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X-Ray Neck Test

X-Ray Neck Test

X-ray can be defined as a form of electromagnetic radiation that passes through your body to expose a piece of film that forms an image of your body. A neck X-ray also known as cervical spine X-ray is an imaging test to look at cervical vertebrae. There are 7 bones of the spine in the neck that surround and protect the top section of your spinal cord. The Bones appear white on X-rays because very less radiation can pass through them to expose the film on the other side.

The test is done in a radiology department of a hospital. It may also be done in the private health care by an X-ray technologist. You will be told to lie on the X-ray table. You will be even asked to change positions so that more images can be taken. You’ll be asked to remove any clothing or jewelry on your body. You will also be asked to hand out any metallic item because metal can interfere with the X-ray equipment.

A neck x-ray as discussed above checks the cervical vertebrae. It can also be concluded from the test that the test can be done on:

  • Bone joint that is dislocated
  • Extra bone growths (bone spurs) on the neck bones
  • Problem with the curve of the upper spine
  • Swelling of the vocal cords
  • Thinning of the bone also known as Osteoporosis
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • Foreign object that is lodged in your throat or airway

Radiology technologist performs the X-ray in. The procedure is painless and normally takes 15 minutes or less. The technologist first tells you to lie flat on the X-ray table, and the X-ray machine then moves over your neck area. To keep the image from being blurry, you must stay very still and hold your breath for a few moments while the image is taken. Usually 2, or up to 5 different images may be needed.


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