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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis - How Can It Help Diabetes Patient?

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Dr. Hajira KhanamENT Specialist • 10 Years Exp.MD - Physician, Diploma In Otorhinolaryngology (DLO)
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Diabetes is a chronic condition that leads to high blood sugar. This condition occurs when insulin – a hormone produced by the pancreas – is not produced by the body in sufficient amounts or the body can’t use the insulin effectively.

If left untreated, diabetes can affect your eyes, nerves, and even kidneys.

Diabetes is of four types

  1. Type 1 diabetes – This type of diabetes occurs when the immune system attacks cells in the pancreas. 

  2. Type 2 diabetes – In this condition, the body becomes resistant to insulin and allows sugar to accumulate in the blood.

  3. Gestational diabetes – during pregnancy if a woman’s blood sugar surges then it is called gestational diabetes.     

Causes of diabetes

The causes are diabetes are many, they vary according to the type of diabetes. For example, if it is type 1 diabetes then it could be your genes. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is caused by lifestyle factors and genetics. Obesity too can lead to type 2 diabetes. 

Gestation diabetes is caused by changes in the hormones during pregnancy. The placenta in a woman’s body produces a hormone that makes their cells less sensitive to the effects of insulin. 

Diabetes symptoms 

If you are a diabetic then you may notice the following symptoms -   

Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis

Mucormycosis is a condition caused by a fungus of the family Mucorales. Rhinoorbito cerebral mucormycosis is generally observed in people with diabetes who are in ketoacidosis. The infection starts in the sinus region of the nose and then eventually spreads to the brain.

If the disease is detected early in diabetes then it can be restrained to just the nasal cavity and the sinuses.

The best way to control this disease is through radical surgical debridement and systemic antifungal therapy. The patient also needs to get his/her blood sugar under control to treat this disease effectively. 


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