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Skin Disorders: Blemishes And Hyperpigmentation

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Dr.Jyoti Girotra Gandhi 89% (13ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MBA
Ayurvedic Doctor, Faridabad  •  13years experience
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Hello friends,

I am doctor Jyoti Girotra Gandhi practicing Sector 15 Faridabad. I have done my practice in Jyoti Iowa clinic. I hold 9 years experience working in Ayurveda which is really close to my heart.

I want to acquaint you with a skin disorder blemishes or hyperpigmentation this is a serious disorder that sometimes neglected it is said that beauty lies skin deep so if your skin is not maintained and that's it means it's a Red flag that nothing is good inside your body. So skin acts as outer protective shell of the body it protects us from harmful chemicals environmental toxins ultraviolet rays but what do we do with our skin we don't have time to take care of it first I start with what is blemishes are this blemishes are Imperfection of the skin they can be in the form of acne scars pustules papules or hyperpigmented patches these blemishes not only leave mark to your face but they do so with your confidence.

Also, I have seen many people who shun social circle because of such type of patches or blemishes. So what are the causes of this ugly patches or blemishes they are many major causes. The first and foremost is Lifestyle we go on and consume food like white bread gold ring of rice such type of food is rich in sugar and carbohydrate and this molecule they help in sugar 2 breakdown such molecules which again bind with protein molecule thereby producing the elasticity of collagen in a skin.

This gives rise to wrinkles on our face. And in addition to that are sweaty gym sessions again acts to divorce of skin we have very stressful life the stress also is the contributing factor in skin disorders specially blemishes. Yet another causes hormonal changes specially in women women experienced hormonal change in every stage be it menstruation pregnancy or menopause during pregnancy which type of 50 are very common this is called mark of pregnancy because body secrets high level of progesterone which stimulates the planet sites in the scheme which increases the production of melanin thereby giving rise to brown patches. Yet another causes are trying different products in the market.

I have seen many pulse take keeping each and every product over the skin and some products the exposure to lead the skin to a major accident which is not required. And then there are weather changes the weather changes have very bad effect on the pH of the skin the skin also lead to blemishes aging is yet another cause not only great and wise words comes with age blemishes also comes with age. You may have seen people above 60 years of age they have purple spots on the face this is because the tiny blood vessels breaks down to the skin there are many other causes like calcium deficiency I have seen people they keep trying ointment over their skin but nothing helps them because the causes something else the cause is within them they are calcium deficient so if we increase the calcium they will get rid of these blemishes and according to Ayurveda there are there are different causes also for example sleeping during day that increases the mucus load digestive file or accumulation of toxins in the body.

So how do we treat this blemishes it is true that blemishes do not get cured by instant miracle. they need commitment but in Ayurveda there is comprehensive extensive and very detailed plan of treatment Ayat my clinic use both external and internal applications external in the form of face pack and gel which play a very small part and internal in the form of powder tablets and liquids because they am at purifying the body cleansing the body throwing the waste and toxins out of the body. And in chronic cases we have to go for Panchkarma also like we have procedures. Like we have procedures for operations they have they are made to go under Pareshan or vomiting in a day which clears the body lastly I like to make three suggestion to my view was first hydrate your skin of water second don't take this premises lightly and third do not go for products available in the market without consulting a doctor it is your skin and you will be wearing it for your life you invest lot on your clothes do a small portion of it on your skin after 20 years would be the reflection of the care you are taking today.

So take care of your skin thank you so much and if you have any queries do write to me. Thank you.

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