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Facing erectile dysfunction with low sexual desire and thin and low semen becoz of excess masturbation pls suggest me best medicine.

Facing erectile dysfunction with low sexual desire and thin and low semen becoz of excess masturbation pls suggest me...
Dear lybrate-user ji, erectile dysfunction is most commonly due to -depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions -stress -relationship problems due to stress, poor communication heart disease -obesity, tobacco use, alcoholism -high blood pressure, diabetes -certain prescription medications. Homeopathy has got complete cure for these kinds of complaints by constitutional treatment and holistic approach. Homeopathic medicines help to reduce stress, anxiety and improves the libido, decreases erectile disorders permanently. I suggest you to take an appointment for consultation so that detail case can be discussed and rule out the cause and proceed further for treatment. You can consult me online. Thank you.
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Erectile Dysfunction - Ways To Handle It When You Are A Diabetic!

Erectile Dysfunction - Ways To Handle It When You Are A Diabetic!

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder where the person affected is unable to maintain or achieve an erection during sexual intercourse. As diabetes is a disorder that affects blood supply to organs, so the ability to achieve or maintain erections are impaired, as erections are dependent on proper blood supply to the penis.

Fortunately, there are treatments for these symptoms and they are:

  1. Injection therapy and oral medications: Some medications are directly injected to the penis in order to facilitate erection, while certain other oral drugs are administered to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction which have a higher success rate in treating people who are diabetic than those who are not.
  2. Regular exercise and a healthy diet: Exercising on a regular basis combined with a healthy diet can reduce the symptoms of both diabetes as well as erectile dysfunction.
  3. Reviewing medications: Some medications used to treat blood pressure and depression can often cause erectile dysfunction. So, the medications should be reviewed by a doctor and, if necessary, should be changed.
  4. Usage of vacuum constriction devices: These devices are used to create a pump in the penis which facilitate the ability to maintain an erection and engage in sexual intercourse. It is reported to work in 80% of the cases.
  5. Penile implants: It is a surgical procedure where a penis implant is used to treat this disorder.
  6. Intraurethral therapy: In this treatment, the medicine is placed in the urethra of the penis in the form of suppository by an applicator. These medicines improve blood flow and thus facilitate a normal erection.
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Sex & Sleep - Is There A Link?

Sex & Sleep - Is There A Link?

People often underestimate the need for sleep. Sleep is as important as any other activity. Without proper sleep, your performance level can go way down the line. It can even hamper your performance in the bed.

Most people do not know it, but there is a deep relation between sex and sleep. People always tend to cut their bedtime just to get done with a few more things. But, doing this can have adverse effects on your sex life.

Here are some reasons that are tempting enough to make you go to your bed at the proper time and for a proper amount of time:

1. Lack of sleep has a direct impact on libido
Less sleep means that your body does not get the chance to completely revive itself from the earlier day of work. This, in turn, can mean fatigue and crankiness. These feelings can decrease your interest in sex overall. A condition called ‘tense tiredness’, which is caused by the combination of increased tension and decreased energy, can also at times lead to sexual dysfunction.

2. Less sleep can hamper your hormone levels
Even after getting six to seven hours of sleep each night, one can suffer from a chronic sleep condition. A condition like this can affect the testosterone levels in both men and women. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sex drive. Any disturbance in the hormone level can lead to both bad performance in bed and less of interest in any sexual activity.

3. A sleepless night is equal to a foul mood
It is no breaking news to anyone that a sleepless night results in a foul mood the next day. If you feel sleepy and fatigued all day, there is hardly any way that you would think about having sex in such a situation. For people with a chronic sleep disorder, this can become a regular phenomenon.

4. Sleep deprivation can lead to a weaker immunity system
Studies suggest that people with chronic sleep disorder often are diagnosed with a weak immune system. This makes the person susceptible to diseases. A sick person would have very less or no interest in engaging in sexual activities. Neither would anyone like to be with a person who has the cold most of the time.

5. Lack of sleep can contribute to depression
It is very important to have sound mental health in order to have a happening sexual life. Researchers have revealed that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to depression. In such a case, not only the person loses interest in sex, but also when they engage in sex, they tend to have less pleasure from the act.

People underestimate the need for sleep, and they think it is okay to skip a few hours of sleep. But, if you want to have a good sex life, you just cannot cut down on these hours.

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Sexual Dysfunction - What Should You Know About It?

Sexual Dysfunction - What Should You Know About It?

What is it?

A dysfunction is often described as the difficulty exhibited by a couple or an individual during ant stage of the physical activity. It might include pleasure, preference, desire, arousal and orgasm. As per the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, a person with sexual dysfunction shows extreme stress along with interpersonal strain. This disorder is believed to have an impact on the sexual life of the people experiencing it.

Types of Sexual Dysfunction:

1. Sexual desire disorders: This is often characterized with decreased libido or an absence or lack of sexual desire, activity or fantasies. The condition usually ranges from a general lack to a lack of the sexual desire and activity for the partner. This condition might be present from the very beginning or might start after normal sexual functioning. Whatever the cause may be it leads to decrease in the production of estrogen in women and testosterone in both women and men. Other causes are believed to be fatiguepregnancy, aging, medications like SSRIs and psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression.

2. Sexual arousal disorders: These are commonly as impotence in men and frigidity in women, though now the terms have been replaced. Impotence is now termed as erectile dysfunction and frigidity has been defined by many terms describing the problem. As per the, American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the term is described in 4 categories. These are lack of arousal, lack of desire, lack of orgasm and pain during intercourse.

In both men and women the condition can be exhibited as an aversion or avoidance of sexual activity with their partner. Men might show a complete failure to maintain erection, excitement and pleasure during sexual activity.

3. Sexual pain disorders: This is often prominent in women and is also known as painful intercourse (dyspareunia) or vaginismus (involuntary spasm of the vaginal wall muscles often interfering with intercourse).
Dyspareunia is caused by the dryness of vagina in women. This poor lubrication might be due to lowered stimulation and excitement and hormonal changes caused due to pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause. In some case contraceptive foams and creams can also cause dryness. Anxiety and fear towards sex can also lead to dryness.

Vaginismus is often thought to occur through a sexual trauma like abuse or sex. Another condition vulvodynia might occur in women. In this a woman experiences burning pain while sexual activity. This is often thought to be related to the skin problems of the vaginal and vulvar region.

4. Post-orgasmic diseases: The symptoms of these occur after ejaculation or orgasm. This is often accompanied with headaches in the neck and skull during sexual activity which might include orgasm or masturbation.

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Men Sexual Health - How Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

Men Sexual Health - How Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

Healthy Sex is an essential part of not only psychological health but also for physical health. For some reason or the other, certain aspects crop up due to which couples might face issues in their sexual life, with the main reason being lack of sexual interest. Homeopathy can help men and women to deal with this problem, wherein a homeopathic strategy towards infertility can bring upon great improvement in the possibility of one’s conception. Infertility treatment through homeopathy helps to address the imbalances in a person, both emotional and physical.

Male infertility

  1. Improving fertility among males is often a critical aspect of achieving conception, when a couple is facing problems while doing intercourse.
  2. Almost one-third of all males around the world experience some problem or the other at the time of indulging into sexual activity but very few think of the idea to seek appropriate treatment so that they can get rid of the problems.
  3. The sexual dysfunction among males can be described as any kind of problems faced during sexual activity that tends to prevent them from getting full satisfaction.
  4. Issues can crop up during any stage of sexual practice, from excitement, plateau, ejaculation or even resolution.
  5. The good thing is that erection problem can be treated with Homeopathy and males tend to show excellent response to the treatment in most of the cases

Health of the male organ and homeopathy

There are some males, who suffer from the issue of small organ. The size or the duration of a male organ is not equal for all but vary from person to person. If the normal function of male organs take place, then the average girth for an erect penis length is from 4.5 to 7 inches, are enough to perform a sexual activity in a successful manner. The factors responsible for this particular problem are hormones, habit of masturbation since childhood, prostate gland infection etc.

Remedies through Homeopathy are extremely helpful to bring about improvements in the size or length of the male organ and hence make it strong. The Homeopathic approach for the management of health issues is constitutional in nature. The treatment involves, considering the current problems, looking into the signs and symptoms along with some unique physical, mental and genetic make-up that creates individuality for a person. The homeopathic medicines are easy to consume as there are just sweet pills and drops.

Low sperm quantity and low sperm mobility remedies in homeopathy for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction hampers the self-esteem and confidence of a man as he is unable to have sex. Homeopathy can treat this condition completely and in a permanent manner. It takes a look at the issue of sexual weakness or sexual dysfunction in totality as seen with regards to the whole individual, the way one’s body is built up, the way of life he leads, the psychological make-up, all these are taken into consideration before prescribing the right medicine. This is how homeopathy medicines become capable of healing the main cause behind the issue and tackle the problem in its entirety.

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I am facing low sexual energy as well as erectile dysfunction so please consult me a medicine for this.

I am facing low sexual energy as well as erectile dysfunction so please consult me a medicine for this.
Hello- while lack of libido is sometimes related to hormonal imbalances, it's important to understand the other factors which can lower libido and contribute to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Two of the most common sexual dysfunctions that affect a large percentage of men are premature ejaculation (pe) and erectile dysfunction (ed). When it gets added by lack of libido the situation get more complicated. The incidence of these conditions have been found to be equitably spread among all socio-economic groups and can affect men of all ages. Most men who have been diagnosed with ed as a primary problem, the secondary concern in most instances is pe, the two are often thought to be mutually inclusive and are always associated with reduced sexual urge. Also because reduced or hampered blood flow, critical to achieve a penetrable erection, to the genital areas is one of the main reason for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, the logic of 'one reason one problem' gets applied. In the last few decades, significant advancements in treatment procedures and options have improved the outlook for these three conditions and the comprehensive treatment is possible with the help of medications.
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Masturbation - How Can Homeopathy Administer It?

Masturbation - How Can Homeopathy Administer It?

Masturbation refers to the act of stimulating one’s genitals with own hands or with the help of an external object. It is a natural practice that most men indulge in and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if masturbation becomes a compulsive disorder and begins to affect the physical and psychological well-being of a man, then it needs treatment. Some of the adverse effects of masturbation on the health of a man include a headache and backache, weakness, palpitation, constant feeling of nervousness, weak memory, and poor digestion.

Excessive masturbation affects the nervous system more than anything else and then it causes multiple problems in the body manifested in the above symptoms. If left untreated, it can affect the sexual life of the man and cause problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Many men do not talk about the problem because they find it embarrassing but it needs treatment and homeopathy offer some very useful medications to cure the problem.

  1. Beilis per – This is a very effective homeopathic medicine that cures all the ill-effects of masturbation such as weakness, poor digestion, and premature ejaculation.
  2. Platinum met – It proves very helpful in young boys who have a compulsive urge to masturbate. It controls their excitement, physical as well as mental, and thus, prevent masturbation.
  3. Nux vomica – This is helpful in poor digestion and diarrhea caused by excessive masturbation. It also provides relief from other gastrointestinal problems caused by this sexual habit.
  4. Cina – Weak eyesight with sunken eyes and dark circles around the eyes is a common consequence of masturbation. Cina is found to very helpful in all these symptoms and also helps to cure dim vision.
  5. Conium mac – This homeopathic medicine works in those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are unable to have sex with their partner. Such men resort to masturbation to satisfy their sexual urge. Conium mac cures this problem by enhancing the sexual prowess of the man.
  6. Staphysagria – It is useful in curing the ill effects of masturbation in young boys. It also prevents masturbation.
  7. Origanium – It helps contain the excessive sexual excitement, which makes young men masturbate excessively.
  8. Bufo – This medicine is very effective in curing depression and a desire for solitude induced by masturbation. It cures anxiety as well.
  9. Salix nigra – This homeopathic medicine helps control sexual thoughts and lustful dreams that forces a man to masturbate.

All these above-mentioned medicines are effective in masturbation but one should not take them without consulting a homeopathic doctor. A proper consultation helps in the complete diagnosis of the problem. It helps the doctor understand the degree of the problem being faced by the man as well as the exact symptoms. This helps in accurate diagnosis and precise prescription of medicines resulting in faster recovery and relief.

Therefore, one should avoid self-medication and consult a credible homeopathic doctor for masturbation. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and the sooner one gets it treated, the better one starts feeling.

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Sexual Dysfunction - How Can Homeopathy Tackle It In Men And Women?

Sexual Dysfunction - How Can Homeopathy Tackle It In Men And Women?

Sexual Dysfunction refers to a problem with the sexual response cycle, which tends to interfere with normal sexual activity in a satisfying manner. Both men and women can experience sexual dysfunction. It is a somewhat common problem that affects around 40 percent women and 30 percent of men. This problem can occur at any age but usually, it happens among people lying in the age group between 40 and 65 years.

Let us look at the symptoms and causes behind sexual dysfunction among men and women: 

The signs and symptoms of sexual dysfunction vary for men and women, which we will discuss briefly one by one

For Men:

  • Lack of sexual desire, sexual fantasies or interest
  • Unable to maintain an erection
  • Inability to reach an orgasm in spite of sufficient sexual stimulation and signs of arousal

For Women:

  • Disorder in sexual arousal
  • Problems in achieving orgasm
  • Pain associated with sexual stimulation or vaginal contact

Causes -
There are different causes because of which sexual dysfunction takes place for both men and women. Let us briefly talk about them one by one.

For Men:
The physical causes of overall sexual dysfunction might be –

There are certain psychological causes as well. They include:

  • Worries about sexual performance
  • Relationship issues
  • Depression
  • Effects of past sexual trauma

For Women:
The physical causes include:

Now, let us see some of the psychological causes. They are:

  • Work stress and anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Depression
  • Guilty feeling

Tips in Homeopathy -
Homeopathy refers to a medical system that is based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Let us take a look at some of the tips in homeopathy for sexual dysfunction among men and women:

The remedies could be:

  • Homeopathic medicine Agnus Castus can be very useful when a person is completely unable to attain an erection at the time of the sexual act.
  • One can even try out Caladium, which can of great help during erectile dysfunction.
  • Lycopodium is another homeopathic medicine, which can help young as well as elderly men, who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Partners must talk openly with each other about sexual dysfunctions
  • Daily exercise is a must and extremely helpful to increase sexual drive
  • Couples should make sure that they are free from obesity
  • Consuming a balanced diet with a mix of fruits and vegetables is a must
  • Stay relaxed and stress-free through meditation
  • Quit smoking once and for all
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol
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Orgasmic Dysfunction - All You Should Be Knowing!

Orgasmic Dysfunction - All You Should Be Knowing!

A healthy mind is responsible for a healthy and relaxed body and both are imperative for attaining better orgasms during intercourse. Orgasmic dysfunction, or inhibited sexual excitement, or simply anorgasmia, is a condition whereby, a woman fails to attain orgasms even when sexually aroused. This can prove to be a major sexual problem and is the cause of disputes and conflicts in a relationship because of the lack of sexual intimacy and satisfaction.

In order to be sexually excited, both mind and body are involved in a series of complex processes, which finally result in a peak sexual response. Thus, both need to be functioning well in order to stimulate an orgasm.

Causes that may lead to orgasmic dysfunction:

  1. Boredom or lack of interest in sexual indulgences
  2. Hormonal disorders or changes brought on by menopause
  3. Chronic illnesses that affect sexual interest
  4. Acquired negative attitudes (usually from childhood or adolescence) towards sex
  5. Previous traumatic experiences relating to rape or sexual abuse
  6. Certain prescription drugs like antidepressants
  7. Stress or high fatigue
  8. Medical conditions affecting the nervous system around the pelvis
  9. Medical conditions causing chronic pelvic pain

Symptoms of organic dysfunction may include:

  1. Inability to attain orgasms
  2. Taking longer than normal to reach an orgasm
  3. Not having satisfying orgasms


It is important to note that when treating problems associated with orgasmic dysfunction, you must maintain a healthy attitude towards sex, in addition to having sufficient knowledge pertaining to sexual stimulations and responses. Learning how to communicate and how to express your needs and desires clearly is another important step in the treatment of anorgasmia. Here are a few other ways to improve your sex life:

  1. Eat well and get enough rest
  2. Reduce your consumption of alcohol, drugs, or smoking
  3. Engage in Kegel exercises which involve tightening and relaxing the muscles of the pelvis
  4. Use birth control methods that both you and your partner agree to
  5. Engage in other sexual activities apart from sexual intercourse
  6. Educate yourself more about reaching orgasms by focusing on clitoral stimulation or directed masturbation
  7. Take up sexual counseling to learn helpful exercises

Erectile Dysfunction - Sexologist May Help Well!

Erectile Dysfunction - Sexologist May Help Well!

Nowadays, most of the men are diagnosed with impotence which can get cured. The qualified sexologist doctor in India now completely trusts on modern science. Now, the focus is shifted to a non-surgical procedure for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. They are most beneficial and works effectively. In other words, Erectile Dysfunction is related to male problems when they are unable to get the right erection needed to get intimate.

This is why the concern is increasing daily. To deal with this issue, science has come up with new techniques and promises a better sex life.

The real reason for Erectile Dysfunction -

The phase of male sexual desireasks for the involvement of the brain, hormones, emotions as well as blood vessels. Any type of stress or mental issues can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Not only this, psychological and physical issues can also be a major concern.

  • Dysfunction is an issue that leads to difficulty in erection.
  • The medical issue is not only the reason but psychological problems are also believed to be responsible.
  • Most of the medical conditions affect the blood vessels as well as nerves that supply blood to the penis.
  • Some of the other causes are smoking and drugs.

The normal erection method depends upon the nerve supply, hormones as well as proper flow of blood. Now the modern ways have come up to deal with Erectile Dysfunction. Before starting with the treatment, it is essential to know about the right type of treatment that is suitable for you. Make sure to consult the sexologist before starting the treatment procedure.

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