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Loss Of Libido: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2020

What is Loss of Libido?

Loss of Sex drive also known as loss of libido is a medical condition which could be a sign of reduced hormone levels. There is no term as ‘normal libido’ since everyone’s sex drive is different. However, if the condition affects your relationships, health and well-being, it is better to take medical help. Lifestyle changes and medications can help a person to overcome this issue. This problem can affect both sexes at any point in their life. It is often related to stress, tiredness, work, hormones, depression or other personal issues. Both mental as well as physical factors, can be attributed to the decreased interest in sexual activity. It’s better to talk about it, when a loss of libido starts affecting the relationship you have with your partner.

What is the cause of Loss of Libido?


There are many reasons for loss of libido such as -

  1. Loss of sexual attraction - Relationship problems can lead to conflicts which may cause loss of sexual attraction between couples and it is seen that at some point they lose interest in each other.
  2. Poor communication - Sometimes, there is no communication between partners due to which they find it difficult to trust each other. Due to this, they don’t feel comfortable to share their problems.
  3. Sexual problems - Certain physical sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, painful sex, vaginal dryness can lead to loss of libido.
  4. Stress and anxiety - These are one of the main causes of this issue. A person who has anxiety issue feels fatigued and tired all the time.
  5. Medications: Some drugs and supplements also cause loss of libido as a side effect since they have the ability to lower down the level of sex hormones. Medicines prescribed for blood pressure are one of those drugs.
  6. Apart from these, an unhealthy lifestyle, inability to orgasm, vaginismus, depression, menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, health problems like cancer, thyroid, diabetes, cardiac issues, alcohol, etc are some other causes for low libido.

What are the symptoms of Loss of Libido?

Symptoms of loss of libido in men and women are unhealthy lifestyle, ejaculation problem, painful intercourse, inability to orgasm, vaginal dryness, vaginismus, depression, menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, health problems like cancer, thyroid, diabetes, cardiac issues, alcohol, and drugs are some other causes for low libido. Apart from that, there are certain medicines which also lead to loss of libido include - antidepressant medication, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, contraception, and seizures.

What is the treatment of Loss of Libido?

It depends upon the cause of loss of libido, its possible treatment include

  1. Healthy lifestyle choices - Following a healthy lifestyle is very important to overcome this issue.
  2. Improve your diet - Eating healthy food and a diet rich in nutrients as well as vitamins also helps in treating lower libido.
  3. Regular physical activity - Doing regular workout and exercise is known for improving libido in people.
  4. Meditation - Meditation plays an important role as it manages stress, anxiety and depression.
  5. Therapy - There are many treatments available, which are suggested by the doctor on clinical condition such as Testosterone replacement therapy.
  6. Counseling - Counsellors can help patients suffering from lower libido especially if it is caused due to psychological issue by exactly understanding the reason behind it.

How can you increase your libido?

Libido can be increased by following these things

  1. Staying healthy and fit - It is very important to stay fit for the well-being of a person. Workouts such as cardiovascular exercises are helpful when it comes to the improvement of health and libido. Exercises such as running and swimming also helps to boost libido in people
  2. Eating fruits - Foods like bananas, figs, avocados, onions, garlic and consuming natural spices like chillies and peppers helps in increasing libido by balancing the hormonal levels.
  3. Eating foods - Intake of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon, olive oil, and tuna, vitamin B1 rich foods such as peanuts solves the issue of lower libido.
  4. No to bad habits - Habits like consuming alcohol, smoking and consuming tobacco in any form should be avoided as they impact the sexual interest of a person.
  5. Stress free - It is mandatory to keep yourself free from stress in order to overcome loss of libido. Exercise and meditation is the best way for being stress and anxiety free.

Which foods kill testosterone?

There are certain foods and substances which should be avoided as it kills testosterone in men. Following are the food items, consumption of which may lead to lower libido:

  1. Avoid low carbohydrate meal - One must always try to maintain balance in the meal or diet. When it comes to testosterone, a person needs a high quality of carbs diet, along with healthy fats as both of them gives a boost testosterone levels in men.
  2. High protein diet - Protein-rich diet helps in building strength, muscles and also improves testosterone levels which ultimately increases libido.
  3. Alcohol - Consumption of alcohol should be limited for anyone suffering from issue of lower libido. Alcohol intake impacts the internal organs of the human system in many ways and kills testosterone production. It also leads to weight gain and organ damages as well.
  4. Beverages - Consumption of beverages containing sugar also lead to loss of testosterone in people. Thus, it is better to avoid such drinks.
  5. Contaminated food - Foods such as meat, eggs, poultry, milk and dairy products increases estrogen levels in the body, which can cause loss of testosterone level.

How can I naturally increase my libido?

Libido can be increased by following few things include

  1. Eating fruits - Fruits like figs, avocados, bananas are considered as a libido booster. These foods provide all the necessary minerals and vitamins, which increases blood flow in genitals and leads to a healthy sexual life.
  2. Chocolate - It is not known only for good taste, chocolate is also known as the desired symbol. It promotes the release of some chemicals which are responsible for mood lifting.
  3. Garlic - It contains a high amount of allicin which increases blood flow in the body. Garlic also helps in managing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. Basil can also be used in food along with garlic since basil is also known to stimulate the senses.
  4. Meditation - Mediation helps you to manage stress and anxiety, which is important for a healthy sex life. Apart from that, one can also participate in sports activities or do regular exercise.
  5. Get enough sleep - A good quality sleep also impacts the libido of a person. Always being busy on work and task also makes time for sex difficult. It’s always been better to get enough sleep which could affect the sex drive of an individual in a positive manner.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight - Obesity and being overweight are also among the causes of low libido since the weight of a person impacts the hormonal levels. So, it is necessary to maintain a healthy body weight to overcome the loss of libido.


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