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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Kidney Stones - How To Manage Them?

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Dr. Saurabh MishraUrologist • 24 Years Exp.MBBS, MS, MCh Urology
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Staying hydrated and consuming plenty of fluid is the key to manage kidney stone. Fluid can help the stone pass through the urinary tract, as well as refrain the body from forming new stones. While drinking water itself is good, adding certain ingredients with water can improvise flushing of stones and managing the pain. It’s recommended that every person with kidney stone should drink at least 2 litres of water every day. .

Apart from consuming 12 glasses of water every day, here is a list of alternative methods to manage kidney stones:

  1. Lemon juice: Consuming 2-4 glasses of lemon juice can do wonders to reduce the symptoms of kidney stones. Lemon contains citrate, a chemical ingredient that prevents calcium formation inside the body. Citrate is also capable of breaking smaller calcium crystals and flushing them through the urinary tract. Apart from this, lemon contains vitamin C and is immensely beneficial for the body.
  2. Basil juice: Basil comprises of acetic acid that has the capability to break down kidney stones and reduce pain. Furthermore, basil juice can lower the uric acid level and reduce the chances of future kidney stone formation. Basil leaves can be consumed with water, tea or a smoothie. However, a person should refrain from consuming basil leaves, if he is suffering from low blood sugar, low pressure and increased bleeding.
  3. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is yet another agent that is immensely beneficial to get rid of kidney stones. Being alkaline in nature, it can increase the acidic level of the stomach and prevent stone formation. Apple cider vinegar has citric properties that can dissolve smaller stones of the kidney and flush them through the urinary tract. This should not be consumed if a person is suffering from diuretics, undertaking insulin and have digoxin.
  4. Celery juice: Celery juice can be consumed twice or thrice a day to get rid of kidney stones. It can also be used in salads or dishes for flavour and taste. It regulate urine flow, reduce pain and clear toxins from the body. People suffering from blood disorder problems should not consume celery.
  5. Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice can improve the overall function of the kidney. It can successfully lower the acidic level of the urine and reduce the chances of kidney stone formation in future. . People suffering from liver diseases and blood pressure should refrain from having this juice.
  6. Kidney beans: As its name indicates, the kidney bean broth can improve the overall health of the kidney and the urinary function. It can flush out kidney stones. Kidney beans soaked in water and 2-3 glasses consumed in a day can do wonders in removing the kidney stone. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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