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Sex Education - Knowing Merits Of It!

Dr. Sharath Kumar C 94% (1403 ratings)
Sexologist, Bangalore
Sex Education - Knowing Merits Of It!

Every year, thousands of people suffer from the burden of unwanted pregnancies; fatal sexually transmitted infections (STI) including H.I.V, all due to the lack of proper knowledge about the practice of protected sex. The only effective way to control the consequences which are attached with unsafe sex is by introducing sex education on a large scale. It is important to educate the masses, especially the youth, about safe sex to protect them from the dangers which arise from lack of knowledge about sex.

The following are the benefits of sex education:

1. Precaution against unwanted consequences: When people are provided with proper sex education, chances of them indulging in unsafe sexual practices decrease as they become more careful and aware.

2. Ability to tell facts from fiction: In the era of information overload, the youth tend to get carried away by the information they read or see online, most of which are not verified. One of the many benefits of sex education is that people can easily differentiate between facts from myths.

3. Positive attitude towards sex: Proper sex education enables the youth to develop a positive attitude towards sex and inculcates a better perception of their bodies. The ones who are extensively educated on the topic of sex tend to shun all sex related misconceptions.

4. Informs about the effectiveness and usage of contraception: An important feature of sex education is to impart information about the usage and effectiveness of various methods of contraception. The benefit of sex education ensures that an effective method of contraception is adopted to minimize the risks of transmission of sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

5.Information about the risks of abortion: Young people often make a mistake by opting for abortion to deal with the problem of unwanted pregnancy. Due to lack of knowledge, they tend to underestimate the risks which are involved with abortion. Only people who have been informed adequately on the topic of abortion, as a part of sex education, can foretell the dangers associated with it.

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Dyspareunia - How To Avoid It?

Dr. Sharath Kumar C 94% (1403 ratings)
Sexologist, Bangalore
Dyspareunia - How To Avoid It?

Dyspareunia is a phenomenon noticed in both males and females but more frequently in females. It refers to recurring pain during or after sexual intercourse. Such kind of pain affects female genitalia usually the vagina, clitoris, or at times the depths of the pelvis. This pain is often accompanied by a burning, itching or throbbing sensation which can prove to be extremely discomforting if left unattended. Thankfully, a careful examination of symptoms leading to Dyspareunia and its early diagnosis can improve a person's sexual health. 

Indicators of this deep- rooted problem

1. Pain can occur during penetration in and around the vagina, urethra or the bladder.
2.Pain can be a new occurrence after earlier instances of painless intercourse.
3.It can be felt throughout intercourse in places such as deep in the pelvis or even after intercourse.
4.The intensity of the ache is sometimes sharp and at other times, it is as piercing as menstrual cramps.
5.It need not necessarily be associated with intercourse; pain can be experienced during any kind of penetration. Thus, using a tampon or a moon cup can also result in soreness.
6.Skin diseases can either be a symptom or a root cause leading to the problem. Skin problems such as Psoriasis or Lichen Sclerosus should not be taken lightly. 
7.Tightening of vaginal muscles at the beginning of intercourse may or may not be superficial pain. In most cases, it is identified as Vaginismus but it can also be a symptom of acute Dyspareunia. 

Ways to nip the pain in the bud

1.While, usually, pain during sexual intercourse is a result of adolescence or a traumatic sexual history, it can also be the result of a physiological problem contracted at birth. However, treatment in any situation is necessary to enable smooth functioning of one's life. 
2.Injectable corticosteroids might prove to be helpful.
3.There are oral medications to remedy the problem; antibiotics and antifungal medicines.
4.Increase in estrogen levels through the use of the drug Osphena helps in curing frailty of vaginal tissues.

Precautionary measures to be followed at home

1.Taking a warm bath before intercourse can lead to betterment.
2.It is best to avoid sex when in stress. Both partners should be relaxed to ensure a complete lack of pain.
3.After- sex pain can be relieved by applying an ice- pack around the vulva.
4.Urinating before sex can be helpful. It is also good to use water- soluble lubricants for stimulation.

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The Surprising Advantages Of Period Sex!

Dr. Sharath Kumar C 94% (1403 ratings)
Sexologist, Bangalore
The Surprising Advantages Of Period Sex!

While the social stigma pertaining to women's sexuality is being gradually (albeit heavily) dismantled, questions addressing the sexual concerns and problems of women are also more widely and openly discussed now. The debate of whether to completely forgo sexual activity during menstruation is one that continues to share explicitly divided opinions despite everything even till this day.

The idea of intercourse during 'the time of the month' is one that seldom receives an approving nod. Inhibitions relating to the 'mess' and the notion that menstrual blood, sanitary pads, and tampons can lower your arousal rates may underplay the many benefits of engaging in sexual activity during this time. However, this remains challenged by the many upshots as enlisted below:

-Helps ease cramps
The release of oxytocin and dopamine along with other endorphins alleviate the cramps and body-ache that one might encounter during periods. Sex promotes better blood flow and relieves stress and can help battle mood swings during periods.

-Shortens the length of periods
Many women who engage in sex during menstruation often claim that their periods last for a comparatively shorter span of time than if they hadn't had any intercourse. This is because every time you have an orgasm, the uterus contracts. The muscle spasms of orgasm allow expulsion of blood and uterine lining faster than it is usually subjected to happen.

-No need for lubes
Your flow acts as an active and better lubrication during sex and this also enhances pleasure. This might act as a natural way to deal with dryness during sex and one may avoid store-bought lubrications during the time of the month.

-Chances are that you might actually like it!
Changes in hormonal balances during the first few days of periods can make women more desirous of sexual activity and the partners may enjoy a greater level of pleasure. Sex during periods also ushers in a feeling of deeper intimacy between the partners. An intensified sense of libido that one may feel during this time is extremely beneficial to sexual activity. The pleasure is therefore greater and you might actually like it more than sex on normal days!

How to minimize the mess?

If your primary concern is the 'mess' that you're afraid to create, a menstrual cap or female condom may be the solution to your problem. They help reduce the blood flow during sexual intercourse. In fact, even a regular condom can make it less messy, at least for you partner. Sex in the shower also elevates cleanliness while retaining (often increasing) the excitement in your sexual act.  



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Dt. Neha Suryawanshi 93% (20430 ratings)
M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai


Stronger Erection - Know The Ways To Sustain It!

Dr. Kapil Arora 88% (757 ratings)
Sexologist, Kota
Stronger Erection - Know The Ways To Sustain It!

An erection depends on a number of factors, both internal and external. The internal factors are supply of blood, sufficient oxygen, and the functioning of the other bodily systems at the time. While stimulant drugs and other kinds of medicines are short term solutions to sustain an erection for a longer period of time, sometimes certain changes in your daily lifestyle can also be of great benefit. Here are 5 ways to have a stronger erection: 

1. A healthy diet -
Regular heavy meals are not good for your erection. This is because the flow of blood slows down and the digestive system begins working very fast. High cholesterol level or blood sugar level can cause nerve damage all over the body. If the nerves associated with the sexual organs are harmed, sexual function can be impaired. Fruits and berries which are high in micronutrients and antioxidants are beneficial and should be a part of your diet instead.

2. Lesser consumption of alcohol -
Alcohol is primarily a depressant and can affect the normal functioning of the nerves. More than two standard size drinks in a day can be harmful because the liver is unable to process more. In fact, the toxins of alcohol build up in the body and affect most of the organ systems. Overconsumption of alcohol has been directly linked to limited sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and temporary and long term erectile dysfunction.

3. Acupuncture therapy -
Acupuncture therapy involves inserting thin, sharp needles in the pressure points of the entire body to realign and regulate the flow of energy in the body. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is essentially a disorder of the interaction between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This can be corrected by activating the pressure points along the spinal cord. Acupuncture therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for about 60% of the patients who underwent the procedure.

4. Minimized intake of drugs -
Medication for disorders like social anxiety, depression and narcolepsy has negative impacts on the nervous system. Other drugs like amphetamines, methadone, nicotine, opiates and barbiturates are also responsible for certain cases of erectile dysfunction. The use of such drugs should be limited to prescriptions and medical emergencies in order to improve your ability to sustain a strong erection.

5. Lowered stress levels -
Psychological stress leads to the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. These result in decreased secretion of sex hormones like testosterone because the secretion of stress hormones is prioritized by the body. So, lowering the level of stress can do wonders for sexual health and functioning.

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Benefits Of Copper!

Dt. Neha Suryawanshi 93% (20430 ratings)
M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Benefits Of Copper!

Benefits Of Copper!

Premature Ejaculation - How Can Unani Help?

Dr. Suraiya Tabassum 87% (88 ratings)
MBA (Healthcare), Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Patna
Premature Ejaculation - How Can Unani Help?

Premature ejaculation is a male health condition where the total process of arousal, erection, ejaculation and climax occur at a rapid rate. This may fail to satisfy the female partner while having intercourse. Premature ejaculation can sometimes be accompanied by erectile dysfunction. The causes of this condition, vary from person to person and may occur due to the weakness of the parasympathetic nervous system, anxiety, stress and over masturbation.

Unani medicines, which are completely herbal medicines can be used for the treatment of premature ejaculation. These herbal medicines help in providing increased libido, which enhances a man’s sex drive and helps in overcoming the problem of premature ejaculation. Sex drive or libido depends on several emotional and biological factors. Unani medicines treat the underlying cause of premature ejaculation and treat the condition.

Effects of Unani medicines-

These herbal medicines help in enhancing sexual sensitivity and also increase stamina. The chances of premature ejaculation are reduced in this way. The medicines are made of natural herbs, which help in assisting the body’s natural blood flow to the penis. The sponge-like erectile tissues in the penis are expanded and give increased length and width.

These medicines contain natural aphrodisiacs, which have been used since ancient times for enhanced sexual arousal and performance. The combination of life-enhancing herbs with potent natural aphrodisiacs provides boosted libido and treats premature ejaculation. Other similar sexual disorders can also be treated using these herbal Unani medicines.

For enhanced pleasure in your sexual life and getting rid of premature ejaculation, Unani medicines are a great solution. Ejaculation is delayed, and you will be able to maintain your erection for a longer time, and this will satisfy your partner much more. You will have a much-improved grip or control over your ejaculation and with the help of herbal medicines, you will be able to last for a long period while having sexual intercourse.

Unani medicines help in treating premature ejaculation in the following ways:

  1. It eliminates premature ejaculation. Ejaculation time is delayed, and you will have better control.

  2. Fertility is increased and stronger, firmer erections are produced.

  3. Sexual stamina and drive are improved upon.

  4. The results produced are progressive and usually long-lasting.

  5. The ejaculation process is normalized from being abnormal, and you will notice positive changes in your libido.

  6. These medicines are not very expensive and permanent results are obtained with no side effects.

Some effective Unani medicines for premature ejaculation treatment are:

Anacyclus Pyrethrum, Asparagus Racemosus, Mucuna Prureins, Withania Somnifera, Zingibar Officinale and Orchis Latifolia.

Unani treatment for the treatment of premature ejaculation is an effective one. It involves the use of natural herbs, and the practice is popular in South Asia. It is widely practised by Arabic and Persian physicians.

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Orgasm - How To Enhance It?

MD - (Ayu.), CCP, B. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery .)
Sexologist, Patna
Orgasm - How To Enhance It?

Your good intention during intercourse might be to give your partner an intense orgasm, but orgasms aren’t something one can “give”. All you can do is make the conditions more favourable for the other person to have them by manipulating your moves.

Here are six ways in which you can orgasm better: 

  1. Don’t skip the foreplay: Just like it is not a good idea to run a marathon without sufficient warm up, it isn’t advisable to skip or shorten the foreplay. Explore and find out and choose the right kinds of foreplay that take the arousal to great heights. Oral sex, clitoral stimulation and self-stimulation during sex are incredible in achieving a better climax. 
  2. Experiment with edging: Try what we call 'edging'. That is, bring yourself close to climax, then stop short of reaching climax, and after a pause a few seconds, rebuild your arousal – again just close to climax. Repeat this until you can't hold any more and then come! The resulting orgasm is very intense and worth the effort. 
  3. Try sex toys: Once in a while let a sex toy join the fun. Sex toys are useful in maximizing pleasure levels during intercourse or solo. 
  4. Use a lubricant: Don’t think that a lube just addresses the vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Research shows that as many as 50% of women get better orgasms when they use lubricants. The lubrication adds sensitivity to the genitals and helps get good orgasms. 
  5. Target the C-spot: A lot of women have problems in getting orgasms during intercourse as the clitoris isn’t stimulated enough. The clitoris has the maximum number of nerve endings and during intercourse, clitoral contact is needed for most women to reach orgasm. Tip: Try out woman-on top, side-to-side and doggy style positions for clitoral stimulation. There are many more options too. 
  6. Do not overlook the testes: Stroking your sack upwards right before getting an orgasm adds more power to the orgasms in men. The testes are tremendous pleasure points for a man and gently stroking them is useful in heightening the arousal which leads to a stronger orgasm.
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Can Stress Kick Your Love Life?

Ms. Samiksha Jain 91% (659 ratings)
Hypnotherapist, Diploma in Counselling Skills, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
Psychologist, Bangalore
Can Stress Kick Your Love Life?

Stress can have a bad impact on all aspects of your life and your love life stands as no exception to this. If you feel tensed and worried at all times, chances are that your sex drive is going to suffer. There have been studies conducted all across the planet that show excessive stress hikes the cortisol production in the body and this makes you less attractive to your opposite sex.

  1. Know what’s causing the stress: This is the primary step to relieve stress out of your life. Take the time out to contemplate this and make a list of the top 10 things that are causing unbearable stress and anxiety. Weed those that can be eliminated right away and the others should be reduced considerably.
  2. Stave off undesired commitments: It is natural to have commitments in life but it is also important to note that all of them are not worth it. Again make a list and think of the amount of stress contributed by all of them. By keeping things that don’t matter to you, you are actually compromising your love life. Take a brutal step to eliminate those that hurt you the most.
  3. Never procrastinate: You must have heard that before, but you have never paid heed to it. Did you know that allowing work to pile up increases the pressure and stress you out? So, do what can be done today, or rather at this moment.
  4. Exercise: This is the best thing you could do to release stress. By working out regularly, you gradually release the stress buildup and it offers you a time that’s exclusively meant for you when you can contemplate as well as relax on everything that pertains to you and your love life.
  5. Eat a regulated diet: This one is a good habit which offers multifarious advantages. Stack up fresh fruits and vegetables in your breaks instead of munching fried staff or greasy food. They are not just causing to increase your stress levels, but also make you look tired and worn out. Plus, unhealthy junk foods create a lot of skin problems which make you appear dull and unattractive for your partner.

Stress is how your body responds to the hurdles and challenges in your life and a life without any challenges is really next to impossible. So, these were the top 5 ways to fend off stress from your personal life.

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Sexual Problems - How To Overcome Them?

Dr. Abid Jan 88% (26 ratings)
MHM, Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology, Fellowship in Sexology
Sexologist, Srinagar
Sexual Problems - How To Overcome Them?

Sexual disorders are issues or complications which hamper your sex life. This can have unintended consequences such as depression and separation. Sexual disorders may be either physical or psychological; at present, there are treatments available for most sexual disorders.

Sexual disorders interfere with certain parts or the whole of the sexual response cycle (which consists of excitement, orgasm, plateau and resolution). This means that you will not be able to achieve satisfaction and contentment by engaging in sexual activity.

The types of sexual disorders are-

  1. Disorders related to orgasm: These disorders are related to the inability to orgasm or climax.
  2. Desire disorders: Lack of desire to engage in sexual intercourse
  3. Arousal disorders: If afflicted with these disorders, you will find it very difficult to be aroused during sexual activity.
  4. Pain related issues: These are disorders in which you experience pain during sexual intercourse.

The symptoms of sexual disorders are-

  1. You may be unable to orgasm.
  2. Tight muscles in the vagina, thus hampering sex.
  3. Dry vaginal tissues in the vagina leading to pain during sex.
  4. Inability to maintain or achieve an erection.
  5. Premature ejaculation.

There are various treatments which are available to rectify sexual disorders. They are-

  1. Sex Therapy: You may consult a sex therapist who can provide counselling on the psychological aspects of sex. They can help you resolve those psychological factors which can act as a deterrent.
  2. Hormone Therapy: Women can undergo hormone therapy if the cause of sexual disorders is an imbalance in the hormones.
  3. Mechanical Devices: Various devices such as penile implants and vacuum devices can help overcome sexual disorders.
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