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X-Ray Femur (AP View) Test

X-Ray Femur (AP View) Test

The femur is a bone that forms the upper leg of the human body. Upper leg means the zone between hip & knee. This bone lives inside the skin, tissue, and muscles of the upper leg. This body part may feel pain, obstacles in walking or other problems. The doctors prescribe the X- Ray Femur (AP View) to see the current condition of the bone. The AP View is the frontal scenario of the upper leg. Physicians are sending mild beams of X-ray through the skin and bring the correct picture of the bone. The amount of the ray is very controlled and it doesn't harm any part of the body.

The preparation of the patients is very simple but mandatory. Removing any metal object from the body like jewelry, accessories, watch, hairpin or band, and others are necessary while somebody is coming under the radiation. The easy clothing is important during the clinic visit, because the physician may tell you to remove or replace some of your clothes. If the patient is pregnant, then X-Ray procedure may bring harm for the baby inside. Therefore, the women need to brief their reality to the doctor or the clinician.

In case of major pressure on the hip joint, pelvic or upper leg area, patients might feel sore or severe abnormalities. The doctors want to see the right situation of the femur bone before taking an action. The X-Ray Femur (AP View) gives the right direction of any surgical or other treatment. Whether the doctor is suspecting the damage happened on the upper leg area or lower position, the x-ray is important to mark the actual position. How the femur is damaged, how much the damage happens, what is the actual condition, is any other related body part is affected or not, such questions have been cleared by the frontal view of the upper leg.

While you are ready to lie down on the x-ray table, then the clinician would say two important things to you. Stay still. The eye should be up towards the ceiling for the frontal view.

As the X-Ray Femur (AP View) requires the frontal view of the femur, therefore, the procedure demands the steadiness of the leg. A huge x-ray machine would be hanged from the ceiling. After the clinician adjusts your position on the table, two rays would start their movement. Each x-ray brings different pictures of the femur. In case of a child, clinician repositions the upper leg area after the single ray's movement. The adults would get another indication to stay still. The entire procedure happens within 10-15 minutes.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.200 to Rs.1300 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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