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Know More About Cervical Spondylosis

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Good Evening friends, this is Dr Nilay Shah. I run a medical tourism company called positive medical services which are majorly into alter in medicines. It includes Ozone, chelation, chiropractic manipulation, electro puncture, acupuncture, stencil, PRP, Vitamin C various therapies. Today I am going to discuss on Cervical Spondylosis, Cervical Spondylosis is basically arthritis of the cervical spine. Basically, the disc in between the joint is shrunk because of that the nerves get compressed that times and it leads to pain. Now many patients come up with various symptoms like at times a person comes with a headache, at times a person comes with the pain in the hand, at times a person comes with the pain in the neck, at times there is no pain but there is tingling happening in the hand. Now all these are symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis, many at times patients come up with dizziness or Vertigo even that is one of the symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis. There lot of misconceptions saying that Spondylosis happens at a higher age at her older age, this is a myth, this is not true. Spondylosis happens even at young age in fact nowadays we are seeing Spondylosis happening at much younger age, the reason being our lifestyle, number 1, major factor is stress, which causes spasm of the neck, number 2 your profession, IT, Computers call centres in all these professions you sit in one position for a long period of time and your neck goes into a spasm. We don't take a break in between, the major reason is this and that is the reason spine gets strut because of the tightness the muscles become tight, swelling happens because of swelling the pain starts it's a circle. Now there are many ways we can avoid it obviously, we do not stop your profession, we can’t change your profession, right yes but at least we can take a gap like after one hour we can take a five-minute break so that our muscles of the neck becomes loose. Second, we can do a hot water fomentation, hot water fomentation helps in losing the spasm, it releases the spasm and it kills your pain. Number 3 posture correction, the way we sleep many at times people sleep with two-two pillows, three-three pillows, your neck is in this position because of that all your muscles become tight. You sleep for 8 hours in this position, obviously the muscles are gonna be tight you are gone to get cervical spondylosis. So take a small and simple pillow don’t, it's not correct not to use a pillow also because our neck is slightly tilted. So whenever we are lying down and if a neck is slightly on the higher side without the pillow our neck is going like this. So we don’t want that take a small simple pillow a thin one that will help in maintaining the balance of your entire body. Number 4 wrong exercises, at times we do gyming, gyming is good but wrong gyming is bad. We need to know how much strength we have and how much strength can be exerted. So at times, overweight lifting causes this problem, avoid stress you can do Pranayam, you can do Yoga, you can do therapies wherever you can relieve or calm your body, even that is one of the things which will help in stress in the Spondylosis pain. Number 6 you have to know positional change for example if you are watching TV which is too high if you are sitting on a computer at a different distance make sure that you make it at level so that your neck is not in this position or not in this position but you are at the same plane, you can see straight. So environmental correction is also one of the important factors in this. The ways, how you can help yourself by avoiding these things to relieve your pain. Now at times certain people do exercises like doing this, now this exercise is going to worsen your pain because when you are doing this, this is called an extension so when you are doing this, you are in fact compressing your nerve more, which is already compressed so you feel that this is going to relieve it, no it's not is going to make it more tight. what you should be doing it, you can do this and come till back, don't do this, this is going to make it bad. Second, if you have a pain in this area try moving your head towards the opposite side if have a pain here I tried to move like this and again come back but if I try to do this again, again I am compressing the nerve here. So the place where your nerve is getting compressed for example or you have a pain, avoid moving your head to that a position you have to move your head exactly in the opposite direction, this is one of the tips which are going to help you. Now when should you go to a doctor, when you feel that after doing all this still your pain is there or you are having numbness in your fingers or in your hand or your pain is going bad, you are still having dizziness, then that is the right time to consult your Doctor. Now when you are going to consult a Doctor what is gone a do number 1 for example if you come to me the first important thing I am going to do is, I am going to take an x-ray to confirm that you have a Spondylosis. Number 2 depending on how good or bad is we decide whether the MRI is to be done or not. After that we access which categories you follow and then we decide the line of treatment like we give traction, we do manipulation then aligning the spine in the centre, they were relieving your pain. Hope this video is helped you and is being beneficial to you or you can give this tips to your relatives helping them to leave the pain. Any more queries or you want to contact me, you can connect me through Lybrate. Thank you.

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