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5 Ways To Stop Premature Ejaculation

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5 Ways To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation is the expelling of semen with minimum sexual stimulation, almost immediately after (or sometimes before) sexual penetration. This is a common sexual problem for men below the age of 45 in addition to erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation can be a result of several physical and psychological factors. If the root cause is not serious, the problem can be solved by a few simple techniques, such as:

1. Breathing exercises

Relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditative practices can help you to concentrate. It also moderates the tension and stress levels which are directly related to arousal. Avoid short and rapid breaths as they can put undue pressure on the heart and increase the pulse rate. This often results in early ejaculation. On the other hand, if you take deep breaths and practice holding them in for three to five seconds, you can also use the technique during arousal. 

2. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can help both men and women with their sexual problems. In men, these help to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle by repeated contraction and relaxation. The pubococcygeus muscle helps to control urination too. If you use the same technique when you are close to an orgasm, you can delay your ejaculation. 

3. Squeeze technique

This technique is used to reduce excessive and rapid rate of arousal. When you are close to orgasm, you can squeeze the base of the penis to curb the erection somewhat so that it can build up again. This will automatically delay ejaculation. It is a good idea to practice this technique on your own first and then try it with your partner.

4. Stop and start exercise

This exercise was perfected by the Masters and Johnson team of sexual research. This technique is also to be practiced individually for the first few times. You can masturbate alone and stop just before reaching the climax. You can practice this again and again by bringing yourself closer to ejaculation every time until the point you cannot control or regulate the process any more. This will help you to know the limit till which you can stop and regulate the ejaculation process. You can then use this technique during sexual activity with your partner.

5. Reduce stress

The stress hormones in your body prevent the secretion of testosterone which is responsible for your sex drive. Alcohol, tobacco or nicotine and other illegal drugs used to combat stress can also have an adverse effect on your sexual arousal and cause premature ejaculation.

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Can Engaging In Sports Improve Your Sex Life?

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Sexologist, Delhi
Can Engaging In Sports Improve Your Sex Life?

The debate about how sex affects sportspersons has been there for a very long time, but it is its reverse which is somehow more applicable. Research has shown that regularly engaging in sports or other physical activities such as exercising can have some really positive effects on your sex life. This has got to do mostly with improved metabolic activity in the cells from the increased motion and exercise. 

Research suggests that engaging in exercise, sports and other physical activities result in an increase in flexibility and agility among people, thus aiding sexual prowess and performance. Also, it boosts levels of self-confidence, thus allowing you to believe that you are sexually desirable, (due to increased levels of fitness and toned musculature) which in turn also positively affects sexual capability and ultimately providing higher levels of satisfaction to your partners. Apart from these, there are several other factors of sexuality that are also improved due to engaging in sports or exercise, like:

  • Decreased risks of Erectile Dysfunction (ED): One of the most essential benefits of engaging in sports and exercise is that it lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction in men, due to an increased level of blood flow into your penis as a result of widening of the arteries. In this regard, research also suggests that you don't necessarily need to be overly fit or sporting to reduce chances of ED - even a brisk half hour walk works wonders.
  • Improved quality of semen: Research has found that if you exercise or are engaged in some rigorous sporting activity for at least 15 hours per week, you will have higher sperm counts than your inactive counterparts.
  • Increased libido: High levels of exercise pumps up testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women, which leads to better muscle growth and an increased sex drive in both sex. 
  • Increased chances of achieving orgasm in women: If you work out frequently, then the process of arousal works quicker for you and chances of orgasm is faster and with higher intensity, it gets increased exponentially. 
  • Heightened sensitivity: In women, the clitoris contains over 8000 nerve endings, which makes it very sensitive to stimulation, and increases arousal exponentially. Increased physical activity heightens the effect of this stimulus and makes sexual stimulation much more pleasurable.

Five Things That The Body Goes Through During Orgasm

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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
Five Things That The Body Goes Through During Orgasm

Also known as sexual climax, orgasm is the sudden ejection of stored sexual excitement during the process of having sex. It involves the rhythmic flexing of the muscles near the pelvic area resulting in an immensely pleasurable experience. Considered an involuntary action, it is experienced by both men and women though they occur due to different circumstances.

While the sexual stimulation of the penis is responsible for orgasm in males, it is the stimulation of the clitoris that causes the same in women. In both the sexes the body undergoes certain changes during orgasm. Few of them are -

1. Effect on genitals

Though orgasm results in a pleasurable experience in both men and women their genitals do not react in a similar way. Women experience a heady rush as the blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. Subsequently, the vagina secretes lubricants and increases in size. On the other hand, men experience a feeling of contraction and throbbing in their penis and prostate region. Despite the differences, the genitals in the cases release powerful sexual energy during orgasm. 

2. Increase in blood rate and rapid breathing

This condition is common to both men and women. Due to the dilation of the blood vessels, both the sexes experience an increase in heart rate, contraction of muscles and rapid breathing during orgasm.

3. Release of hormones

During orgasm, there is an excessive discharge of oxytocine in both men and women. When this hormone floods the brain, it creates feelings of intimacy and a sense of warm bond. However in males another hormone called the testosterone is released which operates as a counter to the effects of oxytocin.

4. Effects on brain 

During orgasm, the brains of men and women operate differently. The periaqueductal gray also known as PAG, an area responsible to control fights is activated in women. At the same time women also experience a sudden decrease in apprehension and fear. However, the same does not happen in the case of men. 

5. Stimulation of nerve endings

During orgasm millions of nerve endings on the penis, vaginal opening, testes and clitoris are triggered and stimulated. This consequently produces the feeling of an arousal. 

Kegel Exercise Helpful For Sex Life!

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Sexologist, Mathura
Kegel Exercise Helpful For Sex Life!

Kegel exercise is more helpful in sexual life 
If we have followed kegel exercise than our penis muscle looseness and low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction problem more curable after kegel exercise 
In the penis have two muscles 
1 corpus spongiosum  
2 corpus cavernosum
After kegel exercise both muscles have more active and testosterone levels more increase in male human body.

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Klinefelter's Syndrome - Know Characteristics Of It!

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Sexologist, Delhi
Klinefelter's Syndrome - Know Characteristics Of It!

Klinefelter's syndrome is a medical condition in which a boy is born with an extra copy of the 'X' chromosome. Klinefelter's syndrome has an adverse effect on testicular growth and results in the formation of smaller than normal testicles. This affects the production of the sex hormone testosterone. It can also cause lower retention of muscle mass, facial or body hair and enlarged breast tissues. It is difficult for people who are diagnosed with Klinefelter's syndrome to father children because they produce little to no sperm and often has to resort to take help from assisted reproductive procedures to procreate.


Generally Klinefelter's syndrome is not diagnosed before adulthood because of the fact that there are few noticeable symptoms which might indicate Klinefelter's syndrome during infancy, childhood or adolescence period. 

The few characteristics which might indicate the condition are listed below:

1. Development of weak muscles.
2. Taking above average time to develop basic motor skills.
3. Delaying in speaking.
4. The testicles haven't descended into the scrotum.
Boys and teenagers develop the following characteristics:
1. They tend to have longer leg and broader hips than their peers.
2. Onset of puberty is delayed or in some cases absent or incomplete.
3. After puberty, less muscular bodies and less facial and body hair compared with other teens
4. Smaller than average size of penis.


1. Klinefelter's syndrome occurs due to the occurrence of an extra 'X' chromosome in the cells instead of the normal combination on 'XY' chromosomes. 
2. In some severe cases, there is the occurrence of more than one extra 'X' chromosome in each cell. 
3. This is not inherited or a genetic condition. This occurs due to a random error during the formation of the egg , the sperm or post conception.  

Diagnoses and Treatment

1. Chromosome analysis and hormone testing are the two main ways to diagnose this condition.
2.  Abnormal hormone levels present in blood and urine, might indicate Klinefelter's syndrome.

Early diagnosis and medication minimizes the effects of Klinefelter's syndrome. These include:

1. Testosterone replacement therapy. In treatment, testosterone is injected at regular intervals from the onset of puberty to ensure normal growth.
2. Patients also need educational support as well as speech therapy to overcome any barriers the patient is experiencing.
3. Removal of excess breast tissue and fertility treatment. 
4. With the help of intracytoplasmic sperm injection, it is possible for patients with low sperm production to father children.

Having Sex Regularly - Is It Too Much?

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Sexologist, Parbhani
Having Sex Regularly - Is It Too Much?

Indulging in intercourse daily is a healthy option for couples as it comes with a variety of benefits:

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Promotes longevity
  3. Leads to an increase in blood circulation
  4. Helps one sleep better
  5. Improves your fitness level

Indulging in intercourse daily certainly does come with benefits but overdoing the routine can result in various side-effects. According to most medical practitioners and sex-perts, doing it twice a day is considered optimum.

What happens if you overdo it on a regular basis?
However, stretching it up to thrice is acceptable, but going beyond that number can prove to be harmful as sex is a physical activity which puts strain on your body and genitals. The penis has a resting period, which if not adhered to, can lead to extreme stress on the organ and erectile dysfunction in the long-run. Other than distress in the penis, having sex too many times can also cause soreness in the penis and painful muscle contractions during an orgasm. In women, over-indulging in intercourse can cause tears in the vaginal area which can prove to be very painful while urinating or foreplay the next time. Women are also prone to contracting urinary tract infectionif they indulge in this process too many times. This is the reason why clearing the bladder for women is recommended.

The final verdict
However, sex-perts also believe that is very important for couples to embrace and indulge in this process as physical intimacy and satisfaction plays an important role in sustaining the relationship for a long time. Not having sex for extended periods of time might result in depression and your partner might start looking for other options. Thus, having sex once or twice a day is completely normal and encouraged but for a healthy and sustainable sex life, you should refrain from doing it too many times a day.

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4 Easy Sex Position For Your First Time

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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
4 Easy Sex Position For Your First Time

Many people are scared of having sex either because of the pain or simply because of the after effects of having unprotected sexual intercourse.  Keeping yourself away from sexual intercourse and hiding all your emotions and excitement may result in psychological imbalances.

First time is always special. Instead of trying complicated sex positions which might ruin your experience, go for these 4 simple sex styles to ensure a beautiful time spent with your partner :

- Doggy Style

It is a position in which the woman bends on her elbows keeping her legs tightly closed. The man is at the back of her making it comfortable having anal sex. With this position, you can also have vaginal sex with your partner.

- Magic Bullet

It is a position in which the woman lies on the bed with legs up in the air. The man holds her legs and kneels down behind her. This is one of the easier styles for first timers.

- Reverse cowgirl

It is a sort of cross between doggy style and classic women-on-top position. This is a position in which the man lies flat on the bed and the woman is on the top of the man with her back facing the man. She leans forward while the man penetrates into her vagina or the anus, from behind.

- 69

It is a position in which the couple align themselves in such a way that their mouths are near to the other's genitals. This particular position allows for great oral sex. Sexual stimulations are high in this position but sometimes it can distract people whose focus is just on their own pleasure. This position is best fitted for partners having similar heights.

So, get rid of all the shyness and give all your emotions and excitement a direction. Give it a chance and take your relation to a higher level, making it stronger.

All About Oncosexology

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Sexologist, Delhi
All About Oncosexology

The discipline of oncosexology has emerged in recent times with the idea of spreading the awareness of sexual issues in oncology care and emphasizes on the importance of approaching these issues to prevent the development of severe sexual dysfunctions or problems. Although the rate of sexual problems in cancer patients is reported to be around 35-50% worldwide, and despite the fact that both cancer care providers and patients recognize the weight of discussing sexual issues, it is unfortunate that neither group are observed to do so.

Impact of Cancer on sexual functioning

It is invariably true for all cancer treatment options that they can potentially affect sexuality in a negative way with their impact, ranging from comparatively clement to extremely enfeebling. The impact on sexuality may arise from a number of biological, psychological and relational consequences of cancer and more than often, a composition of bio-psycho-social factors are involved. While men suffered from erectile dysfunction, retrograde ejaculations and loss of sexual desire, in women, sexual dysfunction is commonly associated with abrupt failure of ovaries and its related menopausal symptoms. Psychologically, the differences in dealing with emotions and feelings of disappointment can cause anxiety, which, in turn, can steer towards sexual distancing.

Steering towards sexual activity during/after treatment

Most patients remain oblivious to the very idea of oncosexology as a result of lack of awareness about possible treatments and its mode of addressal. Maintaining a healthy sexual relationship in such cases requires support and encouragement from healthcare professionals. Oncosexology, therefore, aims at a well rounded integration of sexual rehabilitation in the context of oncology care since sexuality is indeed extremely important in enhancing the quality of life.

Cancer patients can use the following tips for having a better sex life:

1. Sexual activity largely depends upon the energy and comfort level between the partners affected by the disease. Inhibitions are natural and sexual activity needn't involve intercourse or oral sex alone. Foreplay, mutual masturbation and usage of vibrators and lubrications may also ease the pain and discomfort.

2. Partners need to communicate openly about their feelings and what feels good and what doesn't in bed.

3. Using protection is a must. Chemotherapy may persist in the semen 48-72 hours prior to treatment.

4. Explore with different positions in order to find what's best for both you and your partner if the usual ones seem painful.

5. Speak to a sexologist or sex therapist beforehand in order to have a clear picture about the possible consequences of your treatment on your sexuality.

6. Coping with body image concerns may also pose to be another challenge. Exercising and eating well improves health and boosts self esteem.


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HIV - Be Careful About Your Sex Life!

HIV Specialist, Nashik
HIV - Be Careful About Your Sex Life!

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a virus which causes HIV infection and leads to "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" or AIDS.  HIV is transmitted by different means and ways.

Unprotected sex is a primary mode of transmission of the HIV virus from an infected person to a healthy person.  Unprotected sex refers to having sexual intercourse without using a condom or any other mode of protection. It leads to HIV transmission along with other sexually transmitted infections.

How does HIV occur from unprotected sex?
While having sex without protection, the HIV present in the body fluids such as blood, sperm, vaginal fluid, pre-cum or anal mucus of an HIV infected patient can pass on to the body of his/her partner. The transmission occurs through the membranes of the penis in men, vagina in women, the rectum and also through mouth and throat. It is more likely for an HIV patient to pass on the virus during the first few months after getting infected. This is because the virus spreads over body fluids during this stage.

Which types of sex are more risky?
HIV is transmitted the most by having vaginal or anal sex. Anal sex accounts for being the riskiest because the lining present in the anus is much more delicate than the vaginal lining. It is prone to more damage, easily. There are two types of anal sex: receptive anal sex and insertive anal sex. Receptive anal sex is more risky. 

HIV can also be acquired from oral sex. This can happen in case the person giving oral sex has ulcers in the mouth, sore and bleeding gums. In case the person receiving the oral sex is already infected, the other person gets HIV.

A person who has sex with multiple partners regularly is at a high risk of getting HIV because of unprotected sex. You can also take the package for Having Safe Sex


Getting HIV from unprotected sex can be avoided if you use these precautions:

  1. Condoms: Condoms offer the precaution against HIV infection from anal or vaginal sex. They should be used by men before any kind of sexual contact to restrict the passing of semen or fluid, which may be infected by HIV.
  2. Lubricants: Sex is made easier by using lubricants and reduces the risk of tearing in the vagina or anus due to friction. The risk of a condom breaking is reduced using lubricants.
  3. Dental Dams: This is another precautionary device, which is a small sheet of plastic. It has to be placed to cover the mouth of the vagina or anus and reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Unprotected sex is the primary cause of HIV and people who do not take precautions before sex are likely to be infected by HIV. If you wish to discuss about any specific sexual problem, you can consult a specilized sexologist and ask a free question.

5 Sexual Fantasies To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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5 Sexual Fantasies To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex life can get pretty monotonous and listless after a point of time, especially in a faithful and long marriage. Pent up sexual frustration is never healthy for the longevity of any marriage, and they must be given proper release. Fulfilling sexual fantasies is a good way to spice up your sex life because they help you channel all that you deem sexually attractive and through role playing or through sex toys, you can regain the lost libido.

Here are some of the techniques you can resort to conjure your sexual fantasies :

- Be adventurous

Sex in kitchen or bathroom has proven to be rougher and hence more adventurous than in the bedroom. Travelling to an exotic place and romantic hotels also yield similar results because psychologically it transports you to a different setting.

- Try role playing

Role playing and bondage claim has been proven to help a lot of people get over their lack luster sex lives. This requires you to make an effort and be imaginative while thinking of roles to play that would entice your partner and get you in the mood as well. Dressing up is a common starting point for role playing games. While the submissive-dominant dynamic has statistically been the most effective, don't be afraid to try out new weird stuff. Sexual preferences vary from one person to another.

- Sex toys

Sex toys can take the edge off in the building up of sexual tension. There are an innumerable number of sex toys available in the market for both men and women. Simple blindfolds, handcuffs and feather whips can induce a new spark in your dull sex life. 

- Communicate more

Be frank with your partner about your sexual fantasies and encourage him/her to open up about theirs too. During intercourse, be vocal about what you want to be done to you. For example, if you both are foodies, eating off of each other's body can be a huge enhancement factor.

- Try unconventional ways

Reading erotic fiction and even watching erotic films together can also help connect your sexual fantasy with reality. Wearing sexy lingerie or stripping can work for a lot of people too.

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