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I am suffering from snoring problem for last 20 years. I am 43 years old man. It is very big noise sound while sleeping. please give suggestions treatment in this case.

Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives because they relax the muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing. Also talk to your doctor about any prescription medications you're taking, as some encourage a deeper level of sleep which can make snoring worse. Be careful about what you eat before bed.Switch up your sleeping position. Do you sleep on your back? ... Lose weight. Snoring occurs when there is a blockage or narrowing of your airways during your sleep. ... Exercise. ... Avoid alcohol before bed. ... Avoid other drugs before bed. ... Stop smoking. ... Stay hydrated. ... Eat better.
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Snoring - Can It Be A Concern To Health?

Snoring - Can It Be A Concern To Health?
Overweight leads to snoring. True or False? Take this quiz to know now.
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I am 29 years old male. I have snoring problem from last two years. My snores are very load. Please suggest treatment.

It depends on the case lien dns or adenoids or obesity or wrong sleep posture. Etc. So first you will need to give proper details to find out the cause. Then will be able to give right treatment. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment.
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Sleep Problems - Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

Sleep Problems - Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

Sleeping disorders or as some people call it, insomnia, is the condition where a person loses his night sleep completely or is able to sleep only for a few hours or minutes. They feel a sudden restlessness when they go to sleep, or they naturally do not get any good sleep. It is a known fact that sleep is a major necessity for any person since the hormone levels and other forms of bodily activities are regulated only if the person gets a good night's sleep. The body needs some form of rest after a long day, that is, the normal breaks that a person takes is not sufficient enough to keep him or her healthy, but a proper sleep for at least 6-8 hours is needed to keep oneself fit. 

Forms of sleeping disorders

Sleeping disorders can be of various types and they are not just only about the person's inability to fall asleep. Some common types of sleeping disorders are,

*  Loss of sleep due to excessive snoring
*  Sleep apnoea
*  Restless leg syndrome
*  Insomnia and sleep deprivation
*  Sleepwalking

These are the very common forms of sleeping disorders that can be seen in a person. All the disorders have one thing in common. They generally make the person feel tired all day long due to the complete or partial loss of sleep. At times, the break in the sleeping patterns can also be brought about due to jet lags or an uncomfortable travelling schedule. 


Sleeping disorders cannot be identified from day one. The slow build up of symptoms is the only clue to the fact that one is suffering from this condition. Some of the very common symptoms that would help the person to identify the problem are,

*  Loss of concentration during the day
*  Falling asleep during the day and during work
*  Irritable sensation all throughout the day
*  Loss of patience during work
*  Suddenly waking up in the middle of the night

Solution to the problem

The homeopathic remedies involve the use of natural herbs and their extracts. All these are recommended by the doctors in prescribed dosages. Some of the commonly used homeopathic remedies are,

*  Coffea: This particular herb is considered to be ideal for coping with sleeping disorders. This is more commonly suggested for people who find it difficult to fall asleep due to overexcitation, or else due to sudden mood swings. 
*  Chamomilla: People suffering from sleeplessness due to pain and irritation prefer this.
*  Belladona: This herb is used in cases where the person has trouble falling asleep due to nightmares or headache. 

My husband is 48 years. He snores irregularly i.e only sometimes. But if he changes position he stops snoring for sometime. I wish to know the reason behind snoring.

Hello lybrate-user. Snoring has some reasons like deviated nasal septum obesity wrong posture of sleep adenoids etc. To give you the best solution we need to find out the exact cause and give treatment accordingly. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeoapthic treatment.
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Snoring In Children - Get It Checked Before Something Gets Serious!

If your child is having difficulty in sleeping and cause snoring then you must visit some ENT nearby. It may be due to tonsils, nasal obstruction DNS or due to adenoids.

Hello sir, meri age 41 years (male) hai. Aur 83 kg weight hai. Sir muze raat ko bot tej kharate aate hai. Aur kbi kbi itne tej hote hai jaise lgta hai abi sans ruk jayegi aur bed par late hi neend aa jati hai aur kharate bhi shuru ho jate hai. Aur sir mera pait stomach b bhara hua hai. Please suggest.

Hello Lybrate-User, The most common reason for snoring is obesity and wrong posture. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment.
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Snoring - 9 Effective Tips To Keep It At Bay!

Snoring - 9 Effective Tips To Keep It At Bay!

About a 45 percent of adults snore occasionally, and although most people tend to ignore it, snoring is a problem that must be dealt with consideration. There are many families where one spouse snores and keeps the other person from a good night’s sleep. It has been reported that snoring can create severe disputes in marriage and one who snores must take steps to control snoring.

Snoring is not simply a nuisance, but a major proportion of individuals who snore are affected with obstructive sleep apnea by which breathing is disrupted while a person is fast asleep.

This condition increases the risk of heart diseases. Fortunately, there are ways to control a person's snoring.

Have a look at them below:

  1. Weight loss: Having a large neck circumference and being overweight increases the risk of pushing the fat down at the throat resulting in snoring. With a suitable weight loss training, one can control the snoring to a considerable extent.
  2. Altering sleep positions: Sleeping on the sides help in forbidding the tongue from resting backwards and blocking the throat while sleeping. Some specially created pillows can help the individuals from rolling back during sleep.
  3. Limit alcohol intake: Intake of alcohol contributes to further relaxation of muscles in the airways and collapses the path which makes snoring even worse. Limiting consumption of alcohol and avoiding to drink it at least 4 to 5 hours before going to bed can reduce snoring to a significant extent.
  4. Stop smoking: Smoking invariably leads to nasal congestion as well as inflammation which in turn worsen snoring. If one is running out of reasons to avoid smoking, then this is one of the most convincing reasons to for the same.
  5. Certain medications: There are some medicines, particularly sedatives and antihistamines, which are designed to have a relaxing effect and can, therefore, aggravate snoring. But, it is advised to consult with a general physician before making any alterations in the medicine routine.
  6. Avoid opening the mouth: Those who are aware of snoring with the mouth open must avoid opening the mouth during sleep by using a specifically designed tape or adhesive for closing shut the mouth while sleeping.
  7. Using specialised device: The mandibular advancement device is specifically crafted for those who suffer from tongue-based snoring. This equipment helps in moving the jaw forward as well as prevents the tongue from blocking the backside of the throat while sleeping.
  8. Avoid nasal collapse: Those who suffer from nasal collapse must use some form of adhesive nasal dilator strip which has to be placed over the nose. This would aid in keeping the airways open as well as reduce snoring.
  9. Treat allergies: Inflammation, as well as nasal congestion triggered by allergies, is a common cause of snoring while sleeping. One must opt to do an allergy test to identify and reduce potential allergens in the area where the individual sleeps such as bedding type, pet hair, dust mites, wheat or dairy intolerance and lessen snoring.

Thus, snoring can be controlled before it becomes a problem.

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Hi this side irfan. Every time one of my hole of nose is jamed I can not breathe from one hole of nose some time one jam after one open. Also I feel breathing heavy. And also I also suffer from snoring when I sleep snoring so much. And also some time season change than blood coming through my nose. Kindly advice what I will do.

Hello User, These are all symptoms of chronic infection of sinus and inflammation. To cure it completely for permanent solution you will need to take proper homoeopathic treatment. You can consult me at Lybrate. Till then take kali bich 30 three doses at one hour.
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I am suffering from snoring from 2 year and also am stress patient. Please give me suggestion to get ride from snoring. Thanku.

Snoring is hoarse or harsh sound from nose or mouth that occurs when breathing is partially obstructed while sleeping. Common causes of this: symptoms: snoring can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include nasal congestion, anatomic variation of the nose and soft palate or alcohol consumption. Common causes of this symptom snoring can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include nasal congestion, anatomic variation of the nose and soft palate or alcohol consumption.
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