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Last Updated: Apr 06, 2023

Physiotherapy For Pain And Tingling Sensation In The Limbs!

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An occasional tingling sensation in the hands or feet is normal and probably happens to everybody. But if this happens at a higher intensity or frequency than the normal amount and if it is accompanied by pain, it needs attention.

Commonly called the “pins and needles” feeling, it is irritating and distracting. Sometimes, this is a symptom of more complicated underlying issues. For this reason, this problem should not be ignored, even if it doesn’t seem like much of a problem.


A tingling sensation anywhere in the body is usually the result of pressure on the nerves in that area. The hands and limbs having several nerve endings at the fingertips and toes are often at the receiving end of this sensation even if another part of the leg or arm is under pressure.

In rarer cases, this feeling might be more frequent or chronic.  Sometimes, it might not even happen as a result of direct pressure. This is when the symptoms need more attention because it indicates the beginning of nerve damage.  This might be the result of various causes like:


The pain and tingling are itself a symptom of possible neurological problems.  But usually, it is just a result of the nerves being under pressure. If the symptom occurs in the absence of pressure, and it occurs frequently, it is likely that it is indicating a different health condition called peripheral neuropathy. It comes with a set of other symptoms like:

Other indications-

Most of the time, slight pain and some tingling in the hands and legs is not an indication of some complicated health condition. There are other simple causes like:

Alcoholism, anxiety, and vitamin deficiency need to be treated. Once this is done, the pins and needles sensation will be gone. During pregnancy, light stretching in the earlier stages and some comfortable massage during the advanced stages help avoid the tingling sensation.

Relieving the Symptom with Physiotherapy-

Treatment of this symptom involves the treatment of the cause. The wide range of possible causes needs to be diagnosed either by method of confirming the possible cause or ruling out the others.

If there is no grave underlying medical cause, physiotherapy is helpful in getting rid of the symptom. No medication is required if there is no complication involved. Also, the symptom should not be allowed to stay if it manifests frequently. Physiotherapist will use Exercise therapy like the knees to chest exercise, hamstring stretch, opposition stretch, backward bending of the spine, erect postures of the spine and the child’s pose help getting rid of the pain and tingling.

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