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Last Updated: Aug 01, 2020


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Dr. Srushti Bhujbale.Ayurvedic Doctor • 19 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Certificate Course In Ksharasutra Therapy

Hello Friends!

Myself Dr. Srushti Bhujbale. I work in Vasai West as a piles-fissure-fistula expert. Today I will speak about piles. What is piles? How do they come and what are the causes, symptoms, and treatment for it. Piles develop because of pressure over the hemorrhoidal veins, the vein which passes through the anal region. Whenever these veins are in stress or pressure, piles may develop. If you see the simple causes, they are long sitting, long-standing, constipation, pregnancy. Constipation is the main reason for this problem. At the time of defecation, patient stress and strain, so the piles develop.

Same happens at the time of the pregnancy. ( months burden is there because of the fetal head, bulky uterus and even after delivery patient may develop constipation. Now, if we see the types of piles are internal, external, bleeding, non-bleeding, painful and painless piles. Non-bleeding and painless piles are more dangerous than the opposite one. 1st and 2nd grade piles are easy to treat. It goes easily with the medicinal treatment, hot sit bath, ice-cube fermentation then injection therapy and OPD can also be done.

But if piles are at grade 3 or 4, 4th-grade piles is also called prolapse piles because it is coming out of the anal region. It may convert to carcinoma, malignancy, tumor, tuberculosis and many other diseases. Never take this for granted. 3rd and 4th-grade piles need surgery only. Surgery types: stapler, laser, anal dilatation. How can you come to know that you are suffering from piles? Patient can see piles when it comes out. Symptoms of piles are bleeding, pain, itching, burning sensation. Pain is always not there. If you are not suffering from pain, doesn't mean that you do not have piles. Same with bleeding. If bleeding is there, you will consult a doctor. But if bleeding is not there, pain and burning sensation is there so you have to consult a doctor. Next time I am going to talk about fissure, fistula, paranoia sinus, again about the anal disorder which is more dangerous than piles. Thank you for watching my video. For more information or to consult me, you can directly contact me through Lybrate.

Thank You.


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