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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Things To Know About Lifestyle Diseases

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Dr. M WaliInternal Medicine Specialist • 49 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Medicine, FACC, FRCP


I am Dr. M Wali, greetings to all the viewers of Lybrate is doing for the benefit of Drs and mankind. Medical work is under watch, what the doctors are doing for the patients. India is one of the best countries as far as doctors are concerned. We have lots of setups. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for patients to find a suitable doctor. Now people choose their doctors online. We are concerned about preventing diseases. If the disease cannot be cured, at least we can treat the patients. India is under the threat of various diseases. Diseases which threatened the Indian population are coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancers, bone diseases, osteoporosis. Doctor's goal always should be to do work with perfection, dedication, devotion and should produce the best results. Sometimes I find something hidden in the diagnosis, I relocate the diagnosis. I give the treatment for lifestyle diseases as well. The beauty of the medical profession is that we can prevent these diseases. Treatment can be done if they are fully blow off. We do some modification in our diet, daily routine, avoid stress management and most of it can be prevented. My present stress is on preventing these diseases.

This is related to our lifestyle. As far as heart disease is concerned, nowadays we don't get regular heart disease. We get the more cardiac disease, heart failure, hypertension which takes a back seat. Hypertension multiplies the risk of sudden death due to coronary artery disease. So, we have to be very careful in treating blood pressure. 2/5 do not know till the time it produces complications that they are going to have diabetes. In fact, when diabetes develops, 30% of pancreas gets destroyed. We need more holistic care these days. Very important thing is that the patient walks in our chamber and he is not concerned about what I am doing as a specialist. He is concerned to get a solution to all his problems. We should give care under one roof. Holistic care is missing. My stress remains that every patient comes to my clinic or Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, I should treat patient holistically.

I take the help of a specialist and my colleagues. If anything encountered an emergency, I get them admitted. India has a great burden of communicable diseases also. We have recently have reduced the instances of tuberculosis. We have made the India polio-free. At times, when patient has very severe diabetes, they are infected, kidney damage, they have other complications like stroke, these are all preventable as I mentioned. A great deal goes for improvement in our lifestyle through yoga, exercise, regulation of eating a good diet. Avoid 3 whites like salt, sugar and ghee. Regular exercise, at least 30 minutes a day or 5 days a week can also prevention towards non-communicable disease. Yoga is a very important aspect of holistic healing. Through yoga and pranayama, we can prevent lots of lifestyle-related diseases. Apart from that, there is another epidemic which is creeping into a society which is depression.

There are various things happening in our day to day life which leads to depression. Depression makes the disease worst. So, some questions are mandatory to ask the patient while treating depression. While practicing, a thorough history is mandatory to take. Communication with the patient is mandatory. Through communication, we can treat the patient better. Poor coronary artery disease patient can be treated with counseling, yoga, exercise to save their money also. Practice the profession diligently, holistically with full dedication and become part of the patient's problem. Try to solve them. We always should be very humble, productive and patient ourselves.

Thank you very much.

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