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Role Of Balanced Diet For Healthy Hair!

Dermatologist, Noida
Role Of Balanced Diet For Healthy Hair!

Food is important for the health and growth of your hair as well, like every other body part. The only difference is that you have to supply the food to the hair follicles before the hair strand grows since once it grows out it is nothing but a dead cell and nothing can make the hair thicker or straighter or healthier. But a healthy diet can keep the hair follicles nourished and the scalp healthy thus preventing hair fall and other various ailments that cause hair fall.

Just like your skin, your hair shows damage through dieting too. Just that the skin shows immediately and the hair to show the extent of damage would take longer. But nevertheless, a crash dieting or an unhealthy lifestyle would surely take a toll on your hair too along with your skin. There are other reasons for unhealthy hair too like smoking excessively, drinking excessively, keeping your hair unclean and so on. But maintaining a healthy diet throughout would help in combating these much more effectively than any cosmetic products ever can.

There are many food items that help in healthy hair growth. Taking just any food that is regarded as healthy will not help. You would have to know exactly what the ingredients are that are the building block of healthy hair and in which food items you would get these ingredients. You have to then include these food items into your daily diet plan. For instance, protein is the most important ingredient that aids in healthy hair growth. The reason is that the hair strand is mostly made of protein and hence a protein-rich diet would ensure that your hair stand is strong such that it does not break easily.

 A healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair too and for a healthy scalp, you would need a diet rich in iron, vitamin E and some essential minerals like copper, selenium and magnesium. Vitamin D is also important. You would get Vitamin D through the sunlight but remember that too much sunlight can damage the hair instead of supplying it with vitamin D. For protein, minerals and vitamin E, you should take ample amounts of fishes like salmon, eggs, lean beef; vegetables like spinach as well as lentils too.

It is important though that you consult a good doctor first before taking all the above-mentioned food items at once. Your doctor can plan out a balanced diet for you.


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I am 43, primary hypertensive. Been smoking like 15 - 20 cigs almost for past 20 odd years. Now I want to quit - for reasons of primarily physiological health but also to achieve greater harmony and reduced life friction over domestic, psychological and financial areas, as well as to boost self-confidence and maybe even personal dignity. I come from a Sikh family, though clean shaven and liberal. How can you help me quit smoking?

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, Congratulations for quitting smoking. You have already listed out its many benefits. Please try to stop smoking at the earliest. It has many health benefits in the long run. When you stop suddenly, you may get withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration, increased hunger, sleep disturbance, headache, impatience, anxiety, depression, etc. If you have them please don’t get back to smoking, take nicotine gum or lozenge or patch. They are available in all medical shops. You don’t need a prescription from doctors. Use 2 mg gum if you smoke less than 25 cigarettes/day. Use 4 mg gum if you smoke more than 25 cigarettes/day. First 6 weeks, use 1 gum every 1 – 2 hours. Reduce it in week 7 – 9 to one gum every 2 – 4 hours. In week 10 – 12, reduce it further to 1 gum every 4 -8 hours. By 3 months, you will be able to stop both cigarettes and gum fully without any withdrawal symptoms. Please feel confident that you can do it and give yourself some gift for doing it like vacation or books or new mobile. Smoking is a chronic relapsing condition like diabetes and B.P. So please don’t worry if you restart smoking. Start all over again to stop. You will learn the situations that make you smoke and avoid them. Please think of health benefits and money saved often. Plan how to avoid relapsing situations, like smoking friends, use of alcohol, stressful feeling or depression. Delay, drink, deep breathe, distract and discuss are the helpful tips. Increase of non smoking zones, gift yourself for stopping smoking. Even chewing cinnamon may delay. Please remember that the urge to smoke comes and goes like waves. Delay and see whether it goes away. It will be like a passing cloud.
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Hello sir please give me a diet chart for weight loss and fat belly burn. And one more thing how to change smoking habits.

M.Sc. Dietetics/Nutrition, B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Meerut
Hello sir
please give me a diet chart for weight loss and fat belly burn. And one more thing how to change smoking ha...
Hello lybrate-user for I can provide you the diet plan for weight loss but for belly fat you have to do start some exercise and for smoking I need proper details like are you a chain smoker or you smoke rarely.
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I'm addicted of smoking how I prevent this my body is greatly destroyed. Please suggest me.

Dr. Muralidhara K A 88% (218 ratings)
MBBS, MD-Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Smoking use ,can be stopped using anticraving medicines, nicotine replacement therapies. Since your case requires detailed evaluation, kindly take appointment for online consultation.
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Excessive Smoking - Can It Lead To Ear Infection?

DNB (ENT), JLN Medical college,Ajmer, Senior Residency ENT, Junior Residency in Neurology, Junior Residency in Anaesthesia
ENT Specialist, Delhi
Excessive Smoking - Can It Lead To Ear Infection?

Ear infection is a disorder which can either be viral or bacterial, affecting one’s middle ear the most. This disorder is painful as fluid accumulates in the ear leading to inflammation. Infections of the ear can either be chronic or acute in nature, the damage is more prominent in case of chronic infections. Acute ear infections can be painful but they usually fade away in a few days’ time.

In case of an ear infection, you will experience pain in the ear. A pressure may develop in the ear accompanied by drainage of pus from the ears. Some severe cases might also lead to loss of hearing, be it temporary or permanent. The symptoms of ear infection may develop and affect both the ears. Fever during ear infections is another common auxiliary condition.

Ear infections tend to occur when the Eustachian tubes in the ear get blocked as a result of fluid accumulation in the ear. The Eustachian tubes can get blocked due to the following reasons –

  1. Being affected by allergies
  2. Conditions such as cold can lead to ear infection
  3. Problems in the sinuses
  4. Excessive smoking
  5. Infected adenoid glands

In addition to the causes, there are certain risk factors which can make one prone to ear infections, some of them being:

  1. Narrow Eustachian tubes in children increase the risks of ear infections
  2. Changes in climate and altitude
  3. Second hand exposure to cigarette smoke

For mild symptoms, simple home remedies will suffice. A warm compress on the affected area can reduce the pain. Taking pain relieving medications such as ibuprofen can also help in reducing pain. For moderate symptoms, antibiotics may be required to treat the bacterial infection.
If other treatments do not work, then surgery may be required. Usually tubes are inserted in the ear to drain the accumulated fluid. If it involves the adenoid glands, then surgical removal of the adenoid glands may be required.

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Rakesh Roshan Has Early Stage Throat Cancer - How Can You Stay Safe?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Physician, Faridabad
Rakesh Roshan Has Early Stage Throat Cancer - How Can You Stay Safe?

In a shocking post on Instagram, Hrithik Roshan revealed how his father, the veteran actor Rakesh Roshan, has been diagnosed with early-stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat or in simple terms throat cancer.  

For someone who dedicatedly takes care of his health, this news came in as a startling reminder of the possibility that such a condition can happen to anyone anytime.

What is Early Stage Throat Cancer?

Throat cancer refers to cancerous tumours that typically affect the voice box, vocal cord, tonsils and oropharynx. Early stage throat cancer ranges from stage I to stage III. The good thing is that it is curable only if diagnosed early. Treatment generally involves surgery, radiation therapy or a combination of both.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common form of throat cancer where the disease develops on the cells lining the wall of the throat.

What are the Major Risks Leading to Throat Cancer?

Certain factors heighten the possible occurrence of throat cancer like:

What are the Possible Signs of Throat Cancer?

Symptoms of early-stage throat cancer often tend to merge with signs of common infection. However, if any of the following symptoms continue to persist, one should seek urgent medical assistance.

  1. Dysphagia
  2. A sore throat
  3. Sudden weight loss
  4. The abrupt change in voice
  5. A continuous cough including the presence of blood
  6. The constant need to clear throat
  7. Wheezing
  8. Ear pain

Treatment Options

Following the identification of the disease, the stage of the cancer is determined, which helps in deciding treatment options.

  • Radiation - Radiation involves emission of high-energy beams from X-rays or protons that directly eliminate cancer cells. For the initial stages, this is an extremely effective way of treatment.
  • Surgery - Surgery is referred to when the cancer cells are limited to the vocal cords. Here endoscopy is used to scrape off the infected portion. In situations where the voice box is infected, doctors try to save as much area of the voice box that they can. This helps in retaining the patient’s ability to speak and breathe normally. For extensive tumours, it becomes necessary to surgically remove the entire voice box and speech has to be restored using speech therapy.
  • Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy works by injecting drugs into the bloodstream. It is prescribed together with radiation to treat cancer cells. It, however, leaves room for long-term side effects and the consequences must be discussed thoroughly with the physician.

Prevention Measures

There are no substantial ways to prevent throat cancer. However, you can minimize its possibility by incorporating certain healthy practices -

  1. Quit smoking and use of tobacco
  2. Limiting alcohol intake
  3. Following a balanced and healthy diet
  4. Protecting oneself from HPV
  5. Regularly going for preventive health checkups

As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure,’ it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle. With proper treatment during initial stages, there are positive chances of winning over the disease.

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How Tobacco Cessation Is Good For You?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patiala
How Tobacco Cessation Is Good For You?

Benefits of tobacco cessation are many. You reduce your risk for hypertension, cancer, cardio-vascular diseases and other serious chronic diseases substantially, at whatever age you quit your nicotine habit. The earlier you quit, the more you benefit. If you quit before the age of 50, you bring down your risk of dying from smoking-related diseases by 50%. But if you’ve crossed 60, suffer from heart disease and/or hyper tension, you can manage these diseases better through tobacco cessation. 

Here are a few other health benefits of stopping tobacco use: 

  1. Reduces risks of heart disease, cancer especially lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD
  2. Cuts down risks of Impotence due to erectile dysfunction in men, and fertility problems in women 
  3. Optic neuropathy affects the optic nerve that conducts visual signals from the eyes to the brain 
  4. Cataract Macular degeneration is breakdown of the tissue at the back of the eye 
  5. Psoriasis 
  6. Gum disease 
  7. Losing teeth early 
  8. Osteoporosis or spongy, thin bones 
  9. Complications in pregnancy i.e. women who smoke have more complications during pregnancy and have low-birth babies. 

Your food and drink also tastes better once you kick the tobacco habit. 

So, how can you stop smoking? Are there any medications and strategies available? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’. Tobacco cessation has been honed into an art these days. 

  1. Clinics: There are tobacco cessation clinics that help you with tobacco cessation. These are manned by psychiatrists, who can provide detailed information, encouragement, and tips to stop smoking. 
  2. Medications: You can use many medicines while you’re trying to stop smoking. This increases your chance of quitting and including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). NRT can be in the form of gums, sprays, patches, tablets, lozenges, and inhalers. NRT is even available without a prescription. Medicines called bupropion and varenicline also very useful. 
  3. Counselling and behavioural therapy: They are both very effective too, especially if you are being guided by a cessation expert. He or she can help you with a personalised quit plan, including ways to cope with nicotine withdrawal. Apart from this, online support is also available for those who don’t have the time or money to engage in personal, face-to-face counseling.
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Is there any danger, If I some cigar once in a month or intermittently in months of year.

Dr. Ramakrishna Chanduri 88% (2518 ratings)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Just one to four cigarettes a day almost triples your risk of dying from lung cancer. And social smoking is particularly bad for your heart, as bad as regular smoking, it seems. Studies have shown light and intermittent smokers have nearly the same risk of heart disease as people who smoke daily, Professor Currow said.
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I used to smoke nearly 7-10 cigarettes a day, now I have planned to quit smoking. I past smoked yesterday night before sleep and haven't smokey till 8: 45 pm today, but my craving is like so high. So I want suggestions that which one is recommended, To quit smoking suddenly and totally? Or By reducing with less number of Counts? Please your suggestions are very valuable. Thanks and Regards.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, Congratulate for quitting smoking. Please continue to motivate him to quit smoking. Since the craving is high, let him reduce 1 cigarette less per week and quit totally in 7-12 weeks time. He can also take the help from nicotine gum or patch to manage withdrawal symptoms.
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I want stop smoking. Presently am smoking 13 to 16 cigarettes in a day. I tried my best to stop but it's not practical. at last I tried Nicotex also. No use. Can you please suggest me any medicines to stop smoking. Please.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Best age to stop smoking is before 40 In fact do not start all Only by using strong will power and avoiding all situations where you feel like smoking, chewing tobacco/ or drugs or drinking or using drugs/ weed, avoiding friends who smoke and diverting mind by reading or chewing a gum, like NICORETTE and taking a walk when you crave for a smoke can all help. You can chew Nicorette gum which is nicotine replacement. There are medicines available. Which can be prescribed if asked personally Cigarette smoking is a leading preventable cause of mortality. It kills more than 60 lakh people worldwide every year. More than 50% of regular smokers would invariably die from tobacco-related illnesses which includes heart attack, cancer or asthmatic lung diseases. Best age to stop smoking is before 40 31st May is “World No Tobacco Day” Quitting smoking before the age of 40 is associated with larger decline in premature death than stopping it at a later date. Best age therefore to stop smoking is before 40. However, stopping smoking even after the age of 50 is still associated with lower risk of death as compared to those who continue to smoke. Even in smokers aged 80 years or more, quitting smoking appears to reduce some mortality. Prescription for any drug can be given only in consultation page and you can consult me privately here on this site, if you want medication.
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