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I am Prof. Dr. D G Saple. I was the head of the department of Dermatology Venereology and Leprology at Grand Medical College, JJ hospital Mumbai and practicing Dermatology for last 39 years. Also running clinic at Dadar Hindu colony for many years including Centre for Dermatology and Cosmetology. Cosmetology practice we started for last 15 years but Dermatology practice we’re doing for last 38 years. The patient coming to our clinic they are given at most important, first what is their need, what is their problem and what are their solution. We explain to the patient properly then patient has to take a call, patient has to decide. We only explain to the patient about their illness what test is required what is the treatment which is necessary and accordingly we ask patient to take their decision.

In skin mainly patient come for Atopic dermatitis some people call it Eczema, Psoriasis, white patches, Urticaria allergy and now days fungus infection has become very common and unfortunately there is not much literature on this fungus infection but we are work for last 5 years and found solution for this fungal infection. Because there are not much literature many Dermatologist are not aware this fungus disease can be treated, we can prevent their relapse, we can prevent their spread. That is our speciality or that is the work we're done for last 5 years. In Cosmetology we have published many National and International papers mainly the patient that come for cosmetology either they come for the pigmentation, for the acne or they called it pimple, scars or sometimes they come with the photosensitivity so these are the common things they come.

As per hair is concerned now the hair losses become suddenly it is a big problem. Almost one third of the young population all the world they are suffering for the hair loss when they come for the hair loss many people feel there is a prototype treatment but it is not so because you have to find out the cause of the hair loss weather it is because of the low hemoglobin, because Vitamin D3 deficiency, because a vitamin B12 deficiency we have to find out, otherwise underlying cause like thyroid problem or blood sugar problem or kidney disease and accordingly or to treat. But most of the patient young boys they come with hair loss they are suffering from it what we called male pattern or in the ladies or the girls it is called female pattern hair loss which is the natural, it is a natural evolution of people.

But there we find the history either father or mother or grandfather or grandmother somebody was suffering from these and there's a family history which is very important, so we have to find out what is the cause of the hair loss and accordingly we have to treat. So when we're treating the hair loss it can be medical treatment it can be injectables or sometimes they need hair transplant, but when they need hair transplant there are certain conditions we have to rule out whether the person's hair transplant would be useful or not, it will give good results or not, otherwise we should not be in hurry. Many time patient comes, doctor my friend you have done the head transplant he has got good hair.

But then after seeing him we find their donor area they do not have enough to transplant so those patients they do not get good results. So we have to see in many factors before going for the hair transplant, whether it will be useful, it will last long or not. Then other diseases like Vitiligo that is a white patch. When they come for white patches, all white patches are not leucoderma. Again there are many causes of white patches. One of them is Vitiligo another is Albinism there are many causes. So we have to find out again what is the cause of this white patches and every patch is not leucoderma. Once we know what is it, accordingly we treat and in the leucoderma nowadays we have medical treatment, we have got surgical treatment that is skin transplant and we have got a laser therapy. All these skin hair pigmentation and acne problems when you have any query or if you want to consult you can contact La Mer clinic of Dr. Saple through Lybrate.

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