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Masturbation Addiction Tips

Prone Masturbation - What It Is and Why You Need to Stop Doing It

Dr. Ganapati Sahoo 88% (821 ratings)
MD - Alternate Medicine, PGDIP.IN Geriatric Care, Post Graduate Diploma In Holistic Healthcare
Ayurveda, Balasore
Prone Masturbation - What It Is and Why You Need to Stop Doing It

As sexual attitudes become more liberal in Indian society, many men turn to prone masturbation, or simulating sexual acts to simulate sexual intercourse, and enhance sexual pleasure. However, some types of masturbation are dangerous because they can lead to sexual dysfunction, lower sexual performance, and other sexual problems. Prone masturbation is one such example.

What is prone masturbation anyway?

Prone masturbation relies the man stimulating the penis while lying on his stomach with his hand, pillow, mattress, or sex toys. It is estimated that approximately 10% of males engage in prone masturbation.

How prone masturbation can damage the penis in the long-term

Because prone masturbation places tremendous pressure on the penis base, it can make its participants have a hard time achieving an orgasm - a condition known as anorgasmia. Nearly 60% of prone masturbators have reported anorgasmia - a real sexual problem.  Additionally, prone masturbation can make it harder for men to have erect penises - approximately 33% of prone masturbators have trouble with erectile dysfunction.

How do prone masturbators stop and reverse any potential damage

The first step to accomplishing this is to completely stop engaging in prone masturbation and resume with traditional ways of masturbation. Once engagers have completed this step, they can turn to herbal remedies to treat the nerve and tissue damage leading to penile damage. Perfect examples of herbal remedies are Astragalus Membranaceus, Cornus Officinalis, and Opiopogon, which are completely safe herbal remedies which work wonders in terms of stopping and reversing penile damage from prone masturbation.

Many people engage in prone masturbation without realizing or being aware of its long-term damaging effects on their sex lives because they think that it is the best simulant for the pleasures that sexual intercourse bring.

However, sex does not destroy the penile base or lead to major sexual problems, if anything, its stimulation may strengthen the penis and make sex more pleasurable. It is for these reasons, along with the reasons mentioned above that no man should engage in prone masturbation because of its dangers to his sexual health and pleasure.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Masturbation - Ayurveda and Healing!

Dr. Namadhar Sharma 84% (16 ratings)
BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Delhi
Masturbation - Ayurveda and Healing!

When you are fatigued, depressed and bored of a routine life after a long day at work or study, you may think of a lot of different things to do so that you may be able to get to sleep on a more positive note. Some people may like to surf through the net, some may be into reading, some may listen to music to relax and rejuvenate and some may think that masturbation is one of the most relaxing things to do when you need to beat stress and fatigue

However, little do we realize that the feelings that we may seek to run away from may be the ones that are aggravated because of masturbation. 

Adolescents, who have had their first taste of early adulthood, discover a range of new feelings when when they touch themselves and the pleasure that they feel from an act that can be done without the help of anyone else, is on a different level altogether. 

What does Ayurveda say? 
According to detailed and in-depth studies of Ayurveda, masturbation is considered as the pathway to a number of physical, mental and emotional troubles. Some of the most commonly experienced problems include tiredness and lack of concentration, feeling of monotony and depression and a wrong impression of how actual sex might feel.

Apart from the emotional and mental stress, there may be a possibility of causing injury or infection to the penis because of regular touch and this risk is heightened in case where unhygienic methods of masturbation are practiced. Touching the penis with unclean or infected hands may cause an infection in the region and put you at the risk of major diseases or allergies. 

The treatment: 
While you may think you have an addiction towards masturbation, you should never rule out the possibility to be able to treat it and lead a better life because all of it is possible with the help of Ayurvedic treatment and therapies.

The excess and the effects of continued period of masturbation over the years can be reversed with the help of medication such as Vajikarna Rasayana, which helps in restoring the sexual libido with the most natural ingredients, as deemed fit by Ayurveda. 

While it may be important to opt for medication when you are in the clutches of masturbation, it is also essential to make sure that you take medical advice from a trusted Ayurvedic specialist and get the right treatment path shown to you. 

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When Masturbation Is Really "Procrasturbation"

Dr. Vinod Raina 96% (4945 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
When Masturbation Is Really "Procrasturbation"

When Masturbation Is Really "Procrasturbation"

Engaging in a little masturbation is a favorite pastime of many a man. Some guys masturbate more than others, which is perfectly fine. Every guy has his own specific sexual needs and preferred outlets, and as long as it doesn't negatively impact penis care, that's fine. But there are times when masturbation becomes "procrasturbation" - masturbating as a way of putting off doing something else. When exactly does masturbation become procrasturbation? And more importantly, is it necessarily a bad thing?


As is often the case when dealing with masturbation-related issues, coming up with hard and fast rules and definitions can be difficult when it comes to procrasturbation. As a matter of fact, some people use a definition of procrasturbation that doesn't include masturbation at all; instead, they define it as getting a feeling of great euphoria simply from putting off doing a difficult or daunting task.

But more people probably consider procrasturbation to mean engaging in the act of masturbation as a way to put off starting on or completing a difficult task or facing a challenging problem. For example, a college student perhaps has an important paper that needs to get done, but rather than focus on that, he surfs through his favorite porn sites for an hour and focuses on rubbing his penis.

Procrasturbation can be a "one off" situation, such as that just described, or it can be something more chronic - and may occur in somewhat subtle ways. For example, perhaps a man is aware that something about his relationship with his girl friend is causing some anxiety. Every time these feelings of anxiousness arise, rather than explore them, he decides to masturbate, after which the feelings of anxiety have gone away - for a while at least. In such cases, he is using masturbation to avoid dealing with feelings he identifies as unpleasant - and he may not even be aware that he is doing so.

Good or bad

So is procrasturbation then a bad thing? It really depends upon the individual person and the individual situation.

Consider again the case of the college student who masturbates rather than start on an important paper. If after masturbating he decides it's time to go out and get a few beers with his pals, rather than start on the paper, then his procrasturbation seems to be part of a pattern to avoid work that needs to get done.

But it could be that after masturbating, he feels much less tension and anxiety. He may be able to think more clearly and be in a better frame of mind to collect his thought and begin work, in which case his procrasturbation would have been beneficial.

It's a little harder to make the case that the second example of procrasturbation is beneficial, as the man clearly seems to be using masturbation to avoid facing a problem. But it is possible that this person is simply not at a place in his life when he can comfortably confront relationship issues. In general, however, using masturbation as an excuse to avoid problems which can and should be addressed is not the best approach.

One other issue with chronic procrasturbation: if a guy isn't careful, enthusiastic masturbation may lead to a raw, overworked penis. In such cases, a man benefits from regularly using a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A rubbed raw penis needs to be re-hydrated, so the proper crème will have both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural moisturizer (like vitamin E). The skin will also benefit from a crème with a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. Antioxidants fight excess free radicals which, if left alone, can cause oxidative stress that further weakens penis skin.

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Men's Sexual Health Missteps - Preventing Accidental Overuse

Dr. Vinod Raina 96% (4945 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Men's Sexual Health Missteps - Preventing Accidental Overuse

Men's Sexual Health Missteps - Preventing Accidental Overuse

There is many a man who has questioned the potential pitfalls of frequent sex and self-pleasuring. Does it decrease fertility? Damage the penis? Make sex less enjoyable? Learn more about the potential downside of too much loving and how to change the routine to keep the penis healthy.

Is too much sex bad for the penis?

Well, that is a loaded question (pun intended). By and large, the answer is no, a man can't have sex too often in terms of causing serious physical harm to his penis. Also, contrary to folklore and old wives tales, he cannot "use up" all his sperm; what's more, masturbation does not cause sterility, and - believe it or not - he will not grow hair on the palms of his hands from engaging in too much self-love! Now, even though there are no major pitfalls to the act of love - or self-love - it is possible for a man to injure himself based on the way in which he goes about it. Overly aggressive sessions can cause damage to the penile skin, but luckily, in most cases, the damage is not permanent.

How can sexual activity cause penis injury?

By the time a man reaches adulthood, he may believe that he has perfected his masturbatory technique. He likely knows exactly what he likes, and is an expert at a using the perfect speed and pressure he needs to get there. And when he becomes experienced at partner activity, he may quickly develop a repertoire of the most titillating moves. But what if the technique he is using is harmful to the penis? It is possible that a man can use too much pressure or thrust, which can cause microscopic damage to the penis that, over time, adds up to a big problem. Learn some common sexual pitfalls and how to tweak the technique to keep the penis healthy.

Problem: Too much friction. When the delicate skin of the penis receives too much friction, it can become damaged and irritated. In some cases, the naked eye cannot see this damage, but the penis skin burns a bit on contact or becomes sore. In a more serious case, the skin may show signs of redness, cracking skin or even bleeding. Luckily, in most cases, a sensation of pain is present before a man damages his skin badly, but sometimes -- in the heat of the moment -- it can go unrecognized.

Solution: Use a high-quality lubricant. Some men simply reach for a bedside lotion or -- even use saliva when doing the deed -- but that simply does not protect the skin in the same way as a quality lubricant. Experiment with the amount needed to keep things gliding smoothly and reduce friction-men who previously hadn't used lube may find the happy side effect that it feels better!

Problem: Too fast or too aggressive. When guys are exploring their sexuality -- often behind a closed bedroom or bathroom door - they may fear getting caught and therefore engage in rapid, aggressive thrusting or stroking to get the deed done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that sexual response becomes learned and may become the only way that a man can experience pleasure. This style may cause accidental injury such as bending or torsion of the penis, or it can lead to penile tissue damage over time, as the skin cells become toughened and resistant to sensory pleasure.

Solution: Slow it down! Explore different sensations and types of stimulation. It may take some time, but the body can be trained to respond to new, safer types of stimulation over time.

Protecting against overuse injury

Whether a man is flying solo or enjoying time with a partner, there are instances in which all caution may be forgotten in the heat of the moment. While the best course of action is to resist this temptation, men can also take precautions to help their penile tissue withstand the stress of aggressive use.

Applying a daily penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains protective vitamins and emollients can be an ideal way to nourish the delicate tissues of the penis and make them more resistant to injury. A specially formulated penis cream contains penis-specific ingredients like Vitamins A, C and D for healthy, resilient skin; as well as amino acids ALCAR and L-arginine for better nerve tissue response. Moisturizing agents like Shea butter round out the protective qualities of a penis cream by locking in moisture and helping to prevent friction injuries.

Masturbation Hazards - When Vacuuming The Erection Really Sucks

Dr. Vinod Raina 96% (4945 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Masturbation Hazards - When Vacuuming The Erection Really Sucks

Masturbation Hazards - When Vacuuming the Erection Really Sucks

In the mid-1980s, the British Medical Journal published a series of case reports in which middle-aged men had what appeared to be a catastrophic response to cleaning. Somehow, in the midst of their home-improvement efforts, they trapped delicate penile cells in the intake of the family vacuum cleaner, and they were wounded in the process. These men generally claimed that they had tripped, or that the machine somehow happened to turn itself on as they were walking by in an unfortunate naked state.

In this day and age, fewer men would find it necessary to produce such a cover story. In fact, many men who happened to harm their willies with the vacuum would have no problem explaining just what they were doing in the hopes of keeping future fappers from falling to the same fate. And yet there seem to be new cases of vacuum masturbation injuries each and every year. The suction is just too enticing, and men seem to lose their minds at the thought. Avoiding the temptation is key to an intact penis, but if the call can't be avoided, a trip to the doctor's office is just part of the penis care that might be needed to amend the damage.

Vacuum Basics

The standard vacuum is capable of delivering a sucking sensation due to a precise dance that involves a motor and a series of tiny, whizzing fans. When the motor clicks on, air moves through the vacuum through the work of these moving fan blades, and in most cases, the blades don't shut off when they come into contact with something solid. They keep whirring and whirring until that object is broken into small pieces that can fit inside the bag of the vacuum.

Most men believe that their vacuums have blades that are buried deep within the appliance. In reality, some vacuums have blades that are just 5 inches from the intake to the device. An erect penis could easily reach 5 inches or even longer, especially when the tissues are stretched and pulled by the suction of the fan. As a result, a penis that starts off feeling wonderful could emerge in chopped-up bits.

Using an attachment isn't safe, either, as the tubes sold in attachment kits tend to be the same diameter as an erect penis. The tight fit can be delightful, but when the vacuum is turned on, the suction can be powerful enough to cause intense blood blisters. In some cases, the trapped blood simply breaks through the skin, causing rips and tears that are slow to heal.

Standard Care

Most vacuum-based injuries are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Here, surgeons take a peek at the damage left behind, and they use a variety of needles and threads to patch the skin back together. In extreme cases, men lose entire parts of their anatomy, but superficial injuries typically require little more than a few stitches and some time to heal.

As a man heals, he might be required to:

  • Urinate through a catheter for several days
  • Take oral antibiotics to stave off infection
  • Stay celibate until the skin no longer bleeds
  • Apply ice to keep the swelling down
  • Less-dangerous Options for At-home Entertainment

Men tempted to go to extremes with masturbation often end up with dry, desensitized skin. As a result, it is more difficult to detect a normal level of sensory stimulation, so they are forced to get a little more creative when the urge arises.

Instead of turning to household appliances, men are better off sticking with the tools of the trade that are designed for the purpose. Flexible sleeves, vibrators, and similar tools that can be purchased at the local adult emporium may be a better choice for men who need a little extra stimulation. In using these items, it is important to follow instructions and exercises any recommended safety measures.

In addition, using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a daily basis can help to protect the penile skin, as well as promote healing when friction-related injuries do occur. These products contain vitamins that can nourish skin cells and nerve cells, allowing the penis to feel every little tingle of pleasure that's possible without resorting to more dangerous tools.

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Masturbation - How It Is Good For Females Too?

Dr. A.Jalaludheen Jalal 91% (218 ratings)
Ph.D - Ayurveda
Sexologist, Coimbatore
Masturbation - How It Is Good For Females Too?

Women who masturbate regularly are likely to enjoy better sex lives with their partners and are more self confident in nature. Women who indulge in masturbation enjoy a wealth of physical as well as mental health benefits.

Following are the benefits that you should be aware of:

a) Psychological or mental benefits of female masturbation:

  1. Helps you accept yourself: Accepting your sexuality is very important as it makes you aware of your body and makes you comfortable with it. It strengthens your love for yourself and increases your confidence. Paying attention to your sexual desires and fulfilling them yourselves is pleasurable as well as healthy. Masturbation can help you know your physical needs and relieve stress associated to your personal and professional life.
  2. Improves mood and busts stress: Masturbation helps you get rid of depressed feelings and in turn positively affects your sexual life with your partner. It improves your mood and is considered an effective stress buster without any associated side effects.

b) Physical benefits of female masturbation:

  1. Prevents insomnia: Masturbation can be a natural way to prevent insomnia as there is a subsequent release of hormones and stress involved. During masturbation the hormone called dopamine increases as the process reaches climax. After orgasm, the hormones called oxytocin are released along with endorphins which consequently help you to sleep better.
  2. Prevention of infections: Female masturbation is very important as it prevents cervical infections and also relieves you from infections in the urinary tract. Recent studies suggest that masturbation helps relieve you from pain caused by urinary tract infections. It lubricates the vagina and eliminates harmful bacteria from the cervix.
  3. Better cardiovascular health: Masturbating promotes improvement in cardiovascular health and also effectively lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It has been observed that women who masturbate regularly are less vulnerable to coronary heart disease and overall have a better immune system.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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Masturbation: Not Just For Millennials

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Sexologist, Delhi
Masturbation: Not Just For Millennials

Masturbation: Not Just for Millennials

With May being Masturbation Month, there have been a number of articles in the press about the joys of self-pleasuring. Some of these articles have taken the results of a recent poll and focused on the finding that millennials practice masturbation at a higher rate than other age groups. (And since there are benefits, such as improved vaginal and penis health, kudos to them for their efforts.) But some of these pieces make it seem as if masturbation is strictly a millennials-only activity - and that's far from the case.

According to the survey, 57% of millennials report masturbating weekly, which is more than any other age group. More than 40% of people between the ages of 35 and 54, for example, masturbate weekly. It's clear that millennials are not the only ones taking matters into their own hands.

Guys rule

For example, 84% of Americans (admit to) masturbating, which breaks down to 92% of American men and 76% of American women. Not bad, men, but U.S. males are still behind some of their international peers. In Germany, 93% of men say they provide self-satisfaction, and in the UK, the figure is 96%. But Brazil beats them all, with a male masturbation rate of 98%.

Men also tend to masturbate more than women. 54% of American men masturbate weekly, and average 4.8 sessions per week; only 22% of women self-ignite weekly, at an average rate of 4.1 times per week.


The survey also looked at sex toys, which are part of many individuals' and couples' sex lives. The survey was conducted by a sex toy manufacturer, so one may want to keep that in mind; however, according to the survey, people who have used sex toys tend to be more satisfied with their sexual activities than those who have not.

Among American men, 20% stated that they currently use sex toys, as opposed to 35% of women. But 46% of U.S. males said they were open to buying a sex toy for themselves at some point in the future. (This puts them pretty much in the middle, globally, with a high of 71% from Mexican men and 14% from Nigerian men.) One reason for this may be that partners of men who use sex toys report an overall greater satisfaction.

The survey has a great deal more information, but it ultimately reinforces what many already know: there's a lot of masturbating going on. And with May as Masturbation Month, there's likely to be a spike in that activity.

With that in mind, men who are self-celebrating should remember a few tips:

- Be sure to use lubrication. Yes, sometimes a guy can get by with a little saliva if the masturbation session is of short duration. But in most instances, masturbating without lubrication can lead to a raw, painful penis.

- Watch out for death grips. Squeezing the penis too tightly for too long can lead to a diminishment of feeling in the penis - and no guy wants that.

- Clean up afterward. Some men who masturbate at bedtime just wipe the semen off on their penis and fall asleep. Dried semen can contribute to penis odor issues, which can be a turn-off to many partners.

Millennials and boomers alike enjoy masturbation, as does every adult age group. And it will be more pleasurable if a guy's equipment is kept in good health through the use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that includes a combination of moisturizing agents (such as shea butter and vitamin E) to help soothe a sore penis which has been worked over a bit too much. And find a crème with L-arginine, the neuroprotective properties of which can help restore diminished penis sensation due to aggressive handling.

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Multiple Orgasm - Tips To Achieve It

Dr. Ritesh Chawla 95% (1060 ratings)
B.A.M.S, M.D In Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurveda, Amritsar
Multiple Orgasm - Tips To Achieve It

A woman’s body is different as compared to a man’s body, which is why attaining climax for the two genders is also dissimilar. A woman’s body needs to be caressed, fondled and loved to be turned, which will eventually lead to multiple orgasms during intercourse or masturbation.

However, multiple orgasms aren’t an easy feat to achieve and one can opt to use the following tricks to climax more than once:

  1. Build up a frame of mind: If you stick to a singular frame of mind and focus on getting just one orgasm, you are bound to get just one. Instead, think in plurality and concentrate on what makes you feel good and focus on pleasuring yourself. This kind of focus will actually make you feel aroused and more likely to have multiple orgasms.

  2. Don’t forget Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises help you in keeping your pelvic muscles in shape. Usually after having an orgasm, the muscles seem to contract, but practicing these exercises daily will allow a continuous blood flow, thus, making them strong. If the muscles are strong, you can keep going even after an orgasm which is a requisite for attaining multiple orgasms.

  3. Don’t allow the arousal level to fall to zero: It is only natural for you to slow down once you climax, but instead of completely stopping, try and put the focus back on stimulating your clitoris by engaging in oral sex or changing positions. If the embers are kept lit, you will experience another intense orgasm in sometime.

Focus on the stimulation spot: The stimulation spot varies from woman to woman. Some women feel aroused when their clitoris is stimulated whilst some feel hitting the G-spot turns them on. When you know what turns you on, maximise on the foreplay around that area using varied techniques. But after an orgasm, if the stimulation around one spot is maximum, move on to the other one.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Does Asexuality Impact Penis Health?

Dr. Vinod Raina 96% (4945 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Does Asexuality Impact Penis Health?

Does Asexuality Impact Penis Health?

For most men, maintaining their penis health is a priority. Even if they may not take all the steps necessary to keep their penis in prime condition, they still make some effort. And although they may do so partially because of the non-sexual functions in which the penis is involved, there's little doubt that for many men, being sure that the penis is likely to function superbly in sexual situations is a major motivating factor. And that's a two-way street, because using the penis in a sexual manner helps to maintain penis health. But what about men who fall in the asexuality spectrum? Does their asexuality impact their penis health?


Before getting into that question, it's important to have an understanding of what asexuality is. It used to be that an asexual was considered a person who didn't have any sexual or romantic feelings toward any person, of either sex. But nowadays defining asexuality is a little more complicated. offers this definition: "An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are. Asexuality does not make our lives any worse or any better, we just face a different set of challenges than most sexual people. There is considerable diversity among the asexual community; each asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently."

The point about diversity is key. Some people who are asexual feel no romantic feelings about another person; others may feel romantic feelings but have no desire to act on those feelings in a sexual way.

Similarly, some people who are asexual don't have a desire for sex of any kind; others may not feel a desire for sex with other people, but they may enjoy having sex with themselves through masturbation.

Penis health

So why is there a question concerning whether male asexuality could impact penis health? Mainly because there is still a great deal of research to be done in the field of asexuality. One of the questions that needs to be considered is whether an asexual man who does not engage in masturbation may in some way be negatively impacting his penis health.

One school of thought would lean toward saying that yes, there is an impact. As most men know, there is a "use it or lose it" aspect to penis health, Meaning, for example, that a man needs to experience some degree of sexual activity (partner-based or with his own hand) in order to keep the penis in good working order. However, that typically means good working sexual order - that the penis will be more likely to perform sexually if it is exercised. If a person is not interested in sex, this would seem to be a moot point.

Of course, it's probably a good idea for the penis to function "normally" even if sex is not in the game plan; but a person with asexuality does have a normally functioning penis. He still gets erections throughout the day and night. And if he does not masturbate, his penis will still periodically release semen through nocturnal emissions. So this school of thought would believe that asexuality does not have an impact on penis health.

Whether asexuality does have an impact on penis health has not been definitively researched yet. But whatever the definition, most men could benefit from using a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best crèmes will contain ingredients that are conducive to maintaining the health of the penis skin, such as moisturizers (like Shea butter and vitamin E) and antioxidants (such as alpha lipoic acid). A crème with vitamin A is also a good idea, as this vitamin has antibacterial properties that can help reduce unwanted and embarrassing penis odor.

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Masturbation Month: Handy Tips For Getting Handy

Dr. Vinod Raina 96% (4945 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Masturbation Month: Handy Tips For Getting Handy

Masturbation Month: Handy Tips for Getting Handy

Most guys certainly don't need a special occasion for masturbation, but for those who do - or who just want a legitimate excuse to up their self-fondling game - May is officially designated as masturbation month. It's a good time to celebrate getting handy with oneself and for those who are more "above board" about their masturbation, to come clean and make no bones about the fact that masturbation is an important part of their lives. (And, of course, it can play a role in helping maintain penis health by exercising the penis and keeping it in good shape.) But if a guy is going to go all out and celebrate masturbation month with as much self-pleasuring as he can, some handy preparation tips are in order.

- Know the limits. Sure, it can be tremendous fun to abandon oneself and really get into masturbating in a big way. But guys need to know their limits. If they tend to masturbate for a few minutes every once in a while, it's probably not best to jump in to masturbating for hours on end. If a guy really wants to explore marathon masturbation sessions during May, he should work his way into it, starting slow and building up to longer sessions.

- Be sure to lubricate. It is hard to emphasize this enough. Rubbing oneself raw can be a painful experience - and can keep a guy from masturbating while the red, raw penis recovers. Using a good lubricant and reapplying it as needed is absolutely crucial. Some guys tend to use their saliva when masturbating, but for a long session, something more is likely going to be needed. Take the time to get a good lubricant; the penis deserves it.

- Seek visual assistance. Some guys masturbate using only their own mental facilities to create arousal, and that's great. But if a guy is thinking about masturbating more often or for longer periods of time, he may need some "outside assistance" in the form of erotic literature, pornographic pictures, adult films, etc.

- Consider others. Celebrating masturbation is a wonderful thing - but it's important to keep in mind that others may not be as open to the idea. Talking about masturbation is one thing, but providing unwanted pictures or opening the door for the pizza delivery guy while being handy is not acceptable.

- Think about explorations. Masturbation month is a good time to explore new facets of self-stimulation. This may mean exploring different ways of masturbating, incorporating sex toys into masturbation or finding new sexual fantasies, scenarios or visuals to utilize. Some guys may take this opportunity to explore masturbation with another person or persons, online or in a live situation. Stretching boundaries can be very good for a person, but he needs to still practice appropriate caution to prevent any unwanted consequences.

Getting handy with oneself during masturbation month is an opportunity for a man to learn more about his penis and his desires. His journey will be made easier if the penis is already in its best health, something which is easier to accomplish through the daily application of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). It's very easy, during masturbation month, for a man to get overenthusiastic and end up with a very sore penis. In such cases, a crème with a potent combination of moisturizers, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a natural hydrator) can provide much-needed relief. Ideally the crème should also include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent oxidative stress and damage by tackling unwanted excess free radicals.

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