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How To Maintain Healthy Penis?

Dr. Vinod Raina 89% (6011 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
How To Maintain Healthy Penis?

The penis is probably the most important thing for a man. Keeping it healthy, well-maintained and happy is as important as going to the doctor for check-ups regularly and paying your taxes. Keeping your penis healthy is as simple as following the guidelines for a healthy life. A few ways to maintain a healthy penis are listed below. Take heed of the following advice and stay conscious of what you're putting into your body to maintain optimal penis health. 

1) Eat Healthy- This is probably the most important thing you can do for your overall health and especially for maintenance of the penis. Think of it this way: if food is bad for your heart, it's bad for your penis. Eating unhealthy foods that are high in saturated fat, processed or fried creates restricted blood flow in the heart and the same can happen to the penis. As blood flow is necessary to achieve and sustain an erection, it's important to keep your arteries un-clogged so the blood has no issues traveling down to that beloved area. In fact, if your arteries are beginning to clog and harden, experiencing issues with erections is the first sign.

2) Exercise- It's hard to find the time but we all need to do it. Once again, the link between a healthy penis and cardiovascular health is important again as blood flow increases during exercise, the same way blood flow improves when your eating habits improve. Additionally, exercising helps to reduce symptoms of depression which is a major factor for issues with erectile dysfunction.

3) Check your boys! Make sure to do regular testicular cancer check on your testicles in the shower and schedule an appointment with your doctor for your annual check-up. Quick guide: Take a warm bath or shower and gently examine each organ with your fingers by placing your index and middle fingers underneath and your thumb directly on top of one of your testicles. Gently roll it around in your fingers, feeling for any irregular sized bumps or lumps within the sack.

4) Supplement- Taking your vitamins is of the upmost importance, especially for penis health. Vitamin A helps combat nasty penile odors while Vitamin C helps with proper blood flow, the erection-maker. Vitamin B5 helps maintain healthy tissue and while we're on the subject, are you wondering how to hydrate your penis? Make sure you're getting proper amounts of Vitamin E as it provides a barrier that locks in skins natural moisture. Combine that with Vitamin D, which keeps blood vessels healthy and you'll be set.

5) Cut back on drinking-  Avoiding heavy alcohol consumption is a sure-fire way to keep your penis in tip-top shape. Chronic alcohol abuse can lead to erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire and even premature ejaculation, not to mention the toll it takes on relationships and your sex life. If you drink, be conscious of the amount and potency and seek professional advice if you feel you have a drinking problem.

6) Clean and hydrate- Probably the most important way to keep your penis healthy and happy is to keep it as clean as possible. After correctly washing the genital area, dry and moisturize your skin with a product made specifically for skin, like a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). This particular health crème is a super weapon, containing vitamins and nutrients essential to the wellbeing of private area skin, like vitamin C, for collagen production, and Shea butter, which hydrates the skin leaving the area soft and smooth. Keep the penis skin clean, dry, and hydrated for optimal health. 

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Penis Enlargement!

Dr. N A Khan (Unani Specialist) 92% (819 ratings)
Doctor In Unani Medicine(D.U.M.B.I.M)
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Enlargement!

Penis enlargement treatment or male enhancement treatment is a clinical procedure which helps a man in getting his desired penile length and girth growth. People go for herbal treatment along with both non-surgical and surgical procedures in this regard. Apart from these techniques, there are certain physical activities as well that helps one in getting his required result. In these days, there are so many types of enhancement available in the market that promise to enlarge penis according to one’s desire. However, before opting for any treatment, one must consult with an expert.

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Should The Size Of Your Penis Affect You?

Dr. Anand Vikram Kale 88% (129 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda, D.Y.A
Ayurveda, Pune
Should The Size Of Your Penis Affect You?

Is your male reproductive organ is small? Is it the cause of embarrassment to you? Does the small size affects your love life? The penis is indeed one of the most important organs of a man’s body, and a strong, healthy penis is a matter of pride for most men in general. A small penis may cause a lot of stress in life and may result in reduced self-confidence or self-esteem. Penis enlargement is carried out by many men all over the world who are not satisfied with the size, length or health of their penis.

There are several ways by which penis enlargement can be conducted. Ayurveda can be used for penis enlargement, and one should consume proper Ayurvedic medicines and practice several exercises. Many men want to have an enlarged penis as it would make women more sexually attracted towards them. An enlarged penis is supposed to make a man more sexually desirable.

Ayurvedic remedies for penis enlargement
In Ayurveda, there are several ways in which you can have an enlarged penis. These include the following:

  1. Ayurvedic penis enlargement oil and cream: You may use Ayurvedic oils and creams, which are used especially to benefit penis enlargement. These oils and creams are totally natural and are made from pure Ayurvedic herbs. They are safe for use and have aphrodisiac properties, which help in increasing the penis size and deal with several problems regarding erection. These oils and creams give strength to the penis, resulting in a much harder erection. The ingredients used in these creams and the oils act as stimulants and increase the flow of blood in the penis. They also help in dealing with premature ejaculation (PE).
  2. Ayurvedic capsules: You may take Ayurvedic capsules, which help in penis enlargement. The capsules are made of processed Ayurvedic herbs. Being natural, they are considered totally safe for long-term use. These capsules enhance blood circulation in the vessels and cavities of the penis. This enables smooth stretching and relaxation of the penis. The penis size becomes enlarged and these Ayurvedic capsules also cause enhanced libido or sex drive. You will be able to achieve much bigger, stronger and harder erections during sexual activity. You will also be able to maintain an erection for a longer time.
  3. Exercises: There are certain exercises which you can practice for having an enlarged penis. Some common and effective exercises associated with Ayurveda for penis enlargement include jelqing andstretching.

Certain Ayuredic home remedies can be used for penis enlargement as well. You can consume a mixture of walnut and honey with milk, a mixture of carrots with milk or carrot juice with honey. No side effects are associated with these Ayurvedic remedies for penis enlargement.

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How Moringa Seeds Enhance Sexual Performance For Men?

Dr. Suresh Raj C 90% (30 ratings)
B.Sc.D.S.M.S., M.D.,(Acu) D.T.M., D.Varma,C.H.M.,, CHM, M.D., (Acu)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Madurai
How Moringa Seeds Enhance Sexual Performance  For Men?

We’ve seen the scientific facts and statistics, but how does using Moringa benefit men emotionally and physically?

Most people would agree that sex is an important factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.  What is great is that there are many health and emotional benefits for both men and women that can be attributed to having regular sex.

Dr. Lisa cites a Duke University study that showed that having sex 200 times or more per year could increase your lifespan by six years. By engaging in intercourse more often, there is also a natural boost in self-esteem and self-confidence.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits of sex in a relationship or marriage:

** Sex is good for your heart.  Regular sex can ward off heart attacks
** Having regular sex can boost your fertility
** Enjoying a regular sex life can lower risk of developing prostate 
    cancer for men in their 50s
** Having regular sex can help relieve stress
** A healthy sex life helps control weight by burning calories
** It reduces blood pressure
** moringa seeds enhance sexual performance in men

So now you know the importance of a healthy sex life; why not try and see just how Moringa can enhance sexual performance for men.


There are many ways to take Moringa in it’s natural form.  You can drink Moringa tea. Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried.   Moringa leaf powder can be incorporated into your diet regime by adding Moringa into your recipes.  You can also take Moringa seeds to enhance your sexual performance
Moringa supplements are a great way to regulate your intake safely.  For example using moringa capsules will give you a longer, stronger erection and is said to promote growth in penis size.

Finally remember to get medical advice to ensure you take Moringa safely.

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Erect Penis Control - Fighting the Masturbation Urge

Dr. Vinod Raina 89% (6011 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Erect Penis Control - Fighting the Masturbation Urge

Erect Penis Control: Fighting the Masturbation Urge

As many men now know, masturbation is an activity that practically all guys engage in (even if they don't always admit it). There are benefits to stroking the erect penis beyond the obvious physical pleasure, such as contributing to penis health and exploring how the body works, yet sometimes a guy may want to cut down on his masturbation frequency. In some cases, that can present some challenges.


As stated above, masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy activity, one which brings about a tremendous amount of pleasure. Essentially all guys masturbate at some point in their lives, and most men masturbate with some regularity throughout their adolescence and adulthood.

Still, most men have probably had a point in their lives in which they've thought, "I'm masturbating a little too much. I better slow down for a while." This can be due to any number of reasons. The penis may be sore from too much activity, for example, or he may simply be very busy and feel that he needs to devote some time to something other than his penis.

But ignoring that erect penis is not always easy. When a guy needs help controlling his urge to masturbate, he may want to consider some of these strategies:

- Stay away from porn. This should be a no-brainer, but if a dude doesn't want to be tempted to fondle his erect penis, he should avoid activities that are likely to bring about an erection. Unless a man really enjoys testing himself and seeing how strong his resolve is, avoiding masturbation triggers like exposure to pornography is a must.

- Alter sleep habits. Many men enjoy masturbating in bed, often just before they fall asleep or when they wake up with morning wood. If trying to keep the urge under control, change the amount of time spent in the bedroom and try to use it just for sleeping. Reading or streaming videos in bed increases the possibility for masturbation. Instead, do other activities in a common space and just head to the bedroom when ready to sleep.

Once in bed, try to sleep on the side rather than on the back or stomach. Sleeping on the side reduces the chance of the penis rubbing against sheets or bedding and becoming aroused. Many men masturbate in order to help them fall asleep. Engaging in deep breathing exercises while in bed may be a good alternative.

Men who wake with morning wood often just turn off the alarm clock when it rings and begin masturbating. Placing the alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom can help, as a man has to get out of bed and can't just roll over again when he turns it off.

- Schedule yourself. Make plans to strictly limit the time spent masturbating. If a typical masturbation session runs 30 minutes, set the alarm for 15.

- Use other activities. Plan on doing things to keep from masturbating. Engaging in alternative physical activity - playing basketball, skateboarding, going to the gym, taking a walk - is especially good, as exercise can release endorphins just as sex does, helping to decrease the desire to masturbate. But even non-physical activities - watching a movie, baking, etc. - can be a distraction.

Although masturbation is a part of life, most men like to know that they have a proper degree of control over it, just as they like to have control over other parts of their lives.

Of course, even a man comfortably in charge of his masturbation may get a little over-zealous with his erect penis, resulting in rawness or soreness. Daily use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can be a big help with this problem. Re-moisturizing the penis helps soothe the soreness, so using a crème with both Shea butter and vitamin E (two top rate moisturizing agents) is essential. Also be sure acetyl L carnitine is an ingredient in the chosen crème. This amino acid protects against peripheral nerve damage, which too much rough handling can bring about and which can result in loss of sensation in the penis.


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How Natural Remedies Help In Increasing The Size Of Penis?

Dr. Vikas Deshmukh 86% (79 ratings)
MBBS, M.D Psychiatry , Diploma In Psychological Medicine
Sexologist, Navi Mumbai
How Natural Remedies Help In Increasing The Size Of Penis?

The male reproductive organ, which is commonly referred to as 'ling' is often surrounded by a lot of fallacies and myths. Kuch log maante hain ki ling ka size teenage tak maximum bhad jata hai. Lekin unhe pata hona chahiye ki yeh completely galat hai. A small penis size can have a number of consequences. For example, it may lead to anxiety and stress because of poor body image and low self-confidence. The relationship of the man with the female counterpart may get affected due to conditions associated with small penis size, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

According to Ayurveda system of Medicine and Modern Medical Science, sahi medicines, lifestyle aur exercises ki help se 'ling' bada kiya jaa sakta hai. Moreover, Both herbal and allopathic remedies can help increase the length and girth of penis. This article explains some of the ways to increase penis size

Medicines and Supplements: There are several supplements available in the market that claim to help men with small penis. One such penis enlargement medicine is Xtra Large. Such supplements and medicines helps treat small penis size, premature ejaculation and soft erection. Another such medicine that comes in the form of capsules is 8 Inch Penis Enlargement Capsules. While allopathy helps treat the underlying conditions, there are several herbal remedies jo ling bada karne mein help kar sakte hain. For example, Orgy oil is a natural oil jo penis enlargement mein help karta hai. Orgy oil se ling ki massage karne se uski shape aur strength improve hote hain. It also helps those men who have a defective curvature of their organ. However, such medicines should never be taken without consulting a doctor.

Ayurvedic Remedies: Ling bada karne ke liye Ayurvedic ilaj sabse sahi tareeka hai kyunki iske body ko koi side effects face nahin karne padhte. For example, men with small penis size can boil kishmish and chuhare in water and consume it along with honey. Iske sath sath bhige huye badaam garam doodh k sath raat ko sone se pehle lene se bhi ling ka size bhadhta hai. In addition, raw onions, nariyal, anaar aur udad ki daal consume karne se bhi ling bada karne mein help milti hai.


Surgery and Exercises: Penis enlargement ka ek option surgery bhi hai. In such a surgery, muscles and tendons from other parts of the body are grafted on the base of the penis. However, it increases the penis size by only a margin and the risks associated with the procedure outweigh the benefits. Instead, aise mein ling bada karne ki exercises kar sakte hain. For example, kegel and jelqing exercises help strengthening erections, pelvic floor and the groin area. Isse sexual performance improve hoti hai, no matter what the actual size of the penis is. Herbal medicine plays a vital role to enlarge the penis size.

Therefore, consult a qualified sex specialist and discuss about the problem and go for the right and safe Ayurvedic treatment. With the right herbal treatment the erection is fully rectified and the size of penis is attained to its maximum enlargement.

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Small Penis Anxiety - Putting Things in Perspective!

Dr. Vinod Raina 89% (6011 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Small Penis Anxiety - Putting Things in Perspective!

Small Penis Anxiety: Putting Things in Perspective

Small penis anxiety is common to many men - even those who do not have what would technically be considered a small penis. Despite the fact that other considerations, such as the skill with which a man handles his tool and his penis health, are also of great importance, men continue to obsess about size.

What is small anyway?

Like so many things, "small" is in the eye (or mind) of the beholder. So, for that matter, are "average" and "large." However, a recent survey sheds some light on what the typical penis length is for a man.

BJU International, which is published by the British Association of Urological Surgeons, published a paper that looked into 20 studies that collectively evaluated the penis sizes of about 15,000 men. After they collated the data, they reported these findings:

- The average length of the penis when soft is 3.61 inches; when erect, the average length is 5.17 inches.

- The average girth of the penis when soft is 3.67 inches; when erect, the average girth is 4.58 inches.

In other words, in spite of the fact that men have always been told that an average penis is a full six inches long, the truth is that it is only slightly over 5 inches. And therefore, many men who are of a perfectly adequate and average length have probably felt that their penises didn't quite measure up to those of other men.

How many are small?

Another interesting fact, according to this study: Only 2.28% of men sport penises that could legitimately be termed "small." (A comparable percentage applies to those men that could legitimately be termed "large.") So approximately 95% of men have a penis that is average (or typical or normal - pick the preferred word).

Since the average depth of the vagina runs between 3 and 4 inches, an averagely-endowed man is more than well-equipped enough to perform satisfactorily from a size point of view.


Yet despite this, many men will undoubtedly continue to experience anxiety about the size of their tools. A 2007 study found that some 45% of men believed that they had a small penis; by contrast, 85% of the women surveyed reported that they were perfectly satisfied with their partner's penis in terms of its size.

But if 95% of members are of normal penis size, why were only 85% of those women satisfied? The wise guy answer is that guys with little rods are getting far more of their share of women than they deserve. A more logical answer might be that some of the female respondents may have experienced less than optimal sexual experiences and may have related this to the size of their mate's organ, rather than to his skill with it - or to the health of said organ. Both of these are factors that shouldn't be underestimated.

Skill is something that comes with time and practice for most men. When young, a man is easily excitable and the thrill of engaging in sex for many causes them to not be the most nuanced of lovers. Over time, a man comes to learn what works best for both him and his partner. He learns that certain forms of foreplay can have a big impact, or that certain positions can produce specific results.

Anxiety over what is perceived to be a small penis can also be alleviated by keeping the equipment healthy. Regular application of a first-rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help in this area. A penis that looks strong and healthy makes a man feel proud of his package. Those crèmes that contain a potent antioxidant such as alpha lipoic acid and a combination of moisturizers (such as Shea butter and vitamin E) address common issues such as dry skin or aging penile cells. A crème that also contains vitamin C is best, for that vitamin is crucial for collagen production and penile tissue firmness. With proper care, a man can have a member to flaunt with dignity.

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Treatment Strategies In Male Infertility!

Dr. Sandeep Talwar 89% (31 ratings)
MBBS, DNB - Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fellowship In Reproductive Medicine
IVF Specialist, Delhi
Treatment Strategies In Male Infertility!

The most important investigation gor a male partner is semen analysis. This should be done after 2-3 days of abstinence & should be given at the ivf centre. It is very important that semen should be tested from a standard lab because reports can vary if not done from a standard lab. 

If semen analysis is ok then no more investigations are needed but if semen shows low count or motility then furthet tests are required. Examination of male partner is mandatory. Second step is hormonal tests.
In cases of borderline semen count & motility intrauterine insemination or iui can be done. This involves sperm washing & preparation and injecting semen into uterus around time of egg release.

In case of gross problem in semen count & motility in- vitro- fertilisation or ivf along with icsi may be required.

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Penis Enlargement - Improve Both Your Sexual Performance and Penis Size!

Dr. Vinod Raina 89% (6011 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Enlargement - Improve Both Your Sexual Performance and Penis Size!

Penis Enlargement - Improve Both Your Sexual Performance and Penis Size

If you are anything like the majority of other men out there, then you probably want to be the best that you can possibly be in this life. Having said that, you probably hope for a better life, in general. And, if ever you don't get to reach your goals, hoping that things will get better in itself probably keeps you alive.

One particular area that a lot of men try to work on is sex. Certain sexual issues tend to frustrate and hurt a man's sexual life, including a small penis. Conversely, a big penis makes men feel more like a man. Plus, it can help men satisfy their sexual partners in bed more.

Aside from having a small penis, other sexual issues that men face include erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Despite the popularity of these two issues, though, a lot of men blame their penis size for their problems most of the time.

The truth is, both sexes generally see a small penis as inferior and weaker compared to a big penis. This is why several men find that not having a big penis plays a big role in why their self-esteem is so low in bed.

How big of a role does penis size actually play in bed, though? Naturally, it plays a pretty big part. Every woman knows how important it is to have a big penis in order to get orgasms in the end. This is why penis enlargement is largely talked about nowadays.

Within the past few years, a lot of merchants have opened shops to sell different penis enlargement products with promises to solve the big problem related to penis size. Since there are various penis enlargement products sold online nowadays and due to the anonymity of the World Wide Web, many men have been swindled by scammers that sell useless or low quality products, which could endanger men's health.

This doesn't necessarily mean that every penis enlargement method out there is useless at increasing penis size, though. In fact, there are several methods that can truly guarantee positive results. A lot of men have proven that penile exercises and herbal pill, for instance, are incredibly safe, fast and effective at improving a man's penis size. Using both at the same time can therefore give you the massive size that you have always wanted.

Since so many spam advertisements for penile exercises and herbal pills exist, though, penis enlargement has a bad reputation in some circles. Generally speaking, if a merchant insists that their products can increase your penis size by five inches in less than a week, you can be sure it's a scam. Penis enlargement will not happen that quickly, no matter which methods you resort to. Most of the time, it will take several months before you see any significant gains. However, once you see those gains, you can expect to enjoy several other benefits alongside them.

Some of these benefits include increased sexual stamina, more intense orgasms, stronger and harder erections, better urinary flow, a higher sex drive and increased blood circulation in the penis.

The majority of men also say that their self-esteem increases the bigger their penises gets. This, in turn, also makes them better lovers in the long run. This really isn't surprising because they no longer have to think about how small their penis looks anymore.

Although a lot of men have already proven that penis pills and penile exercises are able to increase a man's penis size, please keep in mind that not every product out there is safe, though. In fact, some products may do more harm to your penis than good - remember that.


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Are You Satisfied With Your Penis Size?

Dr. Vinod Raina 89% (6011 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Are You Satisfied With Your Penis Size?

Are You Satisfied With Your Penis Size?

Sex is considered as the most important part of a happy life. To lead a prosperous and happy life, it is necessary to have a very satisfactory sex life. Dissatisfaction in sex has ruined the happy marriages of millions of people. So, it is certainly a very pertinent question whether penis size has any influence on the sexual performance or not.

Researches have shown that the penis size really influences the sexual performance. As per research, larger the penis size and thicker is the volume, more is the pleasure. The researchers also provide reasons for that. The main reason for this is that during sexual intercourse the penis has to get inserted into the vaginal cavity. The penis having larger size and thicker volume gets rubbed with the vaginal wall causing the secretion of the enzyme which provides pleasure to both the partners.

According to this theory, it is utmost necessary to have a larger size and thicker volume to provide ultimate pleasure to the partner. The sexual satisfaction is necessary between partners to lead a happy life. The small size at most of the time results in the inferiority complex. Sometimes, the male partners avoid sexual intercourse with the partner because of the small size or inferiority complex . 

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