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Thyroid Problem

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I am Dr. Varun Rishi, Homeopath, today I will tell you about thyroid problem. Before only women were suffering from this problem but now men are also suffering equally. This is the important gland which is important to maintain all other organs. It can affect the central nervous, digestive and reproductive system. Its symptom is weight gain which shows that the patient is suffering from thyroid problem. The patient feels weak and tired all the time.

In females, symptoms are mood swings, weight gain, depression, menstrual abnormalities. Causes of thyroid are deficiency of iodine, infections like bacterial or viral. Today we will discuss about hypothyroidism. The patient also feels dysmenorrhea, painful and irregular menstruation. It can lead to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo. It can also happen due to genetics.

Never do self-medication. Always consult a Dr. for treatment. Iron deficiency can also cause thyroid. So, always consult a specialist before taking any medicines. It is always important for you to lead a healthy and simple lifestyle. Avoid all unhealthy diet. Always have nutritious and healthy food. Eat a balanced diet. Do regular exercises.

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