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Why It Is Good To Have Onion Everyday?

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Why It Is Good To Have Onion Everyday?

Most indian dishes use onions as an ingredient in preparations. It is also used in salads. Learn about the following health benefits that eating onions gets.

  1. Rich source of vitamin A- onions are rich in vitamin a which aids good vision, helps boost immune system and cell growth.
  2. Relieves pain and inflammation - rubbing onion juice on the area if bitten by a honeybee is known to provide immediate relief from the burning sensation and the pain.
  3. Increases good cholesterol - raw onions are known to boost the production of hdl (good cholesterol) in the body.
  4. Cures infection - it is used as an age old cure for infections and inflammations.
  5. Is mineral & vitamin rich - onions contain natural sugar, minerals like sodium, potassium, iron and dietary fibers, vitamins a, b6, c & e, and are also a rich source of folic acid.
  6. Provides fiber - per 100 grams of serving contains only 44 calories along with a good 1.4 grams of fiber.
  7. Prevents hair loss - onion mixed with salt and pepper is rubbed on the scalp to stop hair loss, in the arab countries. Onion juice is used to make hair mask which aides thickening and growth of hair.
  8. Works on fever - a small piece of onion, if kept on the forehead, works against fever.
  9. Controls sugar levels - onions are known to help control sugar levels in the blood by increasing the insulin level.
  10. Purifies skin - applying onion and turmeric juice is said to remove dark patches and pigmentation problems in the skin. It also aids in treatment of acne, anti-aging, getting rid of dark spots and pigmentations, and many more.
  11. Clears eyesight - onion juice is used to cure eye problems. The juice is used as drops for infants, so that they have clear eyesight.
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