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Sugar: A Silent Killer!

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Sugar: A Silent Killer!

Sugar is the generic name that represents sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. 

What Happens When Concentrated Sugar Enters the Body?
Sugar is a poison when concentrated because it causes swelling of joints, liver, and brain. Sugar will hamper the healing of your body if you have an injury or chronic illness. Sugar acts as a source of energy for cancer cells and all infectious diseases. Sugar blocks the absorption of the nutrients you are eating, especially all of your minerals.

Harmful Effects of Sugar on the Body

  1. It is a true silent killer: A study in 2008 linked excess fructose consumption to an increase in leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that tells you when you have had enough food. For some people, leptin simply does not work, leaving the person with no signal whatsoever that the body had enough food leading to over-consumption of food and consequently, obesity. As all this happens without symptoms or warning bells and you can’t quite figure out why you’ve gained weight in the past year “sugar” is labeled as SILENT KILLER.
  2. It can damage your heart: In 2013, the Journal of the American Heart Association displayed strong evidence that sugar can actually affect the pumping mechanism of your heart and could increase the risk for heart failure. A molecule from a sugar called glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) is responsible for the changes in the muscle protein of the heart leading to heart failure.
  3. It promotes belly fat: Excess fructose intake (but not glucose intake) actually causes visceral fat cells to mature leading to a big belly and higher risk for heart disease and diabetes.
  4. It has toxic liver effects on the body: Fructose and glucose in excess can have a toxic effect on the liver as the metabolism of ethanol, the alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages, has similarities to the metabolic pathways like fructose.
  5. It saps brain power: Study shows that excess sugar consumption was linked to deficiencies in memory and overall cognitive health.

Quick Facts!

  1. Your brain lights up with sugar just like it does with heroin or cocaine. Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.
  2. Sugar has empty calories meaning you can consume a lot of it and feel full, but receive no nutritional value.
  3. It is certainly one of the leading causes of early death and chronic illnesses, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
  4. Food companies try to hide sugars in their food by using other forms of sugar. This leads to addiction of their products (e.g. high-fructose corn syrup).
  5. Sugar in itself offers absolutely no nutritional value what so ever to the body. It is often coined with the term empty calories.

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