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Menaka Hospital

Multi-speciality Clinic (Endocrinologist & Gynaecologist)

367, Thiruthangal Road, Sivakasi Virudhunagar
2 Doctors · ₹100
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Menaka Hospital Multi-speciality Clinic (Endocrinologist & Gynaecologist) 367, Thiruthangal Road, Sivakasi Virudhunagar
2 Doctors · ₹100
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We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply....more
We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply.
More about Menaka Hospital
Menaka Hospital is known for housing experienced Gynaecologists. Dr. R. Santhakumari, a well-reputed Gynaecologist, practices in Virudhunagar. Visit this medical health centre for Gynaecologists recommended by 40 patients.


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367, Thiruthangal Road, Sivakasi
Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu - 626123
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Dr. Jegan Prasad

18 Years experience
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Diabetes - Ayurvedic Medicines To Manage It Well!

Ayurveda, Gurgaon
Diabetes - Ayurvedic Medicines To Manage It Well!

Diabetes or madhumeha, is a serious disease that affects many people worldwide today. Diabetes, which is referred to as maha-roga is the excess of glucose in blood. As a result, you cannot consume sweetened food, get excess urges to drink water or urinate. However, Ayurveda has the most effective solutions to control diabetes naturally.

Read on to know what best natural medications are there to cure diabetes.

  1. Gymnema Sylvestre or Gurmar: It is one of the most effective remedies to diabetes. It is a hypoglycemic component, which makes it ideal for treating diabetes. It helps in reducing dependency on insulin by regeneration of residual beta cells of the pancreas.
  2. Coccinia indica: It is another herb, which regulates diabetes very well. This plant contains components, which after consumption of carbohydrates, prevent the sudden increase in blood glucose level. It can also prevent any adverse effect on other organs of the body due to diabetes. It is found to reduce oxidative stress amongst diabetes patients by surging the vitamin Clevels in the plasma, and also prevents the fluctuations in fatty acid levels amongst diabetes patients.
  3. Azadirachta Indica or neem: It is one of the most common household antiseptics and a wonderful cure for diabetes. It enables high glucose tolerance, and also prevents diabetic neuropathy, which may cause severe fatalities.
  4. Morus Indica or Mulberry: It is a food that is experimentally proven to reduce diabetes. Daily consumption of mulberry leaves for 15 days at a stretch are beneficial in limiting approximately 38% of diabetes cases among its consumers. It also protects you against oxidative stress by building the antioxidant defense system of the body and is also known to correct any lipid profile abnormality. It also delays the possibility of the appearance of cataractas a result of diabetes.
  5. Momordica Charantia or bitter gourd: It is another common remedy found in most Indian households. Even though it is extremely bitter in taste, its medicinal properties are exemplary, and are extensively used in Ayurvedic medicines. It also targets the beta cells of the pancreas to help boost up insulin secretion by increasing their number. Bitter gourd also helps to release more insulin by way of regeneration of the pancreas.
  6. Eugenia Jambolana or Indian Jamun: This Ayurvedic cure reduces blood sugar level and increases the release of insulin. The extract of "jamun" seeds help in healing of wounds quicker, usually impaired by diabetes.
  7. Trigonella Foenum or methi: It is another household ingredient that serves medicinal purposes in case of diabetes patients. Even 1gm of fenugreekseeds could reduce diabetes sharply in a short span of 2 months. This benefit is because of the presence of diosgenin, a compound with hypoglycemic properties.

However, all these medicinal plants should be consumed under proper guidance from professional practitioners only.

5 Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath!

Homeopath, Lucknow
5 Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath!

Bad breath is a dental problem which could also emanate due to poor digestion. It can also be experienced as a side effect of other ailments as well as medications. Smoking and bad diet may lead to this and it usually becomes a matter of low self-esteem as time goes by. Homeopathy is one of the most natural forms of medication, treatment and wellness when it comes to such problems that affect the lifestyle of the patient. These medicines usually combine very small doses of naturally found elements so as to cure an ailment or condition. Yet, it is important to remember that one must get a prescription for these medicines from a professional medical practitioner.

Read on to know more about the types of homeopathic remedies available for bad breath.

  1. Merc Sol: If your bad breath problem also comes with symptoms like a moist mouth or constant dribbling, then this medicine may be prescribed. This usually happens when the salivary glands become too active and produce more moisture than what the mouth can handle on a normal basis.
  2. Pulsatilla: This medicine is usually prescribed if the patient complains of a dry mouth along with a bad breath problem. This helps in treating related symptoms like the lack of proper hydration due to the lack of thirst. Not drinking enough water can also lead to the problem of dry mouth and thereafter, a bad odour from the mouth.
  3. Kreosote: This medicine is considered as a very effective medication for bad breath, especially if the bad breath takes place due to caries in the teeth. This medicine can also help patients who are experiencing bleeding gums along with caries and bad breath.
  4. Hepar Sulphur and Carbo Veg: The combination of these two medicines is known as one of the best when it comes to treating bad breath. The other symptoms that call for the prescription of these medicines include Gingivitis or gum infection related problems and symptoms. When there is bleeding and pus in the gums due to the infection, then this medicine is usually prescribed. Excessive salivation is also another symptom that is treated by this medicine combination. Hepar Sulphur can be used if there is a throat-related infection or ailment that can lead to the problem of bad breath.
  5. Carbolic Acid: A homeopathic doctor will usually prescribe this medicine if the problem of bad breath is accompanied by intense and perpetual pain in the abdomen. The patient will also complain of gas in stomach due to the ailment that affects the stomach in such cases. This gives rise to many symptoms including bad breath. Loss of appetite is also treated by this medicine.

Hypothyroidism - 4 Easy Tips To Help You Manage It!

DM - Endocrinology, MD Medicine
Endocrinologist, Gurgaon
Hypothyroidism - 4 Easy Tips To Help You Manage It!

The thyroid gland, in the lower front of the neck, releases hormones in the bloodstream that affect almost every part of your body, from your brain and heart, to your skin and muscles. It also controls metabolism which is the process of changing the food you eat into energy. When the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, it is called hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

  1. Constipation
  2. Hair loss and dry hair
  3. Dry skin
  4. Fatigue
  5. Sensitivity to cold
  6. Decreased heart rate
  7. Goitre (swollen thyroid glands)
  8. Weight gain and difficulty in losing that weight
  9. Persistent jaundice

Hypothyroidism is not curable, but it can be controlled with the right medication.

Along with taking your medicines, you can also adopt the following lifestyle changes:

  1. Eat right: While there is no specific diet for hypothyroidism, you should consume vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins. Since gaining weight is a common symptom of hypothyroidism, eating the right things can help you maintain your weight.
  2. Regular exercise: Exercising can reduce stress, improve energy and help you maintain your optimum weight. Aerobics (for example, cardio), flexibility and strengthening workouts can help with hypothyroidism. Other than that, light weightlifting, yoga and walking, are also beneficial. Do not forget to consult your doctor before you start on any of these exercises.
  3. Reduce stress: Hypothyroidism is chronic, and the one thing that worsens chronic diseases is stress. Stress has serious repercussions on your overall health. So it is important to reduce your stress as much as you can. Meditate daily, at least for five minutes, and schedule a weekly massage to deal with your stress.
  4. Get enough sleep: Fatigue is a symptom of hypothyroidism; you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day. The best way to counter this is to establish a schedule for sleeping. Try to sleep and wake up every day at the same time in the night and in the morning. Generally, sleeping for seven to eight hours is recommended.

How To Cope With Premature Ejaculation?

Diploma In Naturopathy, Diploma In Neurotherapy
Sexologist, Jalandhar
How To Cope With Premature Ejaculation?

For most people, a prolonged sexual act is one of the most pleasurable acts. However, though not might admit it, there could be multiple reasons due to which this might not be possible. In males especially, premature ejaculation is very common, which does not allow for a prolonged sexual experience. There are multiple causes for this
, some physiological and some psychological.

Given the private nature of the topic, many would not admit to the issue in the first place. Even with the couple, many would be reluctant to discuss it. For many men, close friends might often be the only one who knows about it. Someone else who has had similar problems might suggest a solution. The Internet, given the privacy it offers, could be another forum for discussion and seeking solutions. So what happens is they end up trying solutions from either of these two sources. However, what is important to understand is that each person’s body is built and wired very differently. What worked for a friend or for another person in some other part of the world might not work for you too.

The first point of coping begins with acknowledging the problem. When the ejaculation happens soon after the penetration, well before the partner is satisfied, it is known as premature ejaculation. In some cases, there might not even be adequate stimulation. While it is a matter of self-esteem for the male, for the female it is often an unsatisfactory experience. Knowing some of the possible causes helps understand the problem and then work towards a solution. Some of the most common physiologic and psychologic causes are listed below.

• Performance anxiety: In many cases, especially when with a new partner, premature ejaculation is very common. However, gradually, with familiarity, this improves.

The prolonged duration between sex episodes: If the person has not engaged in sex for quite a while, there are chances of premature ejaculation.

Guilt: Past sexual experiences could lead to guilt, which also can cause premature ejaculation.

Hormonal: Hormonal imbalances also can lead to an inability to sustain and/or maintain an erection.

Most men experience some degree of PE in their early years when they start off their sex lives, but this gradually improves with age, as they learn to control.

Coping with it begins with one round of diagnosis. If there is no serious underlying cause, then simple measures like relaxation techniques and quitting smoking can be used to control ejaculation.

Talking to the partner and easing out stress during the act also can go a long way.

If these do not help, seek counselling or behavioural therapy. You can definitely manage better performance with support of the partner and the counsellor.


Dengue - Basic Ways You Can Prevent Yourself!

Post Graduate Certficate in Ksharsutra & Ano-Rectal Diseases, BAMS, IMA Ayush , Vaidratnam kerala
General Physician, Gurgaon
Dengue - Basic Ways You Can Prevent Yourself!

With viral fever on the rise it is advisable to prevent yourself against dengue and chikungunya. Dengue is caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes. It is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually symptoms such as headache, fever, exhaustion, severe muscle and joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, and rash. The presence of fever, rash, and headache is particularly characteristic of dengue. 

Most common symptoms of dengue are:
Symptoms, which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days, may include

How to diagnose and prevent against dengue?
Diagnosing dengue fever: Blood test to check for the virus or antibodies to it .IgG AND IgM for Dengue Fever.

Prevention against dengue fever:

  1. Stay away from heavily populated residential areas, if possible.
  2. Use mosquito repellents, even indoors.
  3. When outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into socks.
  4. When indoors, use air conditioning if available.
  5. Make sure window and door screens are secure and free of holes. If sleeping areas are not screened or air conditioned, use mosquito nets.

Role of homeopathy in treating dengue
Homeopathy treat the person as a whole., it means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individual examination and case analysis which includes the medical history of the patient physical & mental constitution, family history, presenting symptoms, underlying pathology etc. A homeopathic doctor tries to treat more than just the presenting symptoms. The focus is not on curing the disease, but to cure the person who is sick; to restore for health. If a disease pathology is not very advanced homeopathic remedies to give a hope for cure; even in incurable case the quality of life can be greatly improved with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicine help to increase the platelet count and immunity of the patient.

Type 2 Diabetes - How To Administer It Well?

MBBS, MD- General Medicine, Diploma in Diabetes
General Physician, Vijayawada
Type 2 Diabetes - How To Administer It Well?

Diabetes is a disease that affects the way your body deals with glucose in the blood and the glucose absorbed from the food you ingest. Diabetes is generally of two basic types - Type 1 and Type 2. Apart from these two types, there are other kinds as well including gestational diabetes that some women suffer from during their pregnancy. Type 2 Diabetes is a condition where the cells of the body do not make proper use of the insulin being produced by the pancreas. Living with this kind of a condition may seem debilitating at first, but here are a few things you can do to make life easier despite Type 2 Diabetes.

-Weight: Being overweight is one the foremost side effects and sometimes, even cause of Type 2 Diabetes. To make your life easier, you can lose weight so that the complications involved are that much less. Diet and exercise are key for appropriate weight loss. Watch your diet so that you can eliminate high cholesterol as well. This can ensure that unnecessary amount of fat does not stick to your muscles and organs, which in turn will fuel better functioning of the same.

-Health Care: Being fit with Type 2 Diabetes does not merely mean staying within your normal weight range. It also means taking care of your medication and insulin doses so that you can function in a more normal way. Make your family and friends your support system as you go about life so that people can help you and recognise symptoms when something goes wrong. Be in constant touch with your health care providers and the general physician you see so that they are in the loop and you know exactly what to do in case there is an emergency.

-Exercise: Being active is a great way to keep your blood sugar level low even as you ensure that you heart is in good condition. This will further eliminate the risk of heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol. Sweating it out also helps the insulin work in a better manner within your body.

-Balance: While you may be asked to remove sugar from your diet, there is no need to stay away from proper meals. You can have a fibre rich diet that also has plenty of fruits and vegetables so that you get your due nutrition and maintain a fit body.

Watching your lifestyle is the main thing you need to do if you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear - What Happens In Case Of It?

DNB - Orthopaedics, MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear - What Happens In Case Of It?

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL tear is a very common problem with athletes and with people who have an active lifestyle. In fact, this can also be caused by any accident due to sudden movement.

Importance of ACL

The ACL is the supporting ligament, which runs diagonally from back to front right in the middle of the knee, connecting the femur bone and the tibia, and helps the tibia not to come before the femur. Thus the balance of the knee during back and forth movements and the entire stability of the knee joint is secured by this very important piece of ligament.

What leads to an injury to the ACL?

Here are a few actions that may result in a ligament tear.

  1. Sudden stopping while running or slowing down from a fast speed

  2. Sudden change in direction

  3. Uncontrolled jumping from a height

  4. Direct hitting with an object or person

What happens when the ACL is torn?

If the ACL is torn, the stability of your knee is gone, and you feel as if you have no control over the joint. Moreover, it causes extreme pain and instant swelling. Swelling usually appears within 24 hours of the injury.

Treatment of ACL Injury-

Recovery from an ACL tear is possible only after a surgery. Without surgery, the affected will not be able to return to sports or athletics, or may not be able to run and make swift movements again as before. However, to avoid surgery, there are non-invasive treatments for the aged and people who require moving less.

  • Non-invasive Treatment: Bracing is one treatment where braces are given to support the knee joint during movement and also to avoid further injury. This is effective for the elderly who need minimum movement and may manage daily activities with a braced knee. Also, crutches add to the support and let the weaker knee get rest. This is followed by physical therapy. But the swelling has to reduce before starting it. Many exercises and controlled movements over a long time help in getting back agility in movement gradually.

  • Surgical Treatment: Once the swelling subsides, doctors would plan for an Arthroscopic (Key-Hole Surgery) ACL reconstruction. In this Doctor make a graft of a tendon. This graft is inserted into the joint and fixed in anatomical position in femur and tibia Arthroscopically so that the newly created ACL functions like the natural one. This is the only way to get back the ligament in whole as the torn ligament cannot be stitched. Surgery is done through arthroscope and recovery time is 15 days for resuming day to day activities and 3 to 6 month for resuming sports activities with continued physical therapy after the surgery.
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Freezing & Storing Eggs - All You Should Be Aware Of!

Dermatologist, Delhi
Freezing & Storing Eggs - All You Should Be Aware Of!

Childbirth comes within an age bracket. Women feel this more so than men. Career demands or other personal choices can delay the time to get pregnant. Thus, freezing your eggs can prove to be beneficial, if you delay childbirth to focus on your career or education, or if you have certain medical conditions such as cancer.

  1. Egg Retrieval: Before the eggs are harvested, there is a lot you have to do. The first month is spent taking blood tests and ultrasounds. In the second month, you will have to take medicines before your procedure for egg retrieval. Ultrasounds and blood tests are also conducted at this stage to monitor the growth of the eggs. Around the time of your ovulation, the eggs will be harvested. You will be lightly sedated during the procedure. After the procedure, you might feel bloated and experience cramping. At least 15 eggs are retrieved for optimum chances. The medicines prescribed are all hormone injections which you can self-administer.
  2. Freezing and Storage: The largest human cell is the egg. It is comprised mainly of water. When the eggs are frozen, crystals can form which can destroy it. So an anti-freeze replaces the water after the eggs are dehydrated. This prevents crystal formation. Eggs are frozen using vitrification. In this process, the eggs are either slowly or flash frozen. Eggs can be frozen for as long as 10 years. This does not hamper the quality.
  3. Risks: There is no guarantee that freezing eggs will lead to having a baby. Sometimes, eggs do not survive the freezing or the thaw.
  4. Advantages: For women who are suffering from cancer, freezing their eggs might be the best option. They might want to preserve their fertility before their cancer treatment starts. This is useful since radiation and chemotherapycan harm your chances of getting pregnant.

The obvious advantage of freezing your eggs would be the fact that it gives you time. It lets you decide and keeps you one step ahead of your biological clock.

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आक के उपयोग - Aak Ke Upyog!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
आक के उपयोग - Aak Ke Upyog!

आक के पौधे को आमतौर पर पूजा के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाता है. लेकिन आप जान कर हैरान हो जाएंगे की इस पौधे में बहुत सारे औषधिय गुण है जो आपके स्वास्थ्य के लिए अत्यंत फायदेमंद है. इस पौधे के फूल पत्तियां, जड़ और इससे निकलने वाले दूध जैसे सभी उत्पाद का इस्तेमाल विभिन्न प्रकार के स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं से निजात पाने के लिए इस्तेमाल की जाती है. यह एक बारहमासी झड़ी है जिसे अंग्रेजी में मादर के नाम से जाना जाता है. इसके अतिरिक्त, यह मंदार, आक, अर्क और अकौआ के नाम से भी जानते हैं. भारत के कुछ हिस्सों में इसे अकऊआ के नाम से भी जानते है. यह पैदा कही भी किसी जलवायु में ऐसे ही उग जाता है, जिसके वजह से कई लोग इसे व्यर्थ समझ कर नजरअंदाज कर देते हैं. लेकिन आज हम आपको बताएंगे की आक के पौधे को किन-किन समस्याओं के लिए इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं.

आक पौधे की दो प्रजातियां होती है. इसके एक प्रजाति के फूलों का रंग नीला होता है जो विभिन्न प्रकार की स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं से निजात पाने के लिए इस्तेमाल की जाती है. इसके दूसरे प्रजाति का रंग सफेद होता है और यह बहुत दुर्लभ पाया जाता है. इसके फूल गुच्छों के रूप में फूलते हैं परत होती है. इसमें विभिन्न प्रकार के पोषक तत्व होते हैं जिनके कारण इसे कई तरह के औषधिय दवा में इस्तेमाल की जाती है. इसमें पाए जाने वाले पोषक तत्वों में प्रोसेरजेनिन, कैलोप्रोपिन, कैलेक्टिल, एमरिन ए और बी, साइनिडिन और रमोगोग्लुकोसाइड इत्यादि शामिल हैं

आक के फायदे निम्नलिखित है:
1. बवासीर के लिए-
जो लोग बवासीर की समस्या से परेशान है उनके लिए बहुत फायदेमंद है. इसके लिए आपको आक के पत्तियों को इस्तेमाल करना होता है. आप इनकी पत्तियों को तोड़ कर सूखा दें, इन सूखी पत्तियों को जलाएं और इसके धुआं लेने से बवासीर से राहत प्रदान होती है. बवासीर रोगियों को एक बार इसे जरुर आजमाना चाहिए.

2. सूजन के लिए- आक के पत्तियों को सूजन से राहत के लिए प्राचीन समय से ही उपयोग किया जा रहा है. आप इसकी पुरानी पत्तियों पर किसी भी प्रकार का दर्द निवारक तेल लगा कर गर्म कर लें और प्रभावित हिस्से पर लगाएं.

3. जोड़ो के दर्द के लिए- यह जोड़ो के दर्द के लिए दर्द निवारक की तरह काम करता है. इसके लिए आप आक के पुरानी पत्तियों को तोड़ कर पीस लें और पेस्ट तैयार कर लें. इसमें नमक भी मिला सकते हैं. आप इसे सुबह से शाम तक दिन में दो बार पेस्ट को लगाएं.

4. अस्थमा- इसके फूल को सूखा क्र रोजाना इसके चूर्ण खाने से फेफड़ों के रोग और अस्थमा से राहत मिलती है.

5. डायबिटीज के लिए- आक के पत्तियों को रोजाना पैर के निचे रख कर जुराब डाल लें. रात को सोने से पहले इस पत्तियों को निकाल लें. यह इस तरह शुगर कंट्रोल करने में मदद करेगा.

6. कुष्ठ रोग- इसके पत्तियों को पीस कर सरसो के तेल के साथ मिक्स कर लें. इसे फिर प्रभावित जगह पर लगाएं. इसे नियमित रूप से लगाने के बाद आपको बेहतर परिणाम देखने को मिलेगा.

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गन्ने के रस के फायदे - Ganne Ke Ras Ke Fayde!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
गन्ने के रस के फायदे - Ganne Ke Ras Ke Fayde!

गर्मियों के दिनों में पॉपुलर पेय पदार्थों में गन्ने का रस भी शामिल है. इसका वैज्ञानिक नाम सैकेरम औफीसिनरम है. गन्ने का रस हमारी प्यास बुझाने के साथ-साथ हमें ऊर्जा से भरने का काम भी करता है. गन्ने में प्रचुर मात्रा में कार्बोहाइड्रेट, प्रोटीन, कैल्शियम, फास्फोरस, लोहा, जस्ता और पोटेशियम और विटामिन ए, बी-कॉम्प्लेक्स और सी भी पाया जाता है. गन्ने में फैट नहीं होता है, वास्तव में यह एक 100% प्राकृतिक पेय है. इसमें लगभग 30 ग्राम प्राकृतिक चीनी है. एक गिलास गन्ने के रस में कुल 13 ग्राम आहार फाइबर होता है. आइए इस लेख के माध्यम से गन्ने के रस के फायदों को जानें.

1. मांसपेशियों की शक्ति के लिए
कोई भी मेहनत का काम शक्तिशाली मांसपेशियों के दम पर ही किया जा सकता है. दिन में दो बार गन्ने का रस पीना शरीर को बहुत आवश्यक ग्लूकोज प्रदान करता है जिसे अपनी मांसपेशियों की शक्ति को बढ़ाने के लिए जाना जाता है.

2. कैंसर को रोकने के लिए
गन्ना का रस कैंसर, विशेष रूप से प्रोस्टेट और स्तन कैंसर जैसे घातक रोगों के लिए एक व्यापक उपचार हो सकता है. गन्ने में फ्लेवोनोइड की उपस्थिति स्तन ग्रंथियों में कैंसर की कोशिकाओं को बढ़ने से रोकती है, इस प्रकार यह ब्रेस्ट कैंसर के जोखिम को कम करता है.

3. मधुमेह को नियंत्रण में
शुगर से पीड़ित व्यक्ति भी गन्ना, संयम से खाया जा सकता है. गन्ना में सूक्रोज़ होता है जिसमें कम ग्लिसेमिक सूचकांक होता है. यह आपके रक्त शर्करा के स्तर को नियंत्रण में रखने में मदद करता है.हलांकि सावधानी जरुरी है.

4. पीलिया के उपचार में
पीलिया, लिवर के खराब कामकाज के साथ भारी हुई पित्त नलिकाओं के कारण होता है. इसके उपचार के लिए 1 गिलास ताजा गन्ना का रस में तोड़ा सा नींबू मिक्स करके दिन में दो बार पिएं. ये स्वभाव से क्षारीय होने के नाते गन्ने का रस आपके शरीर में इलेक्ट्रोलाइट संतुलन बनाए रखकर आपके लिवर को तेज़ी से खराब होने से रोकता है और हमारे पेट एवं आंतों में एसिडिटी और जलन को शांत कर सकता है. गन्ने के रस में मौजूद पोटेशियम आपके पेट के पीएच स्तर को संतुलित करने और पाचन रस के स्राव की सुविधा प्रदान करता है.

5. रोके मूत्र पथ संक्रमण
गन्ने का रस गुर्दे को स्वास्थ्य को बनाए रखने के लिए मूत्र पथ के संक्रमण से जुड़ी समस्याओं को रोकता है. इसके इलाज के लिए गन्ने का इस्तेमाल एक दिन में दो बार नींबू और नारियल का पानी मिलाकर गन्ने का रस पीकर करें. गन्ने का रस शरीर में प्रोटीन के स्तर को बढ़ाने के लिए जाना जाता है. यह कई गुर्दा संबंधी रोगों जैसे पत्थरी, यूटीआई और एसटीडी से बचाता है.

6. नाखूनों के पोषण में
रंग उतरे हुए और भंगुर नाखूनों को की समस्या का मुकाबला करने के लिए गन्ने का रस लगायें. ऐसा पोषक तत्वों की कमी के कारण होता है. चूंकि गन्ना का रस पोषक तत्वों से भरा होता है, यह आपके नाखूनों को पोषण देता है और उन्हें स्वस्थ बनाता है.

7. गर्भवती महिला के लिए
गन्ने का रस सुरक्षित गर्भधारण की सुविधा प्रदान करता है. इसमें फोलिक एसिड और विटामिन बी 9 पाया जाता है जो स्पाइना बिफिडा जैसे तंत्रिका जन्म दोषों से रक्षा के लिए जाने जाते हैं. इसके अलावा गन्ना का रस, महिलाओं की समस्याओं को कम कर देता है, जिससे गर्भधारण की संभावना बढ़ती है.

8. त्वचा के लिए
गन्ना रस एंटी एजिंग के रूप में भी कार्य करता है. यह व्यक्ति में बुढ़ापे के लक्षणों को आने में देरी करता है. गन्ने के रस में मौजूद एंटीऑक्सिडेंट्स, फ्लेवोनोइड्स और फीनोलॉजिक यौगिक होता है जो व्यक्ति को नरम और चमकीली त्वचा प्रदान करती है. इसके अलावा गले में अचानक खुजली या जलन होती है, तो उसे शांत करने के लिए नींबू और काले नमक को एक गिलास गन्ने के रस के साथ मिक्स करके पी लें.

9. बढ़ाए प्रतिरक्षा
गन्ने का रस आवश्यक एंटीऑक्सिडेंट से भरपूर हैं जो हमारे प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली को कई परतों से मजबूत करने में सहायता करते हैं. ये एंटीऑक्सिडेंट कई रोगों से लड़ते हैं, जिनमें लिवर और पाचन तंत्र शामिल हैं. आपकी प्रतिरक्षा बढ़ाने के अलावा, गन्ने का रस भी घावों को जल्दी से ठीक करने में मदद करता है.

10. हड्डियों और दांतों को मजबूत
गन्ने के रस का एक गिलास पिलाने से आप दांत और हड्डी से संबंधित समस्याओं को दूर कर सकते हैं. गन्ने कैल्शियम का एक बहुत ही अछा स्रोत है जो हड्डियों और दांतों सहित आपकी कंकाल की ताकत के निर्माण में मदद करता है. इसके अलावा ये सांसों की बदबू को भी दूर करता है.

11. बचाए मुँहासे से
मुँहासे से छुटकारे पाने के लिए गन्ने के रस और मुल्तानी मिट्टी का मास्क आजमाएं. यह एक प्रभावी उपचार है. गन्ने के रस के साथ थोड़ी मुल्तानी मिट्टी को मिलाकर एक तरल बनाएं. अपने चेहरे और गर्दन पर इस मास्क को 20 मिनट के लिए लगाए. अब अपने चेहरे और गर्दन को साफ करने के लिए गीले तौलिया का प्रयोग करें. सप्ताह में कम से कम एक बार इस उपाय का प्रयोग करें.

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