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I am Doctor Varun Singla International pain specialist doctor of reviving pain and spine centre.

So today we will discuss about medicine. What is pain medicine? Who is a pain specialist? Then we will go to the conditions which are being treated by page creation and you can help the people in the treatment of these conditions. Medicine which deals with the management of pain and who is a pain specialist doctor who specialises in pain in the use of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures.

So I see many patients who are coming to us and they are suffering from pain, living with it and who don’t take treatment and are unaware of the treatment that are available today in the modern medicine. So many ways by which you can be treated by open position for example back pain, sciatica pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia facial pain many things in which you can see treatment. There are many ways to get rid of pain like physiotherapy, chiropractors, massage, manipulation surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

In our houses, if someone has pain how do they go about it. They start with home based therapies, massages and then they will go to the chemist to buy a medicine a painkiller that is a dangerous thing. That is not to be done and if the pain is not relieved they will go to the doctor like the orthopedician or a surgeon then their device do surgery. And many people will face now that should I go for a surgery? Has there a risk involved but they are not being cheated with medicine or physiotherapy. What to do? Here comes the role of interventional pain medicine which is a non surgical minimally invasive and leaving procedures so they can go for these procedures.

So how does a pain physician relieve the pain? What are the methods by which a pain physician relieves the pain? These are like injecting drugs to a target area under imaging like laparoscopy or ultrasound small needle like injection and second thing is radiofrequency ablation. Third thing would be intrathecal pump spinal cord stimulator and then there is endoscopic spine surgery. It is a spine endoscopy so when should you visit the pain physician if you are having any chronic pain which is more than 3 months like back pain, sciatica neck, pain facial pain, trigonal Neuralgia, joint pains, poster camera neuralgias, shoulder pain, knee pain, crps for any of these sonic points so you can visit to pain specialist who can get rid of your pain if you are suffering from any kind of chronic pain. Kindly visit the wine pain and spine centre thank you

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