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Unani Therapy For Sexual Anxiety!

Dr.Mir Baqtiyar Ali 90% (4582ratings)
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Sexologist, Hyderabad
Unani Therapy For Sexual Anxiety!

Sexual interaction is not only about physical intimacy but has a lot to do with your mental and emotional state. Being in a perfect physical, mental and emotional state of mind enhances the sexual performance by several folds. Unfortunately, for some couples, sex can be a nightmare, leaving them depressed and stressed out. Some individuals get cold feet at the mere thought of sex, a condition known as sexual anxiety or sexual performance anxiety.

There can be many factors that contribute towards sexual anxiety in both males and females. While stress (physical and mental) is believed to be a leading trigger, the problem can also be an outcome of a strained relationship or not being happy about one's own body. At times, sexual anxiety can also surface when an individual tries too hard to satisfy their partner in bed.

How Unani can help in overcoming sexual anxiety?
Sexual anxiety may not be a small problem as it often appears to be. Unattended for long, sexual anxiety can trigger erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems (such as premature ejaculation, having difficulties in getting an erection) in males. Females too might find it difficult to get an orgasm. The Unani treatment, believed to have its origin in Greece (introduced in India by Persians and Arabs), never fails to enthral us with its unique treatment.

Also known as Greco-Arabs medicine or Oriental medicine, Unani believes that a diseased condition is a natural body process while the associated symptoms are nothing but the body's reaction to the disease. According to Unani, there are four vital senses of humour in the body - Phlegm (Balgham), Blood (Dum), Yellow bile (Safra) and Black bile (Sauda). These humour are responsible for keeping the body well nourished so as to ensure optimum activities of the vital body organs.

Before treating the patient, the physician (Hakim) will carefully study the pulse of the patient to understand the functioning of the humour and also to identify the humour that is dominant over the others. Depending on the severity of sexual anxiety, the physician may recommend

  • Detoxification of the body to exclude the harmful toxins out of the body, enhancing the overall functioning and immunity of the body. This procedure is also known as Regimental Therapy (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer).
  • Since sexual anxiety is often found to be triggered by physical and mental stress, the Unani system also emphasizes the need to eat balanced and nutritious foods. The healthy dietary modifications go a long way to improve the condition of sexual performance anxiety. This therapy is known as Dietotherapy (Ilaj Bil Ghiza).
  • Based on the associated discomfort, Unani medicines which are 100% natural (based on plant products and herbs) are given to the affected individuals, a therapy termed as Pharmacotherapy (Ilaj Bil Dawa). Pharmacotherapy, amalgamated with Regimental Therapy and Dietotherapy plays a pivotal role to alleviate the complications and discomfort associated with sexual Anxiety, ensuring all the four senses of humour are in balance.
  • In cases where sexual anxiety is a result of some underlying medical condition, surgery (Jarahat) may be required.
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Erectile Dysfunction - An Overview!

Dr.Kapil Arora 88% (757ratings)
Sexologist, Kota
Erectile Dysfunction - An Overview!

Sex is one of the important elements in achieving a happy relationship between any couple. But, there are instances when a person lacks sex drive, and it causes bitterness in the relationship. As far as a male is concerned, sexual arousal also called as erectile dysfunction is one of the major causes that affect the sexual relationship. But, you can remedy this situation by consulting your doctor. 

The process of sexual arousal - The process of sexual arousal is a complicated procedure wherein the central nervous system plays a very dominant role. The arousal can happen because of visual simulation, smell and touch. In such a situation, the message is immediately transmitted to the central nervous system. Once the message is received at the central nervous system, certain chemicals get released from the nerve ending in the penis. Now, blood secretes into the erection bodies of the penis which in turn cause sexual arousal also called as erectile. 

When one or more of the above processes is blocked or get disrupted, the result is Erectile Dysfunction. This issue can be further discussed as follows: 

  • In this busy world, many males suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. At the same time, there are several causes that affect sexual arousal in the case of males. The causes could be classified as psychological and physiological. Some of the psychological problems are depression, anxiety, stress and problem with the relationship.  
  • As far as physiological problems are concerned, obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorder, Hemachromatosis (high iron in the blood), Scleroderma (hardening of the skin), vascular diseases are some causes that affect Erectile Dysfunction. In addition to this, imbalance in the hormones either in Thyroid, testosterone or prolactin can also result in Erectile 

Dysfunction. This imbalance can be caused because of an either overactive or underactive thyroid or other related glands. 

Effects -
Erectile Dysfunction can increase the level of anxiety and stress. It can affect the self-esteem of the individual.  Unsatisfactory sex life can also cause bitterness between the couples. 

Remedial measures -
There are remedies to the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. Once you notice the problem, you should consult your doctor. There are several medicines that can help in reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, there are also several medicines to tackle issues like Hemochromatosis or Scleroderma. In addition to this, the doctor may also suggest a suitable diet and change in your lifestyle. The doctor may suggest exercises, Yoga or meditation that can help you deal with problems like obesity, blood pressure, stress and anxiety. The ideal approach would be to consult your physician at the earliest.

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Which test I have to done to find my all sexual problems related to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss of sex desire I have no desire of sex why? Tell me what are the tests in which everything related to sexual diseases find out?

Dr.Pahun 94% (23916ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Jaipur
Which test I have to done to find my all sexual problems related to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and l...
Tests would be prescribed after consultation, bcs it seems you r suffering from complete sexual dysfunction. Excessive masturbation in past may leads to the damage of nerves supplying penis. Which in future leads to weak erection or erectile dysfunction, shrinkage of penis, low sexual stamina etc. Don't worry in ayurveda there are some very effective medicines which are natural testosterone booster. And work very efficiently to cure your problem. I suggest you for ayurveda vaajikaran treatment. As per ayurveda vaajikaran is meant to rejuvenate and improve complete sexual health. Ayurveda medicines are very efficient and potent for your problem. Within 20 to 30 days you will notice the improvement. Nerves supplying penis would rejuvenate and strong musculature of penis would also be achieved. Maximum 3 months is almost enough to get rid of your sexual problem. With ayurveda medicines your whole reproductive system will strengthen i.e. The vessels supplying penis and the musculature of penis would be strengthened. I would need to enquire about whole of your symptoms, detail history. You can consult us online through this 'Lybrate' platform .and medicines will be sent to you by courier. Gud luck .may god give you all wellness.
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Is nupur luteum + damiana q helpful in premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness. As I ejaculate very soon during sexual intercourse and even sometimes during foreplay. And if yes then pls mention me the dosage.

Dr.S.K. Tandon 97% (47165ratings)
M.D. Consultant Pathologist, CCEBDM Diabetes, PGDS Sexology USA, CCMTD Thyroid, ACDMC Heart Disease, CCMH Hypertension, ECG, CCCS ( CARDIOLOGY & STROKE)
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
Is nupur luteum + damiana q helpful in premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness. As I ejaculat...
Damiana I an giving my patients it is good. Take 10 drops three times daily half an hour before meal.
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My age 60 years having dia betic&blood pressure, taking medicine allopathic regularly, both in control, having sexual problem pre-ejaculation&erectile dysfunction.

Dr.Aanand J 95% (27592ratings)
Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurvedic Doctor, Gulbarga
My age 60 years having dia betic&blood pressure, taking medicine allopathic regularly, both in control, having sexual...
Start 45 days ayurvedic medicine for that it's energy medicine for erectile disfunction consultation on online once.
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In Depth About Male And Female Infertility!

Dr.P K Jain 88% (27ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Lucknow
In Depth About Male And Female Infertility!

Both men, as well as women, suffer from intimacy issues that range from vaginal dryness in women, erectile dysfunction in men, to low sex drive in both the partners. It is not simply limited to lack of interest in sex, but can involve pain while having intercourse, difficulty in having an orgasm and maintaining an erection. Though there are various factors that lead to these ailments, there are great means of increasing libido and enjoy lovemaking once you have detected the problem.

Various types of impotence in women-
Sexual dysfunction in women can be grouped into various disorders such as lack of sexual desire, pain while having intercourse and difficulty in orgasm. Alterations in hormone levels, changes in medication and other allied factors can lead to low libido as well as other sexual problems in women. Some of the most common sexual problems in women are:

  1. Vaginal dryness: This leads to a lowered sex drive and problems with desire and sex can be very painful as the vagina is not lubricated. It can be caused by menopause or breastfeeding. Even psychological issues like stress can lead to vaginal dryness.
  2. Lower sex drive: Lack of sexual drive can also be caused by lower levels of the hormone oestrogen. Fatigue, anxiety, depression can lead to low libido along with certain medicines. For example, the use of antidepressants can reduce sex drive.
  3. Difficulty in reaching orgasm: Orgasmic disorders like delay in reaching orgasm, inability to have an orgasm can affect both men and women.
  4. Pain while having sex: This pain is often caused by vaginal dryness and sometimes a burning sensation can be accompanied during sex.

Sexual dysfunction in men
Some of the most common types of sexual dysfunction in men are:

  1. Erectile dysfunction: This is one of the most common types of sexual problem in men and is caused due to high blood pressure, diabetes or due to anxiety while having sex. Stress, fatigue and depression also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  2. Ejaculation issues: These involve premature ejaculation and inability to ejaculate altogether. A history of sexual trauma, excessive use of antidepressants and anxiety about sex leads to various kinds of ejaculation issues.
  3. Low libido: Psychological issues like depression and stress related to sex can lead to decreased or no sexual desire. A decrease in hormone levels, especially, if testosterone is low and side effects from medications lead to diminished libido.

All couples deserve to enjoy a healthy sex life which is crucial for the relationship. If you are experiencing any of these impotence problems, its time you consult a doctor.

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I am taking escitalopram 20 and etizolam 0.5 in the morning. I noticed my anxiety problem has been reduced but my sexual desire and erectile dysfunction has been observed since still I am not getting married .what can I do sir.

Dr.Satyajeet P Pattnaik 94% (759ratings)
MBBS, MS- General Surgery, MCH- Urology, Fellowship Minimal Access Surgery
Urologist, Mumbai
I am taking escitalopram 20 and etizolam 0.5 in the morning. I noticed my anxiety problem has been reduced but my sex...
Etizolam can increase blood prolactin levels and potentially result in a condition known as hyperprolactinaemia. This condition may result in infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. Besides anxiety and depression, other health conditions that can cause ED include: blood circulation disorders diabetes or metabolic syndrome enlarged prostate or prostate cancer treatment heart disease injuries to the pelvis or spinal cord low testosterone levels multiple sclerosis obesity Parkinson’s disease Peyronie’s disease sleep disorders stress
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Sir my query is with psychiatrist. Sir I have read article in the google where it has mentioned that most people take ssri, snri and tricyclic antidepressant will feel some degree of genital numbing, often within 30 minutes of the first dose of drug. Some people develop sexual side effects which either remain in full or does not resolve completely even after the discontinuation of drug. Is it true that anti depressant put effect on genitals leading to sexual dysfunction and the sexual side effects if occur, be permanent. please reply me.

Dr.Rahul Gupta 97% (25229ratings)
MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Sir my query is with psychiatrist. Sir I have read article in the google where it has mentioned that most people take...
Hello- Many different categories of sexual side effects are associated with SSRIs, the most common of which is delayed ejaculation. 5,10 Other types of sexual side effects include reduced sexual desire, reduced sexual satisfaction, anorgasmia, and impotence. The changes can be reversed by the help of herbal supplementation of Ayurveda.
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