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Pregnancy And UTI - Taking Precautionary Measures Can Help!

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Pregnancy And UTI - Taking Precautionary Measures Can Help!

Pregnancy brings with it many complications, and one of them is the increased risk of urinary tract infection. As the uterus enlarges with the growing fetus, it puts pressure on the adjacent urinary organs and so there could be blockage of the free flow of urine. This can lead to infection and is quite common between 6 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

While UTI is something that is very common and treated with a round of antibiotics, with pregnancy, doctors would not want to do that. Since antibiotics have their own risk, it may not be good for the growing fetus and the pregnant mother. Therefore, knowing that this is one of the risks of pregnancy, most doctors advise women to take some steps to avoid a UTI during their pregnancy. Learning these can be very helpful, as it not just helps avoid an infection but also other complications associated with it. So, what are the precautionary measures?

  1. Increase your water intake, to at least 8 glasses every day.
  2. Consume cranberry juice, without any sugar added though
  3. Add lime juice to the water, so that the bacterial growth is controlled
  4. Avoid sugary fruit juices
  5. Reduce the intake of caffeine
  6. Watch the colour of the urine, a darker colour indicates that water intake needs to be increased
  7. Quit alcohol during pregnancy
  8. Do not consume refined or processed foods and choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead.
  9. Increase your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zinc.
  10. Frequently pass urine, so there is no collection of urine in the bladder
  11. Pass urine before and after intercourse
  12. Keep the genital area clean by wiping it from front to behind
  13. Avoid wearing tight-fitting underpants
  14. Use cotton underwear
  15. Avoid use of chemicals including soap, creams, antiseptic creams, sprays, and powders
  16. Avoid soaking in the bath for longer than 30 minutes; prefer a shower any day
  17. Use cotton clothes that are not tight-fitting and allow for sufficient air circulation
  18. If you suspect you have a urinary infection, get a doctor’s help immediately.

Complications of untreated urinary infection can include high blood pressure, anaemia, and spread of infection to other parts of the body. It can also cause low birth weight and preterm labour. Urinary infections can be treated with alternative medicine prescribed by the doctor and constant monitoring to ensure the bacteria are cleared.

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