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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Working on Computers - Neck Pain - Say "NO" with Ayurveda

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Dr. Ruchi GulatiAyurvedic Doctor • 27 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
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Cervical spondylosis is a common degenerative condition of the cervical spine. It is most likely caused by age-related wear and tear affecting vertebral bones, joints and discs of the neck. As discs age, they fragment, lose water and becomes stiff. Body reacts towards it and develop bony growth i.e. osteophytes. These bony growths put pressure on spinal nerves causing symptoms of the disease. According to Ayurveda this is called Grivasandhigat vata. It is aggravated by vitiated vata and ama. Ama is undigested food in a toxin form and it blocks micro channels of the body due to its viscosity and thus causing accumulation of vata dosha in the neck region by blocking the channels of neck.

Aggravating Factors

  1. Repeated motion injury in metro cities mainly Computer related . These can be worsened by bad posture and sitting for extended periods of time.
  2. Familial cases have been reported; a genetic cause is possible.
  3. Smoking also may be a risk factor.
  4. Ayurveda views exposure to cold, indigestion , prolonged sitting in inappropriate posture also as aggravating factor 


  1. Intermittent neck and shoulder pain is the most common symptom seen. 
  2. The neck pain experienced with cervical spondylosis is often accompanied by stiffness, with radiation into the shoulders or back of head that may be chronic or episodic with long periods of remission. 
  3. One third of patients with cervical spondylosis present with headache, and greater than two thirds present with unilateral or bilateral shoulder pain. A significant amount of these patients also present with arm, forearm, and/or hand pain.
  4. Greater than one third of patients with cervical spondylysis have anxious or depressed moods related to their decreased mobility.

Management of Cervical Spondylosis at Sukhayurveda

1) Sukhayurveda Detox therapies for Cervical Spondylosis

We at Sukhayurveda not only cure disease by medicines only but also give internal purification by various ayurvedic panchkarma therapies. For Cervical Spondylosis we provide abhyangam full body massage, grivavasti, potali massage, medicated oil enema and therapeutic purgation. Oil enema and therapeutic purgation have a major impact on it as it is a vata disorder and large intestine is the place of natural vata. Moreover it also cleans aam from the intestines. We at Sukhayurveda provide special programmes for Computer related injuries. 

SukhAyurveda Detox Therapies address the problem of toxin accumulation by systematically:

  • Loosening impurities that have become embedded in tissues and helping in liquiefying them for easy absorption into the circulation and eventual elimination. 
  • Softening and opening the channels of circulation and elimination so proper nourishment can reach the tissues and impurities can be more easily eliminated from them. 
  • Activating the elimination process for the most thorough cleansing of the entire physiology. 

The risks of computer related injuries can be reduced or eliminated with proper posture, practical tips, Yogic exercises and Ayurvedic therapies.

2) Proper Nutrition

SukhAyurveda Consultant provides detailed understanding of which foods to favor and avoid for your condition. Avoid foods that are hard-to-digest (like milk, caffeine, pulses like kidney bean, etc) clogging to the physiology and aggravating to the doshas (functioning modes) that are already imbalanced in you. Favor foods that are easy-to-digest, nourishing, cleanse the physiology, strengthening digestion.

3) Creating Strong Digestion

Our ability to properly digest food is as important as what specific food we eat. Incompletely digested foods create toxins and impurities that are eventually absorbed, travel throughout the physiology, localize in tissues and disrupt their functioning. This process plays a major role in Cervical Spondylosis. SukhAyurveda Consultant provides recommendations for strengthening digestion including information in the following areas:

  • Proper use of spices and cooking oils. 
  • Herbal preparations for improving digestion. 
  • Important differences between breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
  • A simple system to determine a balanced diet. 
  • Digestion-enhancing foods to favor. 
  • Digestion-depressing foods to reduce.. 
  • Proper food combinations to avoid indigestion. 
  • Non-dietary regiments to improve digestive strength including exercise, specific Yoga asanas and breathing techniques. 

4) Ayurveda herbs

Their purpose is to restore balance to the doshas (specific functioning modes) whose malfunctioning is causing your condition. SukhAyurveda Consultant selects the appropriate herbal formulas for improving the function of your body. Traditional Ayurveda theory says that herbs are most effective after a person completes a Detox program. To improve digestion trikatu, chitrak are best drugs to be used. Gugulu, rasna, ashavgandha, nirgundi etc are the main drus used for relieving pain.The cleansing and rejuvenation treatments are the main focus at SukhAyurveda. Once cleansing program is finished, maximum benefits are achieved from herbal program.

5) Stress Management

Excessive mental, emotional and physical stress can worsen the symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis. Stress causes headache and worsens neck pain and stiffness.Enhancing the body's ability to recover from stress is an integral part of our approach to health and well-being. The following programs help reverse the body's response to stress.

  • Yoga asana, Pranayam, Meditation 
  • Sukhayurveda Office stress programmes. 
  • De-stress Ayurvedic Massages like shirodhara, takardhara, Ksheeradhara, Abhyangam or pizhichil

6) Lifestyle and Daily Routine

One of the most important factors for maintaining healthy functioning is to have a lifestyle that does not disturb natural bodily rhythms. When we eat, sleep and exercise in constantly fluctuating and disturbing patterns, the body loses its natural balancing cycles and cannot cleanse or heal itself as effectively. These all lifestyle disturbances can be prevented by simple measures provided by Sukhayurveda.
SukhAyurveda Consultants reviews daily routine and creates a daily schedule that will increase balance in physiology and aid in healing of the body. 
Instruction in body mechanics focuses on low-load concepts. These include avoiding forward bending and rotation of the neck, avoiding prolonged extension of the neck, avoiding prolonged sitting or standing, and selecting the proper chair.

7) Yoga

SukhAyurveda considers Yoga as a non-dietary regiment to improve digestive strength, circulation, nervous system function, the body's healing response.We offer Yoga classes every day and teach simple but profound set of postures that you can practice daily. Exercises designed for cervical pain include isometric neck strengthening routines, neck and shoulder stretching and flexibility exercises, back strengthening exercises, and aerobic exercises. 
Pranayam , Meditation are also advised for their psychosomatic benefits of restful alertness in mind and body. 

8) Strengthening the Body's Natural Healing and Self-Repair Mechanisms

We at Sukhayrveda not only cure disease but also boost one’s inner capacity to fight with diseases.The healing response is one of the most complex and coordinated activities within the human physiology and often cannot be strengthened significantly without a comprehensive natural approach
 Taking together, all the SukhAyurveda programs described above, aim to create the ideal mental, physical and behavioral environment for healing.

Happy Ayurveda!


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