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Strep Throat - How To Avert It?

Dr.Sunil Agrawal 90% (18ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), Fellowship In Micro Ear surgery -
ENT Specialist, Indore
Strep Throat - How To Avert It?

Strep throat is a common bacterial infection mostly seen among young adults and children, caused by Streptococcus pyogenes, a group A bacteria, that leads to pain and inflammation in the throat. While some people may have mild symptoms, others may encounter more serious symptoms such as high fever and chills, sore throat, swollen glands, loss of appetite, and difficulty in swallowing food.

If you don’t treat the condition soon enough, strep throat can be really painful and troublesome. Although the ideal treatment option for this condition is antibiotic medications, research studies show that they are only effective in reducing the span of the infection by about half a day. Moreover, antibiotics have adverse side effects on your health, so it is always advisable to steer away from those heavy doses. The best way to keep yourself healthy and free from a strep throat is to prevent it from the very beginning.

Here are a few steps you can follow to prevent yourself from getting a strep throat-

  1. Avoid contact- Coughing and sneezing which are the usual symptoms of a strep throat, can be contagious. The infection usually spreads from person to person so make sure you do not come in contact with the person suffering from a strep throat for at least a week or two. Also, keep your mouth covered if you ever come in contact with a sick person.
  2. Maintain good hygiene- Good hygiene is the key to a healthy body. In order to keep the infection at bay make sure you use an anti-bacterial soap or hand wash to clean your hands before and after you have your meal. If you’re travelling around then always carry a hand sanitizer.
  3. Change your diet- Include lots of fluid to your diet. Drinking lots of water and fluids will not only keep you hydrated but will also moisten and lubricate your throat, therefore, reducing your chances of being affected by a strep throat. Include vitamin supplements or food that are rich in vitamins and avoid spicy or citrus food as they are likely to cause an irritable strep throat.
  4. Avoid smoking- Smoking causes irritation to the throat tissues, which in turn increases the chance of getting a strep throat. So stop smoking, and avoid coming in contact with smokers as well.

Although strep throat may not sound like a chronic illness, it can lead to serious complications if not prevented at the outset. Since there are no proven vaccines to prevent the infection, adopting these aforementioned steps can help you stay away from a strep throat.

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Tonsil Surgery - When Should You Go For It?

MS - ENT, MBBS, Diploma in Allergy and Asthma Programme
ENT Specialist, Gurgaon
Tonsil Surgery - When Should You Go For It?

Tonsillitis is an affliction that plagues a fair share of people. Located at the back of your throat, tonsils are essentially two small glands, which contain white blood cells to defend your body against infection. However, on account of germ attacks, sometimes the tonsils get infected and this results in the swelling of the tonsil glands, which in turn causes sore throat and aligned maladies. 

Tonsillitis may be cured through surgical procedures. However, an isolated case of the inflammation of the tonsils need not warrant a surgeryTonsillectomy or the surgical method of curing tonsillitis is only recommended for extreme cases of tonsillitis. Only the frequent sufferers of tonsillitis take recourse to tonsillectomy for a durable and effective solution. Surgeries are only done on those who have had at least seven bouts of strep throats within a span of a year. 

Tonsillectomies essentially involve surgical removal of the tonsils either using a scalpel or burning the tissues in the tonsils with the use of ultrasound vibrations. Usually performed under anesthesia, it is a fairly painless and a non-hazardous procedure. Tonsillectomies generally last for about an hour. However, the recovery period sometimes entail a few physical discomforts. Sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, pain in the jaws and ears are common symptoms of post tonsillectomy conditions. While there are palliative medicines available in the markets, adequate rest and proper diet speeds up the recovery. 

Tonsillectomy generally leaves no side effects and the success rate of this surgery is quite heartening. Tonsillectomy has also known to cure several other associated health problems in the likes of breathing troubles, sleep apneableeding of the tonsil glands or cancerous developments in the tonsil glands. That aside, tonsillectomy is only performed on acute cases of tonsillitis and often regarded as the lender of last resort when medicines stop according any relief to the patient.

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Why Your Throat Itches?

Dr.M Wali 86% (41ratings)
MBBS, MD - Medicine, FACC, FRCP
Internal Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Why Your Throat Itches?
Allergies are not related to a sore throat. True of false. Take this quiz to know more.
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Know The Ways Of Dealing With Strep Throat!

Dr.Sunil Agrawal 90% (18ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), Fellowship In Micro Ear surgery -
ENT Specialist, Indore
Know The Ways Of Dealing With Strep Throat!
Sharing daily essentials increases the chances of strep throat. True or False. Take this quiz to know now!
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Know Symptoms Of An Upcoming Sickness!

Dr.Meghanath Yenni 91% (151ratings)
DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Visakhapatnam
Know Symptoms Of An Upcoming Sickness!

It is worth noting that there are certain signs which show that you may get an illness. If these signs and symptoms are taken seriously then most probably you will be able to get rid of the illness a lot sooner.

Here are 5 indicators you may acquire an illness sooner than you think - 

1. Reduction in appetite

A reduction in appetite is never good. This is because a reduction in appetite is an indicator of many oncoming illnesses. These range from a simple cold all the way to a strep throat. Sometimes, a strep throat may also be the result of gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is when a virus enters your stomach and causes diarrhea as well as vomiting. It is worth noting that a reduction in appetite during summer can be normal. However, feeling nauseous or detesting food can mean that you are going to have one of the illnesses listed above. 

2. Swollen neck glands

The neck glands are just below the jawbones. When these glands swell, it is a sign that you may be falling ill. Common illnesses which may occur when you have swollen neck glands include ear infections, the common cold as well as skin infections. The reason why neck glands usually swell is that when there is an infection, the dead cells and bacteria accumulate in the neck glands.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is not when you are tired after the day. It is characterized by being tired all the time or after very little work you do. When you face fatigue, it is a sign you may be falling ill.

4. Muscle aches

Muscle aches are a common symptom of flu. This is because when you have flu, antibodies are released. When these antibodies produce histamines and cytokines, they may travel to muscles and trigger the pain receptors.

5. Fever

A fever is the body's way of fighting infections. When you have a fever, it usually means the body is increasing its temperature to kill invading bacteria. Therefore, this is another way of knowing that you have infections.

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I have throat infection. Whenever I used somebody's bottle water. So what should I do now?

Dr.Anuradha Siddheshwar Nilange 89% (3222ratings)
Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
I have throat infection. Whenever I used somebody's bottle water. So what should I do now?
See if you feel that after drinking somebody's bottle water you have throat infection then avoid it. And try to drink boiled water.
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Tonsillitis - Causes & Symptoms Of It!

ENT Specialist, Ghaziabad
Tonsillitis - Causes & Symptoms Of It!

Tonsillitis is a disorder of the tonsils present on the back of your throat. The tonsils acts as a defensive mechanism in the body as they prevent the body from infections. This is a contagious condition and can occur at any age. It is widely prevalent among school going kids.

Tonsillitis may be classified in to two types :

1. Chronic tonsillitis

This type of tonsillitis tends to last for an extended duration with symptoms of bad breath and tenderness in the lymph nodes.

2. Recurrent tonsillitis

This is a form of acute tonsillitis which repeats itself over a year.


Tonsils prevent various virus and bacteria from entering the body through the mouth by producing antibodies. The tonsils, however, may become vulnerable to these infections. A virus that causes common cold or the bacteria that causes strep throat may result in tonsillitis. The most common cause of this disorder is the strep bacteria.

School going children are especially vulnerable to this disorder because they are most prone to various infections.

The various viruses that may cause tonsillitis are:

1. Enterovirus
2. Herpes simplex virus
3. Epstein-Barr virus
4. Influenza virus
5. Adenovirus
6. Parainfluenza virus

Common Symptoms

1. Swallowing difficulties - You may experience difficulties in swallowing food due to the inflammation in the tonsils.
2. A sore throat
3. The sore throat may result in bad breath
4. You may experience fever and chills
5. Pain in the head, ear and stomach
6. You may experience stiffness in the neck and the jaw
7. Swollen tonsils with possible redness
8. Changes in voice
9. Symptoms of cold


The treatment for tonsillitis is usually antibiotics and in some cases, tonsillectomy. The antibiotics help in getting rid of the bacterial infection. Surgery is only done in cases where tonsillitis is chronic in nature. It is important that you drink fluids and restrict smoking to prevent tonsillitis.

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How To Deal With Strep Throat?

Dr.Amol Patil 90% (55ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB - ENT
ENT Specialist, Mumbai
How To Deal With Strep Throat?
Washing hands frequently helps to relieve the symptoms of strep throat. True or False? Take this quiz to know now!
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How To Deal With Strep Throat?

Dr.Pradeep R K A 91% (305ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - ENT
ENT Specialist, Kannur
How To Deal With Strep Throat?
Washing hands frequently helps to relieve the symptoms of strep throat. True or False? Take this quiz to know now!
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I am suffering from some type of allergy in my throat. I have taken check ups but was not satisfied. The symptoms being extreme itch inside the throat time to time. please help.

MBBS, Diploma Emergency medicine
General Physician, Patiala
I am suffering from some type of allergy in my throat. I have taken check ups but was not satisfied.
The symptoms bei...
Good evening sorry to hear about your condition do warm gargles three times a day drink warm fluids you need to take antihistamine to reduce your allergy stay away from dust for further help you can consult me online thanks a lot hope to see you recover soon please give a feedback if you find my response good.
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