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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Top 10 General Physician In Pune

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Dr. Ashish TapadiaGeneral Physician • 17 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - General Medicine

Dr. Shivram Bhonagiri

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, General Physician, Pune

39 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 400 - 500 at clinic

Doctor Shivram has been practicing medicine for the past 39 years as a general practitioner and has helped a great number of patients who suffered from severe and complicated conditions. He received his prestigious education in the form of an undergraduate degree in the field of MBBS in 1983 and a postgraduate degree in the field of MD from Internal Medicine at B.J. Medical College Pune in 1987. 

He went on to work in the fields of gastroenterology, psychiatry, and other related fields. He is well-respected within the Indian Medical Association, where he serves as both a member and a senior speaker (IMA).

Dr. Arunesh Dutt Upadhyay

MBBS, MD - Aerospace Medicine, Eular Certification in Rheumatology

36 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 500 at clinic

He has been a doctor for 36 years. He is well-known for his work as both a cosmetic dermatologist and a cardiologist, among other specialties in medicine. In1986, he received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in the clinical field from Pune University. In 1993, he received his Doctor of Medicine degree in Aerospace Medicine from the Institute of Aerospace Medicine at Bangalore University. A European Certification in Rheumatology was granted to him by EULAR in the year 2000. 

For his meritorious and peaceful service, he has worked as a Medical Officer in the Indian Air Force and as an Aviation Medicine Specialist at Dr. Upadhyay's clinic. The Air Force Chief of Staff recognized him as a top leader and gave him the prestigious rank of the commanding officer. Both the Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine and the Maharashtra Medical Council count him as a prominent member and speaker.

Dr. Amar Raykantiwar

D ( Diabetology), AFIH, DNB (F.MEDICINE), MBBS, General Physician, Pune

15 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 300 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

In his 15 years of experience as a general practitioner in Pune, he has helped patients with a wide range of endocrine conditions, both as a diabetologist and as a specialist in internal medicine. As a sexologist, he has also worked with patients to address a variety of conditions related to sexual and psychosexual issues. In addition to his reputation as an obesity specialist, he is a dermatologist who treats a wide variety of lifestyle diseases and conditions affecting the hair follicles. 

In 2007, he received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree at S.V.N.GMC in Yavatmal. Both SKN Medical College and Apollo Hospitals' Suburban Diagnostics General Physician departments have benefited from his expertise as a consultant throughout his tenure there. 

His contributions to the American Diabetes Association are significant (ADA). In addition to his work with the American Association of Endodontists, he is the author of a number of research articles that have been published by the IDF.

Dr. Rahul Sanap


12 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 200 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

Since 2002, Doctor Rahul has been practising medicine in the field of general medicine in the city of Pune. As an immunologist or an allergist, he is well-versed in the process of chemical sensing, and he has successfully treated hundreds of patients who have suffered from skin conditions or allergic reactions. 

He has previous experience in both the field of dermatology surgery and the field of hair transplantation. In addition to that, laser treatment is another field in which he is renowned to excel. As a sexologist, in addition to his work in the field of dermatology, he treats patients who suffer from a variety of sexual dysfunctions. 

In addition to this, he is a treatment head in the field of oncology, where he treats conditions such as melanoma, eczema, and skin cancer. In his role as an STD expert for women, he is also responsible for managing treatment operations. In 2010, he graduated with an MBBS degree from the GMC Latur, and he has previous experience working as a General Physician in a public hospital. 

Dr. Amit Sakaria

MBBS, MD - General Medicine, General Physician, Pune

25 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 500 - 600 at clinic

Dr. Amit is a general physician who has spent the last 25 years practicing in Pune. Trichology is one of his particular areas of expertise. In addition, he has helped hundreds of patients who were suffering from genital or metabolic conditions that caused hair loss. Some of these conditions include pattern baldness, alopecia keratosis, protein insufficiency, or vitamin D3 deficiency. In addition to this, he treats individuals who suffer from a variety of other immunodeficiency illnesses. In 1997, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in medicine from Shri B M Patil Medical College & Research Center, and in 2010, he earned a master's degree in medicine from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Karad. 

Dr. Subhash Divekar

Certificate in Basic Course on Diabetes Management

9 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 300 at clinic  ·  ₹200 online

Doctor Subhash has been in Pune for nine years, providing medical skills to people. He has worked as a family physician, allergist, dermatologist, and sexologist, treating a variety of ailments. He's also been an endocrinologist. 

In 2013, he obtained his clinical skills by completing a Certificate in Basic Course on Diabetes Management from ABIDE at Biocon. He has been a family physician at Private Hospital, Haliyal, District Uttar kannada for over 43 years.

Dr. Abhijeet Baldota

MBBS, MD - General Medicine

22 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 700 at clinic

Doctor Abhijeet is employed in the field of medicine, where he provides service to patients and treats conditions like hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. He is an endocrinologist in addition to being an expert in thyroid conditions, and he works with endocrine issues. 

He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in the form of an MBBS from the B J Medical College in Ahmedabad in the year 2000 and an MD from the Government Medical College in Aurangabad in the year 2007. During his time there, he held the position of managing director of Alloveda clinic. In addition to that, he completed a course in diabetology and received a diploma. He is also well-known inside the Maharashtra Medical Council, where he serves as a member.

Dr. Abhay A Mali

MBBS, Diploma in Diabetology

17 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 700 at clinic  ·  ₹250 online

Doctor Mali is a physician in Pune with 17 years of experience treating endocrine diseases. He obtained his medical competence through graduating in medicine by getting an MBBS from Mumbai University in 2005. He is also a senior member of the Maharashtra Medical Council and holds a Diploma in Diabetology from Mumbai University from 2011.

Dr. Abhinav Mohindra

MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)

4 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 150 at clinic  ·  ₹400 online 

Internal medicine is his speciality, and he has been practising in the Pune community and surrounding areas for the past four years after receiving his education from prestigious universities. He earned his MBBS in 2018 from the reputed Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences Research and his DNB in General Medicine in 2022 from the esteemed Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. 

Dr. Salma Siddiqui

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery,

18 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 400 at clinic  ·  ₹350 online

She has been working in the medical sector for the last 18 years and her home is in Pune. She attended Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, India, for her undergraduate education and earned the degree of MBBS, which stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, in the year 2004. Additionally, in 2006, she received a postgraduate degree in General Medicine from Medical Trust Hospital in Kerala, and in 2008, she received a clinical Fellowship in Critical Care from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. 

She has experience working as a general practitioner at Swasthya Clinic, as well as in the states of Kerala and Karnataka, where she has previously practiced medicine. She is also recognized as a member of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) and is included on the roster of the Indian Medical Association. In addition, she is a known member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

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