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  • BHMS, MD - Acupuncture
    As many as 30-40 % men across the world, including India, experience the problem of early discharge at some point of time. Premature (early) ejaculation is also referred to as rapid ejaculation. PE is the most common type of sexual dysfunction in men younger than 40 years and seen across all age groups. In elderly men (>60 years) erectile dysfunction is more common. If a man experiences uncontrollable ejaculation (discharge of semen from your penis) either before or shortly after sexual penetration (usually within 1-2 minutes of penetration), he may be suffering from PE.

    Types and Characteristics of PE: PE can be Chronic (lifelong) or Acquired (recent).

    Chronic PE: With chronic (lifelong) premature ejaculation, the person has been experiencing premature ejaculation since he became sexually active (ie, post puberty).

    Acquired PE: Acquired (recent) premature ejaculation means that the condition began in an individual who previously experienced an acceptable level of ejaculatory control and only recently has developed PE.

    Consequences of PE: Both you and your partner may end up experiencing highly unsatisfactory sex. In fact, it can significantly increase anxiety, which may deteriorate the problem. PE is one such sexual issue. It's not a disease.If a person is sexually fit and experiences normal erections but just fail to hold the orgasm/ discharge for reasonable time then he is suffering from premature ejaculation. It's a very normal problem, which if managed properly it can be easily resolved.We will discuss this PE in 4 parts covering: what it is in actual, how does it happen, how to approach to resolve this problem with behavioural methods, exercise, techniques and medical remedies present in both modern and alternative medicine.

    Some basic things may also help you to deal with the problem:

    Some men attempt to treat themselves for premature ejaculation by distracting themselves by thinking nonsexual thoughts (such as naming cricket players and records) to avoid getting excited too fast when approaching their partners. This helps them to focus their attention away from the sexual stimulation.
    It is also suggested to men that they should relieve themselves of the sexual tension by ejaculating with self masturbation 1-2 hours before attempting sexual intercourse with their partner.
    Using condoms is known to help in premature ejaculation in some men by decreasing sensation.
    Women on top position usually helps to delay orgasm in men.
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  • BHMS, MD - Acupuncture
    Certain diseases are a major cause of concern as often these diseases can cause severe health complications. Various campaigns and awareness have been spread both by the government and NGOs for practicing safe sex to fight against these sexually transmitted diseases. Here are a few tips on how to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

    1. Selective Abstinence: Selective abstinence is when people indulge in certain sexual activities, but limit in what they do to avoid the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. People who do practice selective abstinence run a lower risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, which is also dependent on the type of sexual activity they indulge in as certain sexual acts have a higher chance of spreading STDs than others.

    2. Using condoms: Using latex condoms decreases the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. If you use lubricants, make sure that they are water based. Condoms are however not 100% effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases, but reduce the chance of infection to a great extent. It is highly advised to learn how to properly use condoms.

    3. Mutual monogamy: Another way to avoid getting infected by STDs is to practice mutual monogamy. If you and your partner do not have sex with anyone else, then it greatly reduces the chances of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

    4. Getting tested: Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases as well as asking your partner to do so decreases the chances of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. Refrain from having sex if either of you test positive.

    5. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs: Avoiding the usage of recreational drugs and alcohol reduces the chances of contracting STDs. Indulging in sexual activities while being highly intoxicated can both cause you to forget practicing safe sex.

    6. Practicing healthy habits: Practicing certain healthy habits also reduces the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. These include avoiding sharing towels and undergarments, washing before and after sexual intercourse and getting a vaccination for hepatitis B.

    7. Low risk and high risk activities: Certain sexual activities such as open mouth kissing and hand to genital contact have a lower risk of infection. Other activities such as oral sex, vaginal intercourse, and genital to genital contact have a higher chance of infection. Understanding the risks better would allow you to avoid contacting diseases easily.
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  • BHMS, MD - Acupuncture
    Our everyday activities, our daily routine plays an important role in determining our health. Simple lifestyle changes can easily lead to a better sex life. Not only do these changes lead to a better sex life, but also contribute towards the performance and stamina exhibited in bed. Here are some points on to improve sex life by choosing these simple lifestyle changes:

    1. Healthy diet: Eating right and eating healthy affects how one performs in bed. A lack of stamina, while sex in many women and men might just be a signal that something is not correct with their health. Eating a diet loaded with fiber, vegetables, fruit, and lean meat lead to a healthy lifestyle. Right amount of carbohydrates and proteins are required and cholesterol and fats should be avoided. These tend to choke the arteries and in turn affect the blood flow down below.

    2. Regular exercises: Doing exercises regularly tends to pump up the heart, which in turn enhance the blood flow in and around the genitals. Exercising also provides stamina and energy. The most important benefit of exercising is that it enhances the body image thereby leading to a confident person.

    3. No stress: Stress is unavoidable, but one can make a conscious effort to relieve themselves of the same. If a person is stress it becomes hard to focus on sex and in turn affects the blood flow. Reading a book, taking a break, rest, and a massage are just few ways by which one can get rid of stress.

    4. Kegel Exercises: This exercise is not just for pregnant women but also for people who want to boost their sex life. In this one has to contract and relax the muscles of the pelvic floor in the similar manner when one stops urine. This exercise strengthens the muscles and controls the orgasm.

    5. Supplements: Sometimes what we eat is not enough to supply the body with the required nutrients, thus supplements are required to nurture the body with the required nutrients. Supplements are often believed to keep the body healthy. VigRX Plus is a known supplement to improve the sex and stamina.

    Who says it is difficult to improve your sex life. With these simple points one can try and follow them to improve the sex life along with increased stamina in bed.
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  • BHMS, MD - Acupuncture
    It is generally assumed that after sexual intercourse, men more often tend to doze off immediately, leaving the women not entirely satisfied, primarily because of less foreplay and after play action. These assumptions are, however, not entirely wrong and there are many ways with which one can prove this.

    Here are a few tips whereby you can reverse this and end it with a bang:

    1.The traditional belief that men are more emotionally detached after intercourse than women is inherently true in most cases and the best way to prevent your man from snoozing immediately after sex is to hold him tight and snuggle up. Being held feels good and right for both sexes, and is also an effective way of retaining heat.

    2. A great way of prolonging that physical intimacy after sexual intercourse is by giving your man a smooth massage. Perhaps you can lighten up his senses by slowly tracing circles on his torso or by gradually moving over and around the navel areas confidently and sensuously.

    3. By way of suggesting a bath or shower after sex, you are, in a way, inviting him and yourself for another possible orgasmic session. After taking turns in scrubbing each other's backs, necks and shoulders, you can proceed with moving along towards other parts of the body. Furthermore, a hot and wet-nude environment eventually supports a post-orgasmic flush.

    4. Oral sex is yet another invigorating way of sustaining the erotic process. Paying more attention to the area around the anus as well as the area around the clitoris is always an effective method to 'end it with a bang'.

    5. You could also try paying him compliments or whispering and breathing romance into his ears with stuff like, "I love you", or "I desire you", accompanied by light sexual caresses - as long as it prevents him from snoozing!
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  • BHMS, MD - Acupuncture
    6 Special Sex Tips for Diabetics

    Blood sugar plays an important role in your sex life. An estimated 381 million people in the world were diabetic in 2013 and by 2030 this number is expected to double. Diabetes can affect your performance or the way you feel about sex. It's just not a men's problem but women too have sexual problems that arise because of diabetes.

    How Does Diabetes Affect Men and Women?


    Many sexual problems that men face are due to chronic high blood glucose. Erectile dysfunctions in men are often due to diabetes. Type 2 diabetes patients also run the risk for low testosterone levels, which can affect a man's desire for sex.


    Women having diabetes find it difficult to reach orgasm and the high blood sugar affects vaginal lubrication. The lack of lubrication not only reduces the sensation but makes sex more painful.

    What can diabetics do to improve their sex life?

    Here are 6 tips that can enhance your sex life if you're a diabetic:

    1) Focus on pH: You should pay close attention to your blood sugar levels as an increased level can cause abnormal pH levels in your vagina, giving rise to chronic vaginal infections.

    2) Eat right: Eating right can have a positive effect on your sex drive. Zinc helps in testosterone production and, thus, a diet rich in zinc is helpful for diabetic men. Good sources of zinc include cashews, red meat and crab.

    3) Keeping Tab on your glucose level: Keeping a close check on the glucose level will help you avoid nerve damage and vaginal infections. It will also increase your overall health.

    4) Exercise: This plays a pivotal role in reversing diabetes symptoms. It strengthens your heart, improves flexibility and stamina and also increases the blood flow to all the necessary areas.

    5) Sleep Adequately: Sleeping soundly has been found to play an important role in controlling blood sugar. It is helpful in improving the sex-drive of diabetics.

    6) Switch to sugar-free lubricant: Diabetics should keep tab on the lubricants. If you already have high levels of sugar in your vagina, adding more sugar to it is not advisory.

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