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Cobalt Test

Cobalt Test

Among all elements which occur in nature; Cobalt is one which when consumed in right amount has many positive effects on human health. Though its overexposure because of absorption, breathing, or skin contact can be hazardous to an individual's health, but the deficiency of it is also not suggested. Individuals working in industries that use products having cobalt have the most exposure to it. Based upon the form of contact, an individual can show symptoms like Dyspnea aka breathing complications, coughing, heart problems, nerve injury and skin irritation. To check the level of Cobalt in the body, it is recommended to go for Cobalt Blood Testing. It is usually prescribed when an individual considers his/her exposure to Cobalt, mainly when their workplace environments have the presence of Cobalt. Although, CBT is also suggested for monitoring blood Cobalt levels for someone at the risk of contact albeit not undergoing symptoms.

Wearing either a no or a short-sleeved shirt is suggested. Though you can also wear a full-sleeves shirt that you can merely roll-up.

Three days before sample collection, the patient should stop consuming mineral supplements, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B12 and unnecessary medicines. If the blood taken is also to be used for further different tests, the doctor will inform. In that case, only you need to fast for few hours. Always follow the particular instructions given to you before Cobalt Lab Test.

The typical consumption of dietary cobalt is 280 μg/day. Cobalt Lab Test is used to: Analyze Cobalt Toxicity Monitor Cobalt Therapy

Cobalt is the share of our food. About 85% of engrossed cobalt is expelled in the urine and the rest removed in the stool. This test keeps an eye on the right amount of Cobalt to be present in our body.

Blood is the chosen sample for evaluating critical or current contact to Cobalt. Seven mL approximately; one to two teaspoons of the blood sample would be taken a right from you. Cobalt Lab Test can be done at various places like the medic's clinic, test centre, and medical centre. An alcohol pad is used to clean the skin.

A needle is then injected through the part of rinsed skin into to your vein; specifically in the one that can be seen from the skin. The blood is dragged out from the needle by a nozzle, saved in a vessel and sealed with your name. This sample is carried to the research laboratory for examination. If the sample is drained and kept in the correct vessel, the trace element values do not change with time.

Urine (random or 24-hour)
5 mL
Plastic urine container, no preservative.
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
< 1.8 microgram/L
Average price range of the test is between Rs.3500 to Rs.4840 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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Hi sir. Since last 7 years I have a heavy back pain. I am feeling so stress with it. Please sir give your advise for it.
Hello, If you are having the pain severe then get an xray done at the earliest and start a physiotherapy session. You can consult me for further investigations.
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I have a desk job and there is a pain at my back which was started from my neck to above hip and after sometimes I get relief .what's this?

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Hello lybrate-user, the reason is very much obvious that there is constant pressure over your spine and other joints because of work profile. Take time to rest for sometime, take a walk, stretching h your upper and lower body, do exercises at home regularly, maintain posture which is very much important.

I have high ESR in my body. And am having continuous pain in my elbow, wrist, knee joint, ankle. What kind of a diet is advisable. Am a Vegetarian.

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Epidurals - Know The Benefits & Disadvantages!

MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM, Fellowship in palliative medicine, certificate in interventional pain management, Multidisciplinary pain management course
Pain Management Specialist, Pune
Epidurals - Know The Benefits & Disadvantages!

Modern women want to have it all, in personal and professional life. They want to experience the joy of motherhood but not the pain associated with normal delivery. For such women, epidural analgesia during labour is a blessing. Epidural analgesia/anaesthesia is given to pregnant women during childbirth. Epidural painkillers stop the pain signals transmitted nerves from uterus. This stops the pain sensation of labour. For epidural analgesia, a catheter (small tube) is inserted into the epidural space in the spinal cord. It is through this tube that the drugs (painkillers) reach the desired nerves. 

Types of Epidurals: 

Epidurals can be 

  1. Injection with top-ups: Once given, epidurals help to relieve the pain that arises due to contractions. When the epidural starts to wear off, top-ups or refills are used. The refills can last for 1-2 hours. 
  2. Combined Spinal Epidural: Compared to the regular epidurals, the combined spinal epidurals are powerful, quick, and more effective. Here too, epidural painkillers are made to pass through the catheter, once the first injection wears off. It is also known as Walking Epidural. 
  3. Continuous infusion (patient-controlled epidural analgesia): Here, the other end of the epidural catheter is attached to a pump. This pump continuously infuses the painkillers into your back. For an effective response, top-ups may be used. Many hospitals allow patients to control the pump. 

Merits and demerits of having an epidural--


  1. Epidurals make the delivery smooth and hassle free. 
  2. Epidurals are relatively safe as only a small fraction of the medicine reaches the baby. 
  3. Women stay fully awake and experience no pain during the cervix dilation. This enables them to push the baby out with more energy.
  4. Depending on the requirement, the dosage of epidurals can be adjusted. 
  5. Epidurals help to lower the cases of C-section delivery. 

Though epidurals make childbirth easy, one cannot overlook its demerits. 

  1. Infections can sometimes occur. 
  2. Sometimes epidural analgesia can have a patchy effect, causing some pain to persist. 
  3. Though rare, epidural can result in nerve damage. 
  4. Epidurals bring about a fall in blood pressure. At times, this can be risky for the baby. 
  5. Nausea, headache, itchiness, backache, soreness are the common side effects of epidurals. 
  6. Epidurals relax a woman, thereby reducing their urge to push the baby out. 

Thus, they may take longer than usual to push the baby. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Pain Management Specialist.

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Pain killers and Heart Attack Risks!

FRHS, Ph.D Paed Neuro Rehabilitation, MPT - Neurology Physiotherapy, D.Sp.Med, DPHM (Health Management ), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
Pain killers and Heart Attack Risks!


  •  Doctors have found the use of pain relievers to treat respiratory infections like cold flu may increase the risk of heart attack.
  • For the study, researchers analyzed insurance claims from taiwan's national health insurance program from 2005 to 2011 with data from roughly 10, 000 patients who were hospitalized for a heart attack.
  • The purpose of the study was to assess whether cardiac risk factors from an acute respiratory infection and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, pain relievers combine to further increase the risk of heart attack.
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Pain - Homeopathic Treatment for It!

Homeopathy Doctor, Chennai
Pain - Homeopathic Treatment for It!

Pain is a feeling of distress that is caused by intense damaging stimuli. It is one of the most common reasons that compels the patient to consult a physician and take painkillers. In the long run, painkillers have adverse effects on our body. While most of the times, the cause of the pain is diagnosed, there are cases in which the cause remains undiagnosed. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on symptoms and has no side effects and thus, it is most effective in the treatment of both muscle and joint pains.

Here we give you a list of common homeopathic pain medications that are prescribed to give relief to patients and the circumstances under which they can be used.

  1. Bryonia- It is given when there is a hot swollen joint, pain from overuse of body part or injury. The slightest movement aggravates the pain and is relieved of the pressure on the affected part.
  2. Causticum - It is recommended for muscle spasm, stiff neck and pain. The character of the pain is sharp and tearing and is caused by cold dry weather. The patient is relieved by the warmth.
  3. Arnica Montana - Arnica is suggested when a patient has sore, bruised feeling all over the body. The patient is very sensitive to the pain and everything on which he rests seems very hard. Arnica is a top remedy in case of injury from falling, sprain and bruise.
  4. Rhus Toxicodendron- A first choice of remedy in case of rheumatism and back pain. The right side of the body is especially affected. The patient experiences stiffness and aching pain that aggravates during the rainy season, in the morning, on exposure to cold and also by rest. Pain is relieved by moving the affected parts and by warmth.
  5. Cuprum Metallicum- It is given in cases of muscle twitching or severe muscle spasm. The patient feels better when the painful area is massaged.
  6. Magnesia Phosphorica - This is the best medicine for all types of pain, especially when the pain is in the right side of the body. The pain is aggravated by cold and movement and is relieved by heat and rest in the general. This is suggested to relieved lower abdomen pain during menstruation.
  7. Pulsatilla- This is an excellent remedy for rheumatic pains that shifts from one joint to another. Homeopathic medicine is suggested after a thorough understanding of patient symptoms and the medication differs from patient to patient. So it is better to consult a homeopathic physician to select a suitable medicine to get relieved from pain.
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Proper Penis Care: Lubricants to Avoid!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Proper Penis Care: Lubricants to Avoid!

In the heat of the moment, a man tends to let his inhibitions vanish - and he might also let a little common sense vanish, too. That's why so many men reach for lubricants that aren't advisable to use on their delicate penis skin. Even if they know a particular lubricating agent is not a good idea, they might not really think about the consequences until after the release they wanted so badly is finally achieved. Then they often look at what they have done and wonder just how much good penis care it will take to overcome that 'oops.'

Lubricants a man should always avoid:

When a man is ready and raring to go, it might not take much to make him reach for something that is definitely inadvisable to use as a lubricant. Here are a few of the most common culprits - and yes, some of them seem quite odd!

1. Shampoo or conditioner. Rare is the man who hasn't reached for one of these so-called lubricants when feeling frisky in the shower. The good news is that most formulations are moisturizing, so a guy has little to worry about - right? Wrong. Shampoo and conditioners can dry out the skin very quickly, leaving a man feeling quite irritated by the time he hops out of the shower.

2. Soap. Just as with shampoo or conditioner, soap has drying qualities. Even that ultra-moisture bar can leave skin feeling rough and dry when the shower is over. Besides that, a little lather doesn't go a long way - instead, it must be replenished often, which can easily ruin the mood.

3. Sunscreen. Some sunscreens are creamy, much like lotion - so why not? If it's the only thing handy, that is. But remember that sunscreens contain quite a few chemicals, the better to prevent those harmful rays from causing damage to the skin. Those chemicals were never meant to be used on the most sensitive areas. It's safe to say a dry, peeling penis will result.

4. Muscle ointments. If a little tingle is nice, a lot must be better, right? Many a man has told the harrowing tale of grabbing his muscle rub and using it on his penis, only to find that the burning, stinging sensation isn't nearly as delightful when it's used on the more sensitive skin. Men who try this tend to try it only once.

5. Shaving cream. Though shaving cream won't hurt the penis (as many a manscaper can attest), using it as a lubricant for some self-pleasuring action can lead to unintended consequences. In addition to the possibly dry penis issue, a man might experience irritation, pain in the urethra, and serious redness.

6. Shortening or oil. Getting frisky in the kitchen? While food play can certainly have its merits, using shortening and the like to masturbate is simply asking for a mess of trouble. It's not necessarily going to hurt the penis if it is used from time to time, but the mess it leaves behind - and how thoroughly a man must clean his penis to remove it - could easily lead to the irritation he doesn't want.

7. Some lotions. Many a man who wants to get it on solo will reach for the lotion on the bedside table. Some lotions are just fine for this purpose. Others, however, contain a plethora of ingredients a man doesn't want anywhere near his penis. Pay attention to labels and search for a lotion that has more natural ingredients if the idea is to use it as a lubricant.

A man who has gotten a little too frisky with questionable lubricants might have some damage to remedy. In that case, a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can ensure his penis stays as healthy as possible. The use of healing vitamins and nutrients in a Shea butter base can help soothe, ease and protect the penis that has met with an unfortunate lubricant situation.

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Back Pain - Causes And Prevention

Pain Management, MD - Pain Medicine & Anesthesiology
Pain Management Specialist, Srinagar
Back Pain - Causes And Prevention

Most of us, experience back pain due to incorrect posture or longer duration of sitting.

Sometimes you may experience back pain because of exertion - you spent the entire day doing the same kind of job or maybe you bent in a wrong manner while picking up your child. However, the actual cause of your spinal agony may not be very clear, but it pays to be aware of the possible reasons that can cause backache. It is good to consult a doctor if your back pain is consistent and recurrent.

Here are few of the causes:

1. The position of your pelvis: The pelvis consists of three bones that can shift depending on which muscles become weak or stiff. This brings about a pull in the muscle of the lower back, resulting in severe strain to this area. You should consult a physiotherapist for suggestions regarding the best exercises for strengthening your pelvic area.

2. Weak abdominal muscles: A cause of your back pain can be weak stomach muscles. Abdominal muscles play an important role in balancing out the constant bending that your back muscles perform. When you've weak abdominal muscles, your spine is not able to maintain proper balance, resulting in severe stress on the spinal column.

3. Disc injuries: Located between the bones of your spine, discs perform the function of a shock absorber. Physical injury to these padded cushions can cause them to break open, leading to a condition known as herniated disc. This can then bring about pain in the back area.

Few other causes behind back pain

  1. Weak back muscles
  2. Weak osteoporotic back bones
  3. Disc disease
  4. Facet joint arthopathy (degenerative or traumatic )
  5. Sacro Iliac joint pain
  6. Infection of the spinal bones
  7. Most of us, experience back pain due to incorrect posture or longer duration of sitting. Some people inherit back pain. Degenerative disc disease can be genetic or inherited. That is why we see degenerative spinal changes causing chronic back pain in some young age group patients without any apparent cause.
  8. Cancers which can be primary or metastasis
  9. Psychogenic 

Few precautions that can be taken for a hurting back. Despite the causes, there are certain precautions that you can take, which are:

  • Avoid sitting in a bad posture, that is, keep your back straight as much as you can. Pull and stretch your body in continual intervals to keep it relaxed.
  • Consult the right physician instead of doing exercise that can aggravate your pain.
  • Take a break from work and go for short walks, every couple of hours.


Most often back pain will resolve itself in 3 to 6 weeks time and does not need to be treated. Please note, bed rest of no more than 2 days is required. Bed rest may weaken the back muscles and prolong back pain. If the back pain continues or increases, investigations are required. Expensive Investigations like MRI is usually over prescribed and will be needed only if neuro deficit is present or infection is suspected. 

Treatment includes

  1. Physical rehabilitation and Pain medication like NSAID.
  2. Neuropathic pain medications for neural compression (gabapentin or pregabalin).

Minimally invasive procedures which have revolutionised the treatment for back pain and saved millions from spinal surgeries include

  1. Radiofrequency ablation treatment for Facet pain
  2. Transforaminal blocks for nerve compression
  3. SCS for chronic back pain
  4. Intra thecal pumps
  5. Intradiscal Radiofrequency procedures. ( this procedure makes the disc painless ).

Surgery should be the last option and should be restricted to patients having progressive neuro deficit. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Pain Management Specialist.

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