uterine contractive device’s, functional amenorrhea in young girls, secondary infection due to urinary tract infection. Associates with backache. Pain spreads all over the abdomen.

  • Modalities:
  1. Aggravation by warmth in general, touch.
  2. Amelioration by washing parts by cold water, rest.


  • Kreosotum:

Corrosive itching in vulval area. Burning and swelling of labia. Violent itching in between labia and thighs. Leucorrhoea due to infections, which is yellow, acrid with odour of green corn. Vaginitis in post menopausal ladies due to hormonal imbalance and vaginal prolapse.

  • Modalities:


  1. Aggravation by cold in general, after menstruation, rest.
  2. Amelioration by warm application, motion.


  • Thuja:

Very sensitive vagina, their is a warty growths and condylomata, on the vulva and perineum. Their is a history of suppressed gonorrhea. Leucorrhoea is profuse which is thick and greenish. Dryness of the walls of vagina with polypoid growth. Intensive pain after gentle touch and while walking. Painful coition.


  1. Aggravation by damp wet weather, in the evening, washing.
  2. Amelioration by hard pressure, warmth, cold bathing, after sleep.
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