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Old-Age Problems And Homeopathic Treatment!

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Old-Age Problems And Homeopathic Treatment!

According to the reports published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 73% of older people belonging to the age group 60-69 years are affected by a number of health disorders. As you age, your body and immune system undergoes several changes due to various reasons - hormonal imbalance, change in eating habits, lifestyle changes, and underlying medical conditions. Among several old-age health conditions, the commonly observed ones are -

  1. Prostate gland problems- the prostate gland is the reproductive organ in male body. This small walnut-sized organ is present at the base of the bladder. Through the urethra, urine flows from the bladder. When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it obstructs urinal flow through the urethra. As the urethra constricts, the bladder starts to contract forcefully so you get an urge to urinate frequently. Symptoms of an enlarged prostate may include- slow or weak urinary stream, frequent urination, urgency to urinate especially at night.
  2. Joint problem- musculoskeletal or degenerative disorders can lead to wear-and-tear of bone cartilages. Such a condition over time can cause joint inflammation or other orthopedic disorders like arthritis, gout, osteoporosis etc.
  3. Urinary incontinence- refers to uncontrollable leakage of urine. This condition is more common in women than in men. Overactive or weak bladder muscles, nerve damage, pregnancy, menopause are some of the factors responsible for urinary incontinence in females.
  4. Sciatica- this condition occurs when the sciatic nerves are strained by bone spurs on the vertebrae or a herniated disk in the spine. It is characterized by a constant sharp pain in the lower back along the sciatic nerve. You may feel the pain one side of your leg or hip.

Role of homeopathy in treating old-age problems-
Homeopathy is considered the most frequently used alternative form of medicine for treating old-age problems/disorders, and rightly so. This branch of medicine uses natural substances to stimulate palliative reactions in individuals suffering from orthopedic or nephrology disorders. Homeopathic treatment depends on the symptoms and severity of the condition. Owing to its safety and efficacy, homeopathic drugs like Arnica, Nux vomica etc are a preferred choice of treatment.

Homeopathy drugs are non-addictive and gentle without any adverse effects. They not only help reduce symptoms of old-age problems, but also help you regain overall health. Once you recover from the disease, you will continue to experience long-lasting positive effect on your health.

These natural remedies rejuvenate your body naturally. Self-medication can be harmful. Take homeopathic medication under guidance of good qualified homeopathic physician only as they are aware of pathological and physiological changes of your body and adjust doses and treatment accordingly.

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