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Hello! Friends, I'm Dr. Sabarjeet. Today we are going to talk about joint pain problems. Joint is basically where two or more than two bones join together and the joints help us turn, twist, bend. When these joints start having pain we'll start having joint pain problems. Arthritis in today’s stage is one of the most common problems around the country and around the world as well. Joint pain symptoms are basically pain, redness, swelling, stiffness, there is sometimes crunching sound as well in movement, there is kind of friction in joints as well. So there are a lot of symptoms in the joint pain problems. The joint pain problem can be diagnosed very easily. First of all the patient has to be examined properly in a detail session and then the detail based history is to be taken from the patient. So that he can understand what exactly is a problem patient suffering with? Because there is different kind of arthritis. The other type of diagnostic tools are like x-rays, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound and there are some blood test as well like CBC along with PSR , I factor, C active protein, increased uric acid levels and calcium levels, vitamin D deficiencies, there are so many blood test which can do now for the arthritis patient suffering with. Coming to treatment, the treatment is basically oral medications which are pain killers, oral steroids then injectable there is Later Ong as arthroscopy and finally there is joint replacement surgery. This treatment is basically the conventional treatment for joint pain problems. What do patient should do and shouldn't do during the pain process is? The patient who is having pain shouldn't sit crossed leg if the person is having pain even each joint. The patient shouldn't sit on the floor when the patient is having knee joints pain. Massaging shouldn't be done because massaging actually gives you a temporary relief and a good feeling but then actually massaging is not good for a joint pain problem. Physiotherapy should be done regularly on a regular basis interval and along with physiotherapy if person is taking alternative medicines like the unani medicine, homeopathic medicine the results are very good and the patient can feel very very better.

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