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Basophils Percentage Test

Basophils Percentage Test

A blood test is an important and foremost examination in detecting a health disorder. Blood is composed of Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, and Basophils. The white blood cells or Basophils are responsible for proper functioning of an individual’s immune system. An imbalance in the basophil count indicates certain diseases, in case of allergies the count goes below 0.5%, whereas it may cross 1% in inflammation, Chronic myelogenous leukemia, and asthma. The doctors never ask for a separate test for a basophil count. Unlike the total blood count the blood differential and morphology test checks for abnormal and immature cells of each type of WBC.

The blood test is not a major havoc, so no special preparation is required. Since the test requires pricking the skin to collect the blood sample, it is good to wear a sleeveless shirt or top. If you are wearing a sleeved shirt, ensure sleeves are loose enough to roll up. You can also wear a short sleeve top. You should not alter your normal diet and drinking unless more tests like the diabetes test also have to be carried from the same blood sample. The lab technicians will instruct you in advance.

The basophil percentage gives an idea of your immune system. Jarring reckon is a panic. There is a suspected infection in your body. Basophilia is a familiar condition in hypothyroidism. The augmented number of an absolute basophil count revealed in the test alerts of malfunctioning of the Thyroid gland. Basophil percentage test aids in managing treatment. If you are suffering from itching or any allergy, neoplastic disorder, or hematologic problem a basophil percentage test evaluates the gravity of the condition. The survival probability in Chronic myeloid leukemia can be known by basophil count screening.

The blood sample is collected in a small bottle with the help of a sterilized syringe and needle. The bottle is labeled with your name. The point where the skin was pricked is cleaned antiseptic dipped cotton swab. A thin film is prepared onto a glass slide with a drop of your blood. The smear is stained for 1 minute and then moved under running water to ward off the extra dye. The slide is now taken under high power microscope. All the five types of WBCs are clearly visible. The lab technician detects proportions of them and prepares a pathology lab report. Uses:

whole blood
lavender top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Basophil Count
All age groups
Rs150- Rs 250

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