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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Foot Problems - Can They Be Treated By Surgery?

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Dr. Srikrishna DasGeneral Surgeon • 24 Years Exp.MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Fellowship In Laparoscopic & Robotic Onco-Surgery, Fellowship In bariatric surgery, F.I.A.G.E.S
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Foot problems can occur due to a number of causes that, in most cases, are easily diagnosed. An orthopedic is a specialized doctor whose advice you should seek if you have any kind of discomfort in one or both of your feet. Discomfort may include chronic or regular pain, difficulty in movement and/or disfigurement. These are generally a result of arthritis, physical injury or a genetic or hereditary condition. In some of the cases, the pain and discomfort can be treated without any surgery, by using medications. However, in extreme cases, where medication, physical therapy, and other such non-surgical methods fail to have any impact, surgery is the only way to go.

These surgeries are less invasive and require a limited recovery time. They are also one of the most successful types of surgery. The surgical procedure is successful in dealing with the main complaints of a foot problem. It successfully treats a foot by,

  1. Relieving pain: The pain in your feet interferes with your work, making it difficult to carry on with your daily life, affecting your personal and social relationships. Pain often indicates an underlying problem, and it is easier and effective to treat the problem with a surgery, as it relieves you from the chronic pain.
  2. Restoring function: If your feet do not function properly, it will be impossible for you to move, as they are necessary for mobility. When a simple stride becomes a problem, your whole lifestyle is affected. Accepting defeat is not an option. A good orthopedic can help you to get back to your normal daily life by surgically treating your feet thus ensuring they function properly.
  3. Improving appearances: Foot deformity, due to a number of reasons such as polio or bone spurs, can lead to a restricted lifestyle. Movement is hampered and so is freedom. Surgically it can be treated and the appearance of your feet can be improved.

Arthritis is also a cause of a number of foot problems. In more cases than not, surgery becomes a necessity to treat your foot. Here are some of the surgeries that cater to arthritis-related foot problems:

  1. Repairing Fracture: If the fracture is beyond repair by non-surgical methods, surgery is the last refuge for an orthopedic surgeon. Surgery will include repositioning of the bone and the use of supports to keep them in position.
  2. Arthroscopic debridement: This surgical procedure helps to remove inflamed tissues or spurs from the joint.
  3. Arthrodesis: Also known as joint fusion, it involves the removal of the ends of the bones at the joint and replacing them with metal pins or screws.
  4. Osteotomy: The surgical procedure involves realignment of a joint by cutting the bone.

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