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X-Ray Fingers (AP / OBL View) Test

X-Ray Fingers (AP / OBL View) Test

One of the most common purpose to take the x-ray of finger is to check it for the fractures or the tissue damage caused due to an accident. The oblique view of finger is to check the phalanges and meta phalanges for the fractures and other damages.

No special diet or fasting is required before the taking the x-ray of the knee joint. No special precautions are needed before the test except for the basic hygiene maintenance

X-ray of finger is taken in order to check the fractures, dislocations, foreign body localisation, scleroderma, erosive arthritis, avulsion fractures, traumatic injuries and damage caused to the fingers The oblique view of x-ray is done as it enhances the accuracy of the diagnosis by providing the clear vision and observation of the fingers.

In order have the correct and complete view of the joint, the x-ray is taken at different angles. This helps in proper and right diagnosis.
Patient is seated alongside the table where the test needs to be taken
If possible, the affected arm is flexed at 90° so that the hand and the arm can rest on the table
From the basic PA position the hand is flexed to 45 degrees and the fingers are kept in extension position parallel to the image receptor.
Shoulder, wrist and elbow must be in the transverse plane at right angle to the central beam
Posteroanterior projection of the fingers:
centring point
third metacarpal head
laterally to the skin margins
proximal to include distal radioulnar joint
distal to the tips of the distal phalanges
detector size
18cm x 24 cm
50-60 kVp
1-5 mAs
100 cm
You might need to assist the patient with the sponge support so that he/she can maintain the proper position of the hand and fingers for the proper x-ray to be taken
Positioning for the oblique view:
Make the patient rest his forearm on the table with his hand pronated and the palm resting on the cassette
MCP joints must form 45 degree angle with the cassette plane. Therefore, the obliquity of the hand must be adjusted accordingly.
A 45 degree foam edge can be used to give the support to the fingers in the extended position for demonstrating the interphalangeal joints

Average price range of the test is between Rs.250 to Rs.500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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