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Arthroscopic Surgeries - Why Are They Carried Out?

Dr. Rajat Jangir 92% (11 ratings)
MS - Orthopaedics, Diploma In Sports Medicine
Orthopedist, Jaipur
Arthroscopic Surgeries - Why Are They Carried Out?

Life is beautiful and exciting, but any impaired movement can take our routine for a toss. Especially, with conditions such as arthritis, it gets tougher. But there are numerous modern-day procedures available to treat such issues, and one such method is the Arthroscopic surgery. It is performed on the joints to diagnose and treat the joint problems and abnormalities.

In this surgical procedure, small incisions of around ¼ inches are made to several parts of a joint area for inserting an Arthroscope which is attached to a small television camera, and it lets the surgeons have a closer look at the interiors of the joints. Whether it's finding out the cause of a joint abnormality or visualizing the issue for treating or repairing it, arthroscopic surgeries can take care of both. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common queries regarding arthroscopic surgeries.

Why are arthroscopy surgeries performed?

When it comes to diagnosing as well treating inflammatory, non-inflammatory and different types of infectious arthritis and injuries in the joints, orthopedics usually recommends arthroscopic surgeries. From treating tears or dislocations in the joints of the shoulder, knee, wrists to issues caused by arthritis, and treating cartilage damages such as in the ankles or elbow, arthroscopic surgeries are performed for a wide variety of reasons.

How long it takes to recover completely?

As the effect of the sedatives and anesthesia, patients tend to feel dizzy and sleepy right after the surgeries. Even, sometimes mild pain can be experienced too which usually goes away in a few days with the help of right medications. The surgical incisions, being tiny, also tend to heal within a few days after the surgeries with proper care. Usually, the patients are likely to resume their daily activity, except the stressful ones, within a few weeks. However, depending on the severity of the joint condition and the condition of the patient, the recovery time can vary.

Are there any risks involved in these surgeries?

Potential complications of any kind are not common in arthroscopic surgeries. However, sometimes, patients may feel pain slight pain in the joint or joint stiffness, severe swelling, and even redness or numbnessJoint infection and bleeding into the joint are two other complications that are also very rare.

Remember, though it is mostly an outpatient procedure, still, a spinal, regional, local, or general anesthesia is required depending on the condition of the patient. These surgeries tend to cause less tissue damage as well as less pain with smallest of cuts compared to other traditional surgical procedures. In case you are facing joint issues, consult with your orthopedic to know whether you are the right candidate for arthroscopic surgeries or not.

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Orthopedic Doctor in Gurgaon!

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh 91% (192 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri

Is that stiffness in joints taking a toll on your daily activity like walking, exercise. These best orthopedic doctors in Gurgaon, can help in getting your life back on track by treating any kind of join or muscle related surgeries or disorders. Here is the list of best orthopedic doctors and surgeons in Gurgaon:

1. Dr. Himanshu Gupta

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice(FIPP), Fellow Adult Knee Reconstruction and Sports Injuries

Consultation fees: ₹400 - 1000

Dr. Himanshu is a well experienced orthopedic surgeon with 16 years of practice. He specialises in knee reconstruction and sports injuries. His other areas of interest are arthroscopic surgery along with interventional spine & pain treatments. He has successfully done more than 4500 spine interventions,  including lumbar ,sacral & cervical areas which are considered to be complicated and tricky. He is currently associated with Nivaran Pain Relief Centre in Sector-41, Gurgaon & Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre - Okhla Road, Delhi.

2. Dr. Sanjay kapoor

MBBS, Diploma in Orthopaedics, MS - Orthopaedics

Consultation fees: ₹500

Dr. Sanjay Kapoor is a senior consultant. He is specialised as Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Surgeon. Hw currently practices as Managing Director at K.K Healthcare Centre, Gurgaon. His areas of keen interest are Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement and Spine treatment like Laminectomy, Disc Removal, Nerve Decompression. He has successfully operated more than 10000+ patients for knee and hip surgery from across the globe. He is a recipient of Global Health Care Excellence Award 2014 for best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Gurgaon Haryana.

3. Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed

Diploma In Orthopaedics, MBBS

Consultation fees: ₹500

With more than 48 years of experience he is a popular name in Gurgaon, when it comes to orthopedists fraternity. Dr. Ahmed specialises in orthopaedics, paediatric orthopaedics, treatment of spine related problems, spine & joint replacement surgery. He has also done fellowship in minimal access surgery.  He is also  associated with Indian Orthopaedic Association and International Society for Knowledge for Surgeons on Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty. He currently practices at Ahmed Hospital. 

4. Dr. Gurinder Bedi

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, DNB, FRCS - General Surgery & Trauma & Orthopedic Surgery, CCST - Internal Medicine

Consultation fees: ₹1000 

Dr. Bedi has 30 years of national & international experience. He has worked for 12 years in England. Currently he is director of Orthopaedic department at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj. Previously he was associated with some of the prestigious hospitals like MAX, Primus and Sitaram Bhartiya Hospital. His special interest areas are joint replacement, arthroscopy and treatment of diabetic foot. He is also associated with many prestigious institutes and medical associations.

5. Dr. Vikas Gupta

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, Hand Surgery Fellowship

Consultation fees: ₹1000- 1500

Dr. Vikas Gupta a well known name in the field of orthopedist, has more than 27 years of experience. He is currently associated with Max Hospital in Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon and Max Smart Super speciality Hospital in Saket, Delhi and Hand 2 Shoulder Clinic, GK -1 Delhi. His area of speciality are hand and shoulder surgery. He was the first surgeon to perform wrist replacement (Ceramic on ceramic) in India and has successfully performed over 6000 complex hand upper & extremity surgeries.

6. Dr. Prince Gupta

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - Orthopaedics

Consultation fees: ₹400 - 700

Dr Prince Gupta is an experienced joint and spine surgeon who is practicing in Gurgaon. He is practicing for more than 12 years. He is skilled in joint replacement surgeries like knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement and elbow replacement surgeries. Apart from joint surgeries he also specialises in performing orthopaedic spine surgeries using the best techniques as per the international standards. He has worked with some of the best hospitals in Gurgaon and Delhi like  Artemis Hospital, Fortis Hospital and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. 

7. Dr. O P Gupta

M.B.B.S, M.S. (Ortho)

Consultation fees: ₹500 - 900

Dr. Gupta is a senior consultant in Orthopaedics, Spine & Joints. He specialises in  Spine Surgery. In 14 years of his practice he has done more than 3000 Orthopedic and Spine surgeries in India and abroad. He has done extensive training in all aspect of spinal surgery. He currently practices at Khushansh Clinic, Gurgaon and Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi.

8. Dr. Akram Jawed

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery

Consultation fees: ₹500 - 900

Dr. Akram Jawed is amongst the best experienced orthopedic surgeons in Gurgaon with 8 years of experience. He has done some special courses like Advance course in trauma management (2013), Advance course on Periarticular plating (2013), Principles of Fracture Fixation (2009) and National Trauma Management Course (2011). He currently practices at consultant in orthopaedics at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket and Med Harbour Family Clinic Gurgaon. He is also the director of Mobility Clinic.

9. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

FRCS, MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS

Consultation fees: ₹1200

Dr. Ashok is best orthopaedic surgeon. He is a pioneer of many advancement of knee surgeries and has many accomplishments in his field like successfully completing 28 Total Knee Replacement surgeries in under 12 hours. In 40 years of his experience he has more than 25,000 Total Knee Replacement surgeries. He is the first orthopaedic surgeon in India who has carried virtual total knee replacement employing patient-specific instruments. He is a recipient of PadmaShri recipient. He currently heads bone and joint clinic- Fortis Hospital. 

10. Dr. Ankit Bhartia

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Arthroscopy and Joint replacement of Knee and Shoulder

Consultation fees: ₹400

Dr. Ankit Bhartia is an experienced Orthopedist  with 9 years of career. His areas of keen interest are Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery, Spine Surgery and Pediatric Orthopaedics. He currently practices at ''Sparsh - Orthopaedics and Sports Injury Centre'' , which is his own clinic and is also the ''Managing Director''  there. He is a member of many Indian and international associations.


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