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X-Ray Nasal Bone (AP View) Test

X-Ray Nasal Bone (AP View) Test

An X-ray of the nasal bone (AP view) is often carried out to determine if the nasal bone is intact or
fractured; additionally, it is also used to determine if the sinuses are clear or infected. It should be
pointed out that this procedure is often carried out for all procedures involving the nasal area. If you
find yourself experiencing some of the following symptoms, then you need to consult with your
doctor right away.
Sharp pain in the nasal area
Bleeding from the nose
Heavy congestion accompanied by discharge such as pus
Fluid buildup in the sinuses
Decreased sense of smell
If any or all the symptoms listed sound similar to what you are experiencing at the moment, then
you need to consult with your doctor right away.

Your doctor would first subject you to a close examination, especially around your nasal area; he would then review your complete medical history, check to see if you have had any nasal procedures done recently, as the current infection could be on account of the same. He would then order for a nasal X-ray, since he would want to confirm that your nasal bone is intact as well as determine if you do indeed have an infection. You do not have to undergo any additional prep for getting the X-day done but you need to inform your doctor if you are pregnant since X-rays, by definition, use a small amount of radiation to take the required images.

This test is mainly used to study the sinuses as well as the nasal bone structure so that your doctor can determine if your nasal bone is intact and in case of an infection such as bacterial or fungal, help your doctor come up with effective treatment for the same.

The lab technician would ask you to disrobe and wear the hospital gown; he would then ask you to remove all metal objects and position you differently to take X-rays of the nasal structurer from various sides. The images should be available after a while; your doctor would review the images and incase of a fractured nasal bone, he would recommend immediate hospitalization and in-patient procedures to get the same reset. In case of an infection, he would order for a culture test to be carried out on a sample of your sputum and prescribe an effective course of treatment for the same.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.250 to Rs.480 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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